Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1241 5

    Chapter 1241 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Seven

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    Su Yue watched him, looking forlorn.

    She knew that she wasnt being fair to Jiaojiao. Should she tell Jiaojiao that he wasnt the one she liked right now?

    But in the future in the future, she definitely would.

    Su Yue stayed in the hospital for three days. During this period, there was no sign of infection nor inflammation.

    Xuxu said that the hospital was too far away from their house, and so she decided to bring Su Yue back home so she could take care of Su Yue herself. She applied for a period of absence from school on her behalf.

    After dinner, Su Yue changed into comfortable pajamas and went to Xuxus room. She played with the twins while Xuxu took a shower.

    They were just over a month old and it felt as though she was talking and playing with herself. The twins didnt even smile at her.

    "Yueyue, arent you resting?" Yan Rusheng entered the room and saw Su Yue sitting on the edge of the bed. He frowned, looking grumpy.

    It was a rare occasion that he ended work early that night. He had envisioned that he would have a wonderful time.

    After dinner, she saw Su Yue and Xuxu entering their room. So he went to his study to wait.

    After working for some time, he realized that it was almost 9 p.m. But this lass looked as though she still wanted to stay in their room.

    "I want to stay with the babies for a while more." Su Yue didnt even look at him as she continued to gaze affectionately at the twins.

    She really felt that the twins were getting more adorable. She must have kissed them at least a dozen times.

    Su Yue pinched Meowmeows soft cheeks and kissed her once more.

    She really appeared to be having fun with the babies. Out of desperation, he knew he had to resort to something drastic to drive her away.

    The sound of water gushing in the bathroom halted. Yan Rusheng knew that Xuxu must have finished showering and a wave of anxiety seized him.

    By hook or by crook, he had to get this lass out of the room before she came out. If not, Xuxu would definitely stop him from chasing Yueyue out. By then he might not even have the chance to sleep with her.

    Young Master Yan eyed Su Yue with a frown. "Do you still want to go to Country M?"

    Su Yue wasnt dumb and knew that Yan Rusheng was threatening her. He might really decide not to bring her along to Country M.

    She really wanted to go to Country M to visit Sister Hooligan, so she must tag along.

    She agreed and stood up, rather unwillingly. She strode across the room.

    Xuxu came out of the bathroom, wearing light blue silk pajamas.

    Su Yue waved at her. "Third sister-in-law, Im going back to my room."

    She then folded her arms across the chest. She trudged gloomily towards the door in her furry bedroom slippers.

    She had taken a long nap this afternoon and so she was wide awake. Moreover, she didnt feel like being alone in her room.

    Xuxu frowned and asked, "I thought you wanted to play with them?"

    "Its okay." Su Yue refused and said, "Ill play with them tomorrow morning."

    She opened the door and left the room.

    Xuxu didnt think much and walked towards the bed. Yan Rusheng was playing with them and pinching Yangyangs cheeks.

    He wasnt gentle at all.

    Xuxus face fell. "Yan Rusheng, why do you always abuse Yangyang?"

    She had never seen him doing that to Meowmeow. He always stroked her gently and spoke softly to her.

    And he still claimed that he wasnt biased.

    Yan Rusheng frowned. "What do you mean by abuse? I was playing with him, cant you see?"