Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1240 9

    Chapter 1240 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Six

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    Su Yue stared at Jiao Chen in shock and she sat deep in thought.

    It didn’t occur to her that such a bright and positive guy like Jiaojiao would have so much in common with her.

    She finally swallowed the slice of apple in her mouth. She stammered, “Then you”

    Jiao Chen interrupted her with a smile as he said, “Finish the apple quickly. You need to take a rest.”

    Su Yue felt that Jiao Chen wasn’t too keen on continuing the topic any longer, just like how she felt uncomfortable talking about her past.

    They were the same.

    Jiao Chen was reading a text he had just received while Su Yue gazed at him, munching the apple as she did. “Jiaojiao, will you marry me?”

    Jiao Chen lifted his head and smiled in amusement. “You haven’t even reached the legal age to get married.”

    In the past few days, when he looked at Su Yue, his eyes would always brim with affection and gentleness.

    His tone and voice as well.

    Su Yue blinked and responded curtly with an ‘oh’. She then quickly corrected herself. “Will you marry me in the future?”

    Although Jiao Chen was really good to her, she couldn’t feel his love. At least his love wasn’t like how Third Brother had loved Third sister-in-law. It wasn’t anything like an ordinary couple.

    He didn’t have any expectations towards her at all.

    She heard that the girls’ next door in her dormitory would always stay out overnight with their boyfriends. They even said that they went to a hotel.

    Su Yue didn’t wait for Jiao Chen to respond and added, “Do you want to go to a hotel with me?”

    She said so, though she didn’t have any any thoughts or opinions about this nor certainly desired for it yet. But if Jiaojiao was like her, was that considered normal?

    After all, there was a saying that she read online that concluded that men think with their lower half of their bodies.

    Su Yue blushed crimson at the thought of it.

    Jiao Chen was speechless

    “Hurry up and finish the apple. Don’t let your thoughts run wild. You need ample rest.”

    He averted his gaze from Su Yue and turned towards his phone.

    “I’m not!” Su Yue assumed that Jiao Chen was being mistaken. She eyed him and shook her head earnestly. “I really didn’t think of that. I’m just curious about you. That’s all.”

    Jiao Chen chuckled loudly. “Silly girl!”

    Su Yue pursed her lips as she chewed on her apple. A random thought struck her, and she asked, “Jiaojiao, will you find a mistress in the future?”

    She gradually stopped chewing her apple, and then she gazed at Jiao Chen with a solemn look.

    “I like you and I will marry you in the future. I won’t look for a mistress.” Jiao Chen stretched his hand and gently stroke Su Yue’s cheek. “From the beginning until now, you’re the only person I like.”

    He spoke softly and gazed at Su Yue intently, without blinking once.

    Su Yue was doubtful of Jiao Chen’s love for her and it had always bugged her.

    But he had confessed his love for her, and his confession was so straightforward.

    She was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to respond. What should she say?

    I like you, too?

    But but the one she liked was Uncle Ming.

    Oh yeah, did she like Jiao Chen?

    Su Yue widened her eyes and stared at Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”

    Su Yue shook her head lightly. “Nothing.”

    She bent her head in guilt.

    She had almost finished eating her apple, and Jiao Chen took it away from him. He pulled a tissue and passed it to her before saying, “Take a nap before dinner.”

    He got up and walked towards the couch.