Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1238

    Chapter 1238 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Four

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    Jiao Chen and Yueyue had not progressed to that stage of their relationship yet.

    Xuxu left rather reluctantly with Yan Rusheng.

    From the moment she got in the car, Xuxu kept glancing at Yan Rusheng who was driving. She appeared as though she had something to say or ask.

    Finally, Yan Rusheng couldnt take it any longer and he frowned. "Wen Xuxu, just say whatever is on your mind."

    "Ah Sheng."

    Wen Xuxu called out Yan Rushengs name loud and clear.

    She thought since he had asked, she would just do it.

    Yan Rusheng raised a brow. "Yes?"

    "Ming Ansheng" Xuxu stammered, "Does he have a tattoo?"

    "Yes. He has a blackthorn apple flower tattoo on his waist." Yan Rusheng threw Xuxu a swift glance.

    Blackthorn apple flower tattoo? How was that tattoo linked to Yueyues cat tattoo?

    Why did Tang Feiling burn Yueyues cat tattoo?Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows as she sat there, muttering under her breath.

    Yan Rusheng interrupted her and pressed on. "He has a mouse tattoo on his right chest."

    Mouse?Xuxu widened her eyes after something clicked inside her mind. After getting over it, she nodded and mumbled, "So that was the reason."

    Ming Ansheng had a mouse tattooed on his chest while Yueyues tattoo was a cat.

    No wonder, the brainless and rash Tang Feiling would go mad and brutally attack Yueyue.

    A cat and a mouse

    Both were tattooed on their left and right chests, respectively. Their tattoos hinted at their ambiguous love.

    Xuxu peered and gazed out of the window. She mulled over how Jiao Chen and Su Yue were like in the ward.

    She was confused about how Yueyue really felt.

    Was she in love with Ming Ansheng as well?

    Xuxu was lost in her thoughts when Yan Rushengs abruptly phone rang. It jolted her back to reality.

    She casually glanced at Yan Rusheng, and he had already answered the call.

    She adjusted the volume of the radio.

    She caught a glimpse of the callers name on his phones screenMu Qingteng.

    She had a vague impression of the impressive lieutenant commander.

    The young mistress of the Tang family got disfigured and burnt by her fiance. This shocking news had naturally hit the headlines. Mu Qingteng wanted to call to express his concern for Ming Ansheng.

    "Let that old fellow settle it himself. If not, he will never learn his lesson."

    Yan Rusheng said coldly to Mu Qingteng.

    Of course, he didnt direct it at Mu Qingteng, but to Ming Zhongsheng and the Tang family.

    "Just like what Ive thought," Mu Qingteng agreed readily.

    They ended the call after a brief conversation.

    Xuxu furrowed her eyebrows and looked extremely worried. "Now that things have developed to this stage, they would call off the marriage right?"

    She wasnt worried about Ming Ansheng and Tang Feilings wedding. Instead, she was more concerned for Su Yue.

    Although she seemed pretty calm on the surface. She still does smile and talk to them, too.

    However, Xuxu noticed that if Su Yue was alone, she would look very burdened and melancholic.

    Since Tang Feiling was so jealous of Ming Ansheng and Su Yues matching tattoos, she must have hurled plenty of insults as well.

    If they fail to hold their wedding, what would Su Yue think?

    Yan Rusheng coldly snorted.

    Xuxu fell silent.

    How would they still be able to hold the wedding?

    She sighed.

    How much more must Yueyue bear? Xuxu had implicated her once, and now Ming Ansheng had embroiled her into this mess once again.

    She had finally become more cheerful and happier, but she knew that Yueyue hadnt fully walked out of her past.

    After Yan Rusheng and Xuxu left, the ward fell silent.

    Jiao Chen stowed away the laptop for he was afraid that Su Yues eyes would get too tired.

    Jiao Chen began to peel an apple for her.