Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1237

    Chapter 1237 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Three

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    Her voice was close to a whisper.

    Yan Rusheng frowned. Suspicion filled his eyes. “Who were you thinking of behind my back?”

    ‘This fellow He could tell?’

    Xuxu smiled and replied, “I can’t think of anyone other than you?”

    Then she looked away from him and walked over to Su Yue’s bed.

    Jiao Chen was sitting beside her. They were watching a show together, both of their eyes glued to the screen.

    An occasional smile formed on her pale face.

    It felt different watching a show with someone because then she’d have someone to discuss the scenes with.

    When she watched television at home, Su Yue would always cuddle near to her. When she disliked a character, she would point at the television, pouting her lips as she commented how much she hated him.

    She needed someone patient to grow with her, to share every single moment together, good and bad.

    She didn’t have a carefree childhood. Before she turned 18, she was alone.

    When Xuxu saw the scene before her, she couldn’t bear to interrupt them.

    Yan Rusheng strolled over and asked, “What are you watching?”

    He glanced at the screen.

    It was a popular revenge drama that originated overseas. It involved killing and various conspiracies.

    Yan Rusheng smiled and said to Su Yue, “You should be more like your third sister-in-law. Watch more boring soap operas.”

    Xuxu’s expression darkened. “Yes, I’m boring.”

    Sure, his shows were all nourishing and full of meaning, whereas hers were boring and for fools.

    Didn’t he already despise her taste since years ago?

    Since then, she had been promoted from dumb lass to dumb woman.

    “Third Brother and third sister-in-law, you guys can head home first,” Su Yue suddenly said.

    Xuxu replied, “I’m staying the night to take care of you.”

    Her tone was adamant.

    “You don’t need to,” Su Yue said, shaking her head. “Jiaojiao can take care of me. You should head home. The babies need their milk.”

    Without waiting for Xuxu’s reply, Yan Rusheng smiled and said to Su Yue, “So the decision’s made then?”

    Xuxu was dumbfounded.

    Su Yue smiled and nodded in agreement. Then she added, “Bring me to Country M next month.”

    His smile immediately disappeared. He frowned and asked, “Why?”

    He had finally squeezed out some time to spend some time alone with his wife. Why did he have to bring this burden?

    Su Yue pouted her lips. “Third sister-in-law promised me.”

    Young Master Yan knitted his eyebrows. He turned to her, looking troubled. “Wen Xuxu, how could you”

    This stupid woman was really driving him to an early death.

    Xuxu replied in an unhappy tone. “You don’t have to go. Yueyue and I can visit Zhou Shuang ourselves.”

    Yan Rusheng was speechless

    His status was lowering.

    “Third sister-in-law, go feed the children quickly.”

    “Then” Xuxu was still worried. She asked Jiao Chen, “Jiao Chen, can you take care of her?”

    Jiao Chen nodded.

    Xuxu thought of her kids at home. She had left so hurriedly. They haven’t been breastfed for almost 24 hours.

    She was afraid that they would refuse to drink breast milk if they continued drinking formula milk, so she felt that she should indeed head home.

    After a moment’s hesitation, she said to him, “If there’s anything, you can call for the caretaker.”

    She had hired a young caretaker precisely because she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to take care of Yueyue due to unforeseen circumstances.