Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1236

    Chapter 1236 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part Two

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    Yan Rusheng said, “Yinan and myself were the ones who sent Meiduo to the airport that year. I still remember how lonely she looked going into security checks alone.”

    Ming Ansheng lowered his head and remained silent.

    What Yan Rusheng was trying to say was: he knew. He knew a long time ago.

    Yan Rusheng looked at Ming Ansheng and remained silent before adding, “In other words, I won’t let Su Yue suffer under the wrath of your grandfather. More so, I don’t want her to enter your complicated circle.”

    Then he paused. “But of course, if it’s reciprocated and she’s adamant, I won’t object to it.”

    Yan Rusheng had never been forced to do anything in his love life. His grandmother imposed nothing on him regarding it.

    All the more his parents didn’t say a word.

    So, how could he so selfishly interfere with his younger cousin’s love life?

    If Su Yue really liked liked him back, both he and Xuxu would be supportive.

    But he knew that it wasn’t possible. Even if Su Yue reciprocated his feelings, she wouldn’t take the first step.

    Ming Ansheng as well.

    “Relax. It won’t happen,” Ming Ansheng plainly replied.

    His voice was cold.

    He gazed out the window, looking up at the sunlight. Yueyue needed warmth. Yueyue needed a boy with a cheery and sunny disposition.

    Yan Rusheng continued, “I heard that the project meeting you went to Country M for was a PO project that Bright Vision started preparing for two years ago.”

    Ming Ansheng smiled faintly.

    Yes, it was very important.

    It was the project he was assigned to the moment he stepped into Bright Vision.

    But at the crux of the moment, he had naturally weighed his choices.

    Su Yue, that little lass, was more important to him than he expected.

    Nothing else could come close.

    Yan Rusheng remained silent. After standing there with Ming Ansheng for a while, he turned around and walked back towards Su Yue’s ward.

    After a long time, Ming Ansheng turned around too. The walkway and white shining floors reflected his heart condition: empty.


    He sighed helplessly and started walking over to her ward.

    Su Yue’s ward wasn’t locked. Wen Xuxu’s muffled voice could be heard from the outside.

    Ming Ansheng stopped in his tracks. After standing outside the ward for a while, he decided not to go in. He continued walking.

    ‘Uncle Ming, don’t do this’

    ‘Jiao Chen will be angry’

    ‘Ming Ansheng. You’ve brought her so much harm even when you guys aren’t even dating. Give up.’

    Ming Ansheng whipped out his phone at the lift lobby. He sent a short message:‘Get ready, we’re leaving now.’

    After the message sent out, he opened his phone gallery and unlocked a secret album.

    A beautiful girl was sleeping sweetly in the photo, looking so carefree.

    Ming Ansheng frowned.

    Xuxu and Jiao Chen stayed with Su Yue the entire day.

    They bought food, poured her water, and fed her.

    Xuxu’s impression of him improved significantly.

    If someone was pretending to be nice, there would be cracks in his facade. But Xuxu felt that Jiao Chen was genuine with how he treated Su Yue.

    Just like just like the way Ah Heng initially treated her.

    Xuxu was full of emotions when she thought of Jiang Zhuoheng. She looked downward.

    Before she could even think about anything, the ward door was pushed open from the outside. Yan Rusheng walked in.

    Xuxu looked up at him. “Ah Sheng, you’re done with work so early?”