Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1235

    Chapter 1235 It Isnt Embarrassing To Admit That You Like Someone Part One

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    After staring at Su Yue for a few seconds, Jiao Chen bent over and caressed the swollen area on her face, not saying a word.

    His gaze was warm.

    Su Yue blinked and smiled. "Where were you planning on taking me for dinner yesterday?"

    "Ill take you there when youre better," Jiao Chen replied in a calm voice.

    He retracted his hand, his fingers grazed her face. His fingers were cold to the touch, unlike the emotions in his eyes.

    Su Yue froze and Jiao Chen retracted his arm.

    Yan Rusheng didnt say a word. He knew how much the little lass had suffered just by her thin and beaten-up face.

    After standing for a while, he said to Xuxu, "Ill be back."

    Xuxu knew that he was going to find Ming Ansheng, so she nodded and agreed.

    Yan Rusheng looked back at Su Yue with a deep gaze and turned away, walking out of the door.

    Ming Ansheng was standing by the window at the end of the quiet walkway. A lighted cigarette was between his fingers.

    Yan Rusheng gently closed the door and coldly stared at Ming Ansheng before walking over.

    The cleaning staff had just cleaned the floor, so the window was open. The cold breeze blew in and the smell of smoke filled his nostrils before he even reached Ming Ansheng.

    "Ming Ansheng, what are you thinking about?"

    His tone sounded sarcastic.

    Ming Ansheng looked over at him and remained silent. He gazed back outside the window, watching the blue sky. It was winter in the capital city, so blue skies were rare.

    The warm sunlight shone, but his heart was still cold.

    Yan Rusheng walked over and stood next to him. He turned his head slightly to look at him and he smirked. "Is it true that you flew back from Country M on a private plane?"

    Of course, Ming Ansheng knew what he was insinuating. He frowned and looked at Yan Rusheng. "Say it. Dont mince your words."

    He was feeling troubled as well. He took a deep puff of the cigarette and threw the half-used cigarette into the ash pile on top of the dustbin.

    Yan Rusheng wiped off his cold smile and his gaze turned cold. "About the Tang family"

    Ming Ansheng interrupted, "Ill settle it. Leave it to me."

    His voice was even colder.

    "Shes my sister. Shes not related to you," Yan Rusheng replied coldly.

    Ming Zhongsheng and Xuxu could tell that he was the one who had kissed Su Yue. So of course, Yan Rusheng could tell as well. This was his warning to him.

    Ming Ansheng became anxious. "Third Yan!"

    He knew that Su Yue didnt like him and they couldnt be together. But he was still flustered when he saw Yan Rushengs disapproving attitude.

    He had never wished that they would support his absurd feelings for her.

    But why?

    Yan Rusheng looked at him. In all seriousness, with no coldness or sarcasm, he said, "Ming Ansheng. Xuxu, Su Yan, and I wish for that little lass to live a happier life in the future."

    Ming Ansheng nodded. "Ive got it."

    He never even wished he could get together with her.