Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1234

    Chapter 1234 The Price He Paid For Stepping Beyond The Boundary Part Four

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    Her left chest was swelling. It was medicated, and they pasted a gauze over it, but the surrounding area was obviously red and swollen.

    Xuxu felt like she couldn’t breathe. Tears welled up in her eyes. “Yueyue.”

    “I’m fine now. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Su Yue smiled and shook her head.

    She covered herself with the blanket, up to her neck.

    Her bright eyes made Xuxu’s heart ache.

    If she hadn’t remembered wrongly, that was the position of her cat tattoo. But she couldn’t understand why Tang Feiling had targeted it.

    By the looks of it, she knew how serious the wound was without even taking off the gauze.

    ‘That’s where her heart is situated!’

    She finally understood why Ming Ansheng showed no mercy to Tang Feiling.

    She hadn’t personally witnessed the torture she was in when Ming Ansheng had found Yueyue.

    How did she endure the entire night?

    Even Tang Feiling’s death couldn’t make up for what she had done.

    “Where’s my third brother?” Su Yue diverted the topic.

    Xuxu smiled. “He’s on his way with Jiao Chen.”

    It startled Su Yue. “Jiaojiao is coming too?”

    She then realized that she shouldn’t be surprised. They were dating after all.

    They had arranged to have dinner yesterday, and he was supposed to fetch her. He must’ve been the first person to realize that she was missing.

    Su Yue was thinking about how worried Jiao Chen must’ve been when Xuxu said, “You gave him a fright of his life. He came looking for us at our house yesterday.”

    Su Yue’s mouth hung open. “He… went to our house?”

    He was always unwilling to go over to their house for a meal, but he went there yesterday?

    They said that Jiao Chen didn’t talk to girls outside of school or work. They said that he was very low-profile, refusing to take part in any activities other than his favorite basketball.

    He didn’t care about any awards. He rejected all invitations to high-profile events.

    But he had changed since he got together with her. She didn’t know how much he had changed, but to everyone else, it was clear that Jiao Chen had drastically changed.

    When he drove and waited below her dormitory with flowers, she knew that he was trying to stop the condemnation against her.

    She had never told him her address. He found it himself. Perhaps it wasn’t difficult to find, but it proved that she was in his heart now.

    ‘I’ll like you when you like me…’

    Her heart ached when she recalled his answer. But more so, she felt a pang of indescribable guilt.

    The whole reason she got together with him was because of Uncle Ming—to forget about him.

    Because of another man, she opened up Jiao Chen’s heart and walked in…

    Xuxu nodded. Then she said, “I was extremely shocked when I saw him standing in our courtyard.”

    Su Yue pressed her lips together, remaining silent.

    The door wasn’t locked, so it was pushed open. In strolled two tall guys.

    “Ah Sheng,” Xuxu greeted when she saw him.

    He was with Jiao Chen.

    His handsome face didn’t flinch when he saw Su Yue.

    He walked over, peering down at her. Her face was extremely swollen, especially the mark Tang Feiling’s high heel made, where her face dented inwards.