Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1233

    Chapter 1233 The Price He Paid For Stepping Beyond The Boundary Part Three

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    His words were harsh yet helpless.

    Yet, when the words left his mouth, both of their hearts ached.

    Su Yue pursed her lips, shaking her head. "Its not awkward. Youre still Uncle Ming."

    She forced a smile.

    Ming Anshengs lips curled upwards and he nodded. "Thats good."

    His voice was hoarse, her words like sharp knives that pierced his heart.

    Su Yue said nothing further. She gazed out the window.

    In the ward, when he had calmed down, Ming Ansheng said, "Have a good rest. Ill phone your third brother and third sister-in-law to check their location."

    Then he stood up and walked to the door, taking out his phone.

    A selfish thought crossed his mind: not to tell them her whereabouts.

    When she was in his arms just now, the thought of bringing her away and hiding her from the world even crossed his mind.

    Su Yue watched him leave, gritting her teeth. Her tears betrayed her by rolling down her face.

    Silly girl, youre the one that I like

    Uncle Ming liked her, and she liked him back.

    She was a mistress. She was really a mistress now. Tang Feiling was rightshe had seduced Uncle Ming unintentionally.

    Su Yue, if Uncle Ming calls off his marriage with Tang Feiling, youre a mistress. Youre a mistress

    Although she was on painkillers, her heart still ached.

    But she didnt know if the pain was physical or emotional.


    The ward door was pushed open and Xuxu rushed in.

    Su Yue retracted her thoughts and looked at the door. She smiled. "Third sister-in-law."

    They had applied medication on her wound, and she was in her hospital clothes, so Xuxu couldnt see the wound on her chest. Her heart ached at the sight of Su Yues swollen cheeks.

    "You scared me to death." Xuxu sat down by her bed and caressed her face gently.

    Tang Feiling had slapped her real hard yesterday, so the handprint on her cheek was still clear as day.

    Xuxu gritted her teeth when she saw it. If Ming Ansheng hadnt already disfigured Tang Feilings face, she wouldve slapped her a hundred times over.

    But it shocked her when she heard that Ming Ansheng had disfigured Tang Feilings face with a red hot metal rod.

    Of course, it was outrageous that Tang Feiling had kidnapped Yueyue and even abused her, but to think Ming Ansheng had retaliated so wildly.

    A thought flashed through her mind and her face paled. She anxiously lifted the covers off Su Yue and asked, "Yueyue, are you hurt anywhere else?"

    Tang Feiling was rash and brainless. What did she do to Yueyue in the span of a night?

    What did she do that made Ming Ansheng retaliate so unmercifully?

    Could she have?

    The more she thought about it, the more frightened she became.

    Su Yue saw through her. Xuxu still didnt know about her chest wound. She was afraid that Xuxu would be heartbroken, so she smiled and shook her head. "Theres nowhere else."


    Xuxu noticed something unusual on Su Yues chest under Su Yues thin hospital clothes.

    Su Yue saw her gaze and hurriedly covered herself with the blanket with a smile. "Im fine. Theres really nothing else."

    But of course, she couldnt get past Xuxu. "Yueyue, let me have a look."

    Xuxu flipped off the covers forcefully and unbuttoned Su Yues clothes.