Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1232

    Chapter 1232 The Price He Paid For Stepping Beyond The Boundary Part Two

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    Her smile and actions were so childlike. She radiated a youthful vibe from head to toe.

    Ming Ansheng, how are you compatible with her?

    Both of them knew that they were from two different worlds from their own perspective.

    Su Yue didn’t say a word throughout the journey as she endured the pain in silence. She was perspiring from her forehead, but she forced herself not to utter a single sound.

    If she was her old self, she would have snuggled against Ming Ansheng’s chest and whine about the pain.

    But she didn’t have the courage to depend on him anymore or to dream of his gentle embrace. Growing up had unconsciously transformed her.

    She had to suppress all her feelings and love for him, no matter how much pain she was in.

    Ming Ansheng knew that Su Yue was in great pain, but she was trying her best to keep her distance from him.

    That was the price he had to pay for stepping beyond the boundary.

    They reached the hospital, and Su Yue got off the car by herself without Ming Ansheng’s help.

    She slumped against the car door, feeling weak. She looked as though she would collapse at any moment.

    “I’ll bring you to see a doctor.”

    Ming Ansheng went up to her and carried her swiftly.

    There can’t be any more delay regarding her treatment.

    “Take note of the patient’s temperature.”

    Su Yue was lying on the hospital bed after the doctor attended to her wound. The doctor instructed Ming Ansheng regarding Su Yue.

    Ming Ansheng nodded as he listened, although his eyes remained fixed on Su Yue.

    Su Yue glanced out of the window. It was a warm and fine day.

    But her sparkling bright eyes were filled with coldness and sorrow.

    After the doctor left, Ming Ansheng walked to Su Yue’s bed and sat down on a chair.

    Su Yue’s gaze remained beyond the window as she stared at the sky.

    Ming Ansheng gazed at her face and couldn’t seem to string words to form a sentence.

    “Yueyue, is it still painful?”

    He had no idea when he had become so hesitant while showering her with concern. He had to be very careful around her in order not to reveal his love for her.

    Ming Ansheng peered at the floor silently when Su Yue’s voice sounded.

    She softly spoke, “I’m fine. It’s not painful anymore.”

    Ming Ansheng didn’t lift his head. Su Yue turned and glanced at him. She couldn’t seem to remember his features properly. From the first time she met him, she had never focused on his looks. She didn’t realize how good-looking he was, how thick his eyebrows were, and how beautiful his black and shiny his eyes were.

    This was the first time she had stared so intently at his face, studying his features in detail.

    If she had done so when she had first met him, she would definitely compliment his looks without a second thought.

    He was the only person she would complain about her pain and whine to. She even requested him to blow at her wounds.

    That was her first time whining about pain.

    Actually, the previous pain she felt couldn’t be compared to the pain of being stabbed. She had become so frail and weak whenever she was with him.

    Come to think of it, she finally understood that she was too reliant on him.

    He had always showered her with a generous concern and love, and she had gotten used to it.

    “Are you hungry?” Ming Ansheng raised his head suddenly and he glanced at Su Yue.

    Su Yue was taken aback and she hastily averted her gaze. “I’m not,” she answered.

    She was on an IV drip and her arm laid on the bed with layers of tape.

    Ming Ansheng wanted to touch her hand, but still, he decided not to.

    He glanced at her and said, “Yueyue, I hope you don’t feel burdened by me. I can control my own feelings. Please don’t feel awkward around me.”