Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1231

    Chapter 1231 The Price He Paid For Stepping Beyond The Boundary Part One

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    After hearing Ming Anshengs confession, it still left Su Yue in a dazebut then a kiss interrupted her daze.

    She clenched Ming Anshengs shirt and buried her head in his chest. She was afraid of looking at his face.

    She had yearned for his embrace, and she just wanted to savor this feeling for a while. Just a while longer.

    Ming Ansheng carried Su Yue and left the warehouse. He strode to the car.


    He commanded the chauffeur before the door was even closed.

    The chauffeur pressed the ignition button and Ming Ansheng closed the door with a loud slam.

    Su Yues upper chest was still exposed and her clothes were still brushing against the wound. The excruciating pain was enough for her to lose consciousness given her weakened state.

    She clenched her teeth as she tried to endure the pain. A crease appeared in between her eyebrows.

    "Yueyue." Ming Ansheng stretched his hand to lift her clothes away from her chest.

    Her red and swollen wound contrasted with her fair and smooth skin. The sight was alarming and ghastly that it made Ming Anshengs chest feel painful.

    He should be the one enduring this heart-wrenching pain and suffering.

    The area of her red and swollen wound was large and there were blisters forming.

    But the wound was on her chest, an intimate body part

    Ming Ansheng briefly deliberated before stretching his hand suddenly. He broke the rearview mirror with one clean snap, and it gave the chauffeur a bad shock that he almost stepped on the brakes.

    "Do not turn your head," Ming Ansheng coldly commanded as he removed his blazer to hide Su Yue from sight.

    He tore Su Yues clothes with swift movements.

    Su Yues chest was exposed.

    Her pale face blushed, and she instinctively covered her chest. She glared at Ming Ansheng and weakly said, "What are you doing?!"


    Her hand accidentally brushed against her wound, but she quickly she retracted her hand.

    Ming Ansheng stared at her wound without blinking. Su Yue knew that he was looking at her wound, but it was her chest.

    She hastily tried to cover herself.

    "Dont move," Ming Ansheng reproached, but his voice seemed to entrance Su Yue.

    She obeyed him without a word and stopped.

    The man bent and blew gently on her wound.

    Su Yue bent her head to gaze at him. Her heart pounded furiously beyond her control.

    Her heart and mind were racing and the pain from the wound seemed to intensify. Her mind seemed to clear out by the increased pain.

    Youre a mistress. Your mother may have ruined someones marriage, but I will not let you destroy my marriage with Ming Ansheng

    Youre a mistress and a shameless b*tch. Your mother and you are truly mistresses

    Do you know what Grandfather Ming vowed? He will never let an illegitimate daughter whose mother was a mistress, enter the Ming familys doors. Ming Ansheng went with me to take wedding photos today

    Tang Feilings words rang repeatedly in her head, tormenting her quietly.

    "Uncle Ming, dont do this." Su Yue was about to explode from overwhelming emotions as she shoved Ming Ansheng away from her. She snatched his blazer to cover herself.

    She moved away from him and leaned against the car door.

    She turned her head and stared at him. "I dont like it when you do this. Jiao Chen will be unhappy."

    Ming Ansheng heard her, and his body and expression froze at the same time.


    The words that came out from her mouth sounded so harsh.