Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1230 1

    Chapter 1230 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Eighteen

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    His heart seemed to stop beating.

    He bent over to pick up the metal rod. Still grabbing onto her hair, he pulled her over to the metal bucket. It was full of charcoal and ashes.

    There was also a bottle of gasoline and a lighter beside it. He bent over and poured the entire bottle of gasoline into the bucket. He then lit it up with the lighter and put the rod in.

    His actions terrified Tang Feiling. She realized what he was doing and yelled, "Ansheng, dont. You cant do this to me."

    She tried to break free from his grasp.

    But she was no match for Ming Ansheng. She watched the burning red triangular metal. Ming Anshengs gaze was fiery.

    He picked up the rod.

    "No No"


    The womans dreadful cries reverberated within the warehouse. It woke Su Yue even further.

    She opened her eyes. They widened when she saw the scene before her.

    The tall man pinned Tang Feiling against a wall, giving off a murderous aura.

    She opened her small mouth, wondering if she was in a dream.

    Was that Uncle Ming?

    She had decided not to think about him, but at that moment, her pain and grievances resurfaced uncontrollably when she saw him.

    How she longed for his embrace. How she longed for his comfort.

    Her eyes glistened with tears and she gritted her teeth, her breathing inconsistent.

    "Tang Feiling, you b*tch!"

    Ming Ansheng threw the rod aside and grabbed her head, roughly flinging her to the side.

    Tang Feiling fell to the ground, both sides of her face bleeding. She opened her arms, not daring to touch her face, rolling on the floor in pain.

    It startled Su Yue when she saw her face.


    The tall man was already before her. His gentle, heart-aching, trembling voice made her lost and confused.

    She peered up at him and said in a daze, "She Shes your fiancee."

    She hadnt eaten since yesterday and was in pain the entire night. She was weak and frail, her voice a whisper.

    But Ming Ansheng heard her clearly. He looked at her, his lips curling in a smile full of heartache. "Silly girl, youre the one I like."

    He had thought he would have a hard time confessing, and it would be heated and passionate if he ever did it.

    Never did he expect his confession to be so calm.

    However, Su Yues heart fluttered wildly at his calm confession.

    She peered up at him, staring at him unblinkingly. All of a sudden, all her pain faded away.

    She wasnt delighted nor angryshe was shocked.

    "Im sorry. I brought this on you," Ming Ansheng apologized, squatting down before her.

    He untied her.

    Looking at the girl before him, no words could describe how guilty he felt towards her.

    He should control his feelings. He should face them, brave and unrestrained.

    Su Yues body fell limply to the side when he had loosened all the ropes.

    "Yueyue." Ming Ansheng nimbly caught her, carrying her small frame with ease.

    The 18-year-old girl felt extremely light in his arms.

    Heart-aching, he lowered his head and kissed her forehead gently.