Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1226

    Chapter 1226 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Fourteen

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    She wasnt with Bai Jing, she was with a woman

    But who else did Yueyue know?

    Xuxu lost her cool. She turned around to grab Yan Rushengs arm. "Ah Sheng Yueyue. Lets find Yueyue."

    Yan Rusheng patted her shoulder. "Dont worry. Ill make the arrangements now."

    He then turned around and entered the house.

    Of course, he was worried as well. But he couldnt show it, or else Xuxu would become even more frantic.

    Xuxu rushed into the house and changed into her shoes.

    The chauffeur already drove the car out and was waiting by the entrance.

    When Xuxu returned, Jiao Chen had disappeared.

    She looked around and the driver knew who she was looking for. He said, "Third Madam Yan, the boy already drove off."

    "Oh." She turned around just when Yan Rusheng stepped out.

    He was wearing a black coat and the office clothes he was wearing earlier. He was walking in long, worried strides, and he was on the phone.

    Xuxu hopped onto the car immediately.

    The chauffeur drove off after Yan Rusheng entered the car.

    "Mm, notify me the moment you have news."

    After he ended the call, Xuxu worriedly asked, "Where are we going now?"

    Yan Rusheng put his phone down and replied, "Ive just asked around. Yueyue left from the South Gate, but the school surveillance was undergoing some renovation works, so there are no footages during that period of time."

    Xuxu frowned in suspicion. "How could it be so coincidental?"

    Just when Su Yue went missing, the surveillance was undergoing a renovation?

    Then she became frantic. "Someone mustve abducted Yueyue."

    Su Yue had been kidnapped before, so she was extremely worried.

    But she couldnt think of anyone who would be responsible.

    The previous time, it was Fang Jiayin. Who was it now?

    Could it be the students who were jealous of her?

    Yan Rusheng replied, "The principal meant the surveillance incurred some issues a few days ago, and they did the fixing today."

    But Xuxu didnt believe in coincidences. "I dont believe it was by chance."

    Yan Rusheng didnt reply. He frowned and his expression turned heavy.

    Xuxu leaned against her seat and frowned, looking outside the window. She couldnt calm her emotions.

    Her entire mind was filled with images of the previous time someone had abducted Su Yueher blood-drenched clothes.

    The previous time, Ming Ansheng saved her in time. But if she really was abducted this time, it had already been so long

    She then suddenly decided. She had been hesitating about something this whole time

    Xuxu took out her phone and sent him a message.

    Su Yue is missing, is she with you?

    Although she knew, she probably wasnt. But as long as there was a slim chance, she would cling onto it.

    The sky was already dark.Yueyue, where are you now?

    She was still immature and she knew nothing. She had been through so much since she was young. And now she was in someones hands. What would she do?

    Her tears fell as she thought about it.

    Country M.

    The plane touched down at the capital city. The man leaned against his seat, staring out the window. The runway was so vast. He stared into the far distance

    The afternoon sun shone on his handsome face.

    After the plane landed, he picked up his phone, turning it on with his slender fingers. The screen lit up.