Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1225 1

    Chapter 1225 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Thirteen

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    Su Yue fainted from the pain.

    ‘It hurts!’

    When she regained consciousness, she felt pain everywhere.

    She opened her eyes slowly. She was in pitch-black darkness.


    She gritted her teeth and the immense pain she felt on her chest cleared her mind.

    She looked down at her left breast, but it was too dark that she couldn’t see a thing.

    The scene of Tang Feiling burning her with the red hot metal filled her mind. She shook her head in panic and went hysterical. “No… Don’t…”

    She couldn’t see nor touch anything. She could only feel. But the immense, grieving pain didn’t just come from her wound, but her heart as well.

    Her tattoo was gone. Her cat tattoo was no more. Her awesome cat, which was better than Uncle Ming’s mouse, was gone.

    Su Yue went hysterical and she fell to the ground, along with the chair. Her face pressed against the cold hard ground as she bawled.

    Uncle Ming will never save her again…

    Uncle Ming will never carry her up from the ground ever again…

    From now on, she wouldn’t think of him anymore.

    The Yan family was having their dinner when the butler interrupted, saying that someone was looking for Xuxu.

    Yan Rusheng and Xuxu exited the courtyard and saw a tall figure standing there.

    It startled both of them.

    “Jiao Chen?”

    He was standing there in a suit.

    Xuxu had a bad feeling about it. She rushed over and pushed the door open, standing before him. “What brings you here?”

    He had been dating Yueyue for almost two months, yet he would always find reasons to turn her down whenever she asked him over for a meal.

    The first two times, she believed that he was really busy. But when he kept turning her down, even a fool could tell that he wasn’t ready to get to know her family on a deeper level.

    Yet he had turned up at their doorstep alone. It had to be because of Yueyue. What could have happened?

    Without waiting for his reply, she asked in a panic, “Where’s Yueyue? She didn’t come with you?”

    If Su Yue was with him, the butler wouldn’t have to inform them of their arrival.

    “Is Su Yue here?” Jiao Chen asked.

    Her heart fell. “No, what’s wrong? Isn’t she in school? It isn’t the weekend, why would she be back?”

    Seeing his expression, she became flustered. “Did you two get into a fight?”

    ‘No, impossible.’

    Jiao Chen was mature and well-behaved. Even if they were to fight, he would give in to Yueyue.

    Much less make her run off in anger and chase her to her house.

    He wasn’t such a person.

    The more she analyzed, the more panicky she became. ‘What happened to Yueyue?’

    The news about her had blown up in the past two days. Although it seemed like she was unaffected, her eccentric personality always shocked them.

    Jiao Chen replied, “I don’t know where she’s gone. She didn’t bring her phone. But someone from the dormitory said that she left with a long-haired woman around five o’clock. She was only wearing slippers when she left.”

    “What?” Xuxu’s eyes widened. She grabbed his elbow worriedly. “She hasn’t returned to the dormitory? Where’s Bai Jing?”

    They lived in the same dormitory. They were always together.

    “Bai Jing went home after her lessons ended in the afternoon,” Jiao Chen answered, looking composed, but he was sweating profusely. He anxiously said, “I’ve already called Bai Jing. She didn’t see her.”