Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1224 5

    Chapter 1224 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Twelve

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    The more agitated Su Yue was, the more victorious Tang Feiling felt. She savagely taunted her. "You are! Youre a mistress and a shameless b*tch! An illegitimate daughter who shouldnt even be alive. Youll never be able to get married in this lifetime since youre born to be a mistress hidden from plain sight."

    "Do you really think Ming Ansheng will like you? He couldnt have started the kiss. You must have seduced him."

    "Do you know what Grandfather Ming vowed? He will never let an illegitimate daughter, whose mother was a mistress, enter the Ming familys doors. Ming Ansheng went to take our wedding photos today, and youre nothing to him."

    "How dare you seduce him!"

    Tang Feiling mercilessly and viciously fired insults at her. Su Yue uncontrollably broke down.

    "I didnt, I didnt I didnt" Su Yue leaped to her feet with the chair still attached to her.

    She blindly moved forward and used her head to knock Tang Feiling. She shoutedI didntrepeatedly.

    She would never become a mistress! She hated them so much.

    Su Yue had knocked Tang Feiling over. And before the latter could scream in pain, Su Yue had attacked her like a savage beast.

    She dodged her swiftly and Su Yue fell right ahead, her body collapsing on the floor.

    Her limbs were all tied up, and she had no more strength to get up.

    Tang Feiling strode to her and aimed a kick at Su Yues face with her high heels.


    Su Yue screamed in pain and her face suffered the brunt of her kick.

    Tang Feiling bent and grabbed Su Yues ponytail. She pulled as hard as she could. "B*tch! Today I will settle all my scores with you!"

    Tang Feiling angrily spat those words with gritted teeth.

    She commanded the woman and man to prop Su Yue back into a sitting position again.

    Su Yues face was swollen, red, and her cheek was dented. Even her tears seemed frozen.

    She stared at Tang Feiling and refused to yield.

    She wasnt a mistress and she didnt want to be one. And she had sworn that she would never be one in the future.

    Tang Feiling turned around and grabbed a long metal rod from a barrel near her.

    The end of the rod was heated and it was burning red. She raised the pole and walked towards Su Yue. There was vengeance in her eyes and an evil smirk playing on her lips.

    Su Yue widened her eyes in fear as she shook her head. "What what are you going to do?"

    "Youll know shortly." A cold gleam flashed past Tang Feilings eyes as she bent to remove Su Yues coat.

    Su Yue eyed the burning rod, shaking badly in fear.

    She tried to twist her body in a bid to escape, but the couple had restrained hershe couldnt move an inch.

    Tang Feiling grabbed Su Yues collar quickly and pulled her sweater down. It revealed Su Yues upper chest.

    Including that lazy and adorable cat tattoo.

    Su Yue knew what was coming for her and she shook her head violently. "No dont"

    It was the first time she cast aside her pride to plead someone. She was crying like a coward.

    "I beg you Please dont No Ahhh!"

    The burning rod was pressed against her chest.

    Her screams shook the hearts of everyone who cared for her.