Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1222

    Chapter 1222 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Ten

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    The woman opened the car door.

    Su Yue was feeling curious, so she bent to peer inside the car.

    Without warning, an outstretched hand grabbed her clothes and pulled her inside with force.

    The woman behind her complimented her accomplices actions by grabbing her legs and pushing her inside.

    Su Yue was shocked and alarmed and realized that something had gone terribly wrong. That woman tricked her.

    She yelled at them, "What are you doing?!"

    She screamed and struggled as hard as she could. "Let me go!"

    But the person restraining her was a massive-looking man. Because of her petite stature, he had easily contained her.

    The woman shut the door and the car engine ignited immediately.

    A young man was driving the car and the woman got in and sat beside Su Yue.

    Su Yue didnt have the chance to look at their faces when the woman brought out a sack and covered her face.

    Darkness fell upon her instantly.

    Su Yue began to panic and momentarily, she lost control of her emotions. Her body was badly shuddering.

    "Let me go now! Let me go!"

    Her terrified voice made her sound as if she was a different person.

    The woman coldly said, "Stop shouting and moving. Everything you do right now is useless. Our mistress just wants to invite you for tea. Dont make such a fuss."

    Their mistress? Su Yues terror and panic vanished instantly and she began to compose herself.

    She turned her head towards the womans direction. She asked, "Who is your mistress?"

    "Youll know when you get there," the woman spoke in a cold and haughty tone.

    They handcuffed Su Yues wrists and Su Yue realized that the more she struggled, the more the handcuffs cut into her flesh.

    Gradually, she stopped struggling.

    She tried her best to compose herself, and she slumped back against the car seat.

    She only had herself to blame for being too stupid and careless. She berated herself silently for easily being duped and tricked by a stranger.

    The car sped on smoothly.

    Su Yue didnt utter another word of protest and she realized that she could control her emotions now

    Even if she had an overwhelming urge to kill all the kidnappers, and that she wanted to scream and vent her anger.

    However, she had stopped herself from doing all of that.

    She knew that she wouldnt be able to escape.

    She was fortunate enough before that Uncle Ming saved her in time. If not would she still be alive?

    Su Yue bowed her head in despair and wondered to herself. Who would save her this time?

    She might never hear Uncle Mings gentle voice reassuring her ever again.

    Lass, everything is fine

    "We are here. Get down."

    Amid Su Yues despair, the car stopped. She had no idea how long the journey was and where had they brought her to.

    The man dragged her off the car rather violently.

    A gust of cold wind blew across and Su Yue shuddered. The sack still covered her head and the thought of what they might do to her terrified her.


    The man and woman flanked her on her sides.

    Su Yue knew that she was being brought indoors since she couldnt feel the wind anymore.

    "Miss, we have brought her here."

    The womans voice rang sharply next to her.

    A womans smug and aloof voice somewhere in front of her. "Get the sack off her."