Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1221 1

    Chapter 1221 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Nine

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    The girl glanced at Su Yue and said, "Someone asked me to pass a message to you. She is waiting for you downstairs."

    Someone was looking for her? Su Yue frowned and asked, "Who is it?"

    Why couldnt the person call her?

    She walked to her bed and tapped the screen on her phone. There were no missed calls.

    The girl answered, "I dont know. The woman should be in her mid-twenties."

    Su Yue heard her and nodded. She mumbled, "I got it."

    She didnt thank her.

    She still wasnt very used to being polite.

    The girl said nothing and left.

    Who was this person?

    It couldnt be her third sister-in-law; she would come straight to her room or call her. She wouldnt get someone to convey a message.

    Su Yue was puzzled, but she went back to the bathroom to wash her feet. She put on a woolen coat before going out.

    Most of the students were having their dinner at that time, and there was hardly anyone walking around.

    It was almost winter and the sun was setting. Brilliant red clouds were scattered across the sky.

    During the day, the temperature was still quite warm. But during the night, the strong and cold winds were making the trees sway.

    Su Yue opened the entrance and saw a slender woman standing next to the shrubs.

    The woman was dressed fashionably, and Su Yue scanned her from head to toe. "Are you looking for me?" asked Su Yue, She wore a frown on her face.

    The woman nodded. "Yes."

    "Who are you?" Su Yue stared at the woman, looking rather wary and hostile.

    "Im a friend of your good friend Bai Jing." The woman surveyed the surroundings and whispered, "She is in trouble and she needs your help."

    Su Yue began to get anxious when she heard her. "What happened to Bai Jing!?"

    Bai Jing said she would go home after class. She still should have lessons by now, so why would she be in trouble?

    The woman frowned and said, "Dont be so loud! We cant let anyone else know. It has to do with the rumors of her being a mistress."

    It confused Su Yue. "Why?"

    The woman quipped, "That old fellow wants to catch her and she is hiding from him. She needs money from you."

    It still puzzled Su Yue, and so she pressed on, "But why didnt she call me?"

    Shouldnt Bai Jing call her if she needed help?

    "Come with me." The woman was being very cautious as she kept glancing around. She led Su Yue towards the South entrance. "Do you know how badly affected Bai Jing was?"

    Su Yue nodded and recalled how Bai Jing had skipped lessons for days because of the rumors. She didnt even step out of the room.

    Until now, people still gossiped about her.

    The woman held on to Su Yues arm as they talked about Bai Jing.

    Su Yue was too worried about Bai Jing that she forgot about everything else. She followed the woman to the entrance.

    The winds were chilly and strong, so Su Yue stuffed her hands into her coats pockets. She halted after they exited and said, "But I need my wallet to give her money. And my phone is in the dormitory."

    She wanted to turn around.

    The woman stopped her. "Dont be so anxious."

    She grabbed tightly onto Su Yues arm and pulled her with her.

    A white car stopped by the roadside and the woman pulled Su Yue to the car. She pointed at the car and said, "Look inside first."