Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1217 4

    Chapter 1217 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Five

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    Ming Ansheng’s mother appeared a little apprehensive and Ming Zhongsheng understood her concerns. He said, “Let Feiling bring it upstairs.”

    “Okay,” Ming Ansheng’s mother answered softly and passed the bowl to Tang Feiling.

    It delighted Tang Feiling, and she went upstairs in good spirits. She reached the second level and knocked on the study’s door.

    No one answered, so she turned the doorknob and opened the door.

    It was dark inside and it was evident that Ming Ansheng wasn’t inside.

    Tang Feiling shut the door after she retracted her steps and turned around.

    She went to Ming Ansheng’s room and knocked. But he didn’t respond as well. She turned the doorknob and treaded softly inside. The room was lit, but Ming Ansheng wasn’t anywhere in sight.

    Then, splashing sounds of water could be heard coming from the bathroom.

    Ming Ansheng was in the bathroom taking a shower. So she strode quietly across the room.

    She surveyed Ming Ansheng’s room and his belongings. Her heart pounded so furiously as though it was going to jump out of her chest.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Ahhhh!” Tang Feiling received a bad shock that the bowl almost slipped out of her fingers. She turned around and the sight before her stunned her.

    Ming Ansheng was wearing bathrobes, and it was loosely tied around his waist. It revealed his well-built chest with droplets of waters glistening on his chest. Slowly, her eyes traveled to his abs.

    The droplets of water continued to roll down from his chest.

    His raven black hair was dripping wet, too.

    Tang Feiling sized up Ming Ansheng from head to toe and finally, her eyes met his malicious-looking eyes. She involuntarily shuddered and hastily explained, “I… I’m here to send you food.”

    “Get out,” Ming Ansheng commanded as he rearranged his bathrobes.

    He covered himself properly and hid his perfect figure from sight.

    He strode to his bed as he rubbed his hair with a towel.

    Tang Feiling saw him walking in her direction and her heart seemed to be in her mouth. Her whole mind was flooded with the image of his well-built body that she had seen earlier.


    Tang Feiling suddenly darted towards the towering figure as he came closer.

    Ming Ansheng furrowed his eyebrows at the sight of the woman. He agilely dodged her by moving aside. He easily avoided the woman who had just literally threw herself at him.

    Tang Feiling collapsed to the floor and the bowl fell to the floor, spilling all of its contents.

    “Tang Feiling, enough of your nonsense.” Tang Feiling’s antics irked and annoyed Ming Ansheng.

    Her fall was quite painful and Tang Feiling refused to get up. She frowned. “Ansheng, it’s so painful. Can you pull me up?”

    Ming Ansheng’s temper rose when he heard her exaggerated and pretentious voice. He was seized with a burning desire to hurl her out of the window.

    But he didn’t even want to touch her clothes. A crease appeared between his eyebrows, and it clearly displayed his disdain. He raised his voice. “Get out!”

    Even Ming Zhongsheng and Ming Ansheng’s mother heard his roars.

    Tang Feiling knew that her whines were all in vain, so she got up by herself. She glared at Ming Ansheng as she spat, “We’re getting married next month. You’ll be mine, eventually.”

    After that, she turned around and walked off in a huff.

    Ming Ansheng grabbed the remote control, which was within his reach, and slammed it against the floor. It smashed to pieces instantly.

    He marched to the bed and slumped on it, feeling defeated and despaired. He grabbed a pillow and covered his face. He then exerted strength and pressed the pillow against his face.

    ‘Grandmother, you shouldn’t have saved me…’

    The Ming and Tang families were prominent and wealthy families in the capital city. The announcement of their marriage hit the headlines within two hours.