Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1214

    Chapter 1214 Silly Girl You Are The One I Like Part Two

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    Xuxu strode to the bathroom and said, "Bai Jing, Im leaving."

    "Okay," Bai Jing answered.

    Her voice sounded gentle and soft.

    She left the room and shut the door after her. She then strode towards the stairs.

    Bai Jing heard the door closing, and she slowly stopped washing the clothes.

    The water kept flowing from the tap, but she didnt seem to realize it.

    In her mind, the scene of Jiao Chen kissing Su Yue replayed repeatedly. And of how the crowds opinions of Su Yue.

    Su Yue had changed how people saw her so effortlessly.

    Yet, rumors of her being a mistress kept by an old man seemed to have become the truth to everyone.

    Very few people knew about her being drugged. It couldnt be Lei Yong since he still needed her.

    And it couldnt be the repulsive President Chen.

    And of course, the man and Wen Xuxu wouldnt reveal it to anyone.

    Other than them, Su Yue knew that even if she had unintentionally blurted it out, it was still her fault.

    She was always so nave, pure, and innocent in the eyes of everyone. Even if she made a mistake, there will always be someone to rectify the mistake on her behalf.

    No matter how much trouble she met, she always seemed to escape unscathed.

    How can their fates be so vastly different?

    Bai Jing became more resentful and indignant the more she mulled over it. She gazed at her own reflection and recalled the hardship and humiliation she had suffered at the Lei family. She had lost her pride and dignity.

    Still, she would never choose to seek help from him. She didnt want him to pity her or to render help.

    She wanted to depend on herself to get through everything. She wanted to become someone better. At least the disparity in status between them wouldnt be so huge.

    If only he didnt help her before, perhaps he would care to notice her presence a little more.

    So even if people misunderstood her and everyone looked down on her, she still needed to make her way to the top. She wanted to create a wonderful future for herself.

    Ming Ansheng entered and removed his shoes.

    He wore his socks into the house and impatiently tugged at his tie.

    "Second Young Master."

    The servants greeted him politely, but he ignored everyone as though he was lost in thoughts.

    He strode towards the staircase.

    When he reached the study, he pushed the door open.

    A pair of furious-looking eyes were staring at him and he received a shock. He then arranged his face into a somber expression before shutting the door behind him.

    Ming Zhongsheng was standing in the middle of the study as he glared at Ming Ansheng. He sharply questioned him. "Is that you?"

    "Grandfather, what are you referring to?" Ming Ansheng casually glanced at him.

    He already had an inkling with what he was talking about. But he pretended not to know.

    Ming Zhongsheng sneered coldly. "Dont put on a pretense. Others might not be able to recognize you, but youre my grandson. I can recognize you in a heartbeat."

    Ming Ansheng stopped beside Ming Zhongsheng.

    After he halted his footsteps, he glanced at him. "Yes. So what if its me?"

    There wasnt a trace of fear in his tone.

    "You" Ming Zhongsheng couldnt catch his breath as he pointed threateningly at Ming Ansheng. "Im warning you, bury your feelings for her. Even if she is Yan Rushengs sister, with her status as an illegitimate daughter, there is no way I would accept her."