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    Chapter 1210 That Man Is Me Part Seven

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    Chapter 1210: That Man Is Me (Part Seven)
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    The principal had identified and caught those who had created trouble for Su Yue, and all of them were brought to the office.

    The principals office door was ajar and when Xuxu set foot inside, she saw several girls standing in a row.

    She stormed inside and bellowed at them. "All of you are girls! How can you do such a thing to another girl?!"

    Her roars rattled the entire office and seemingly the entire building.

    Wen Xuxu had never flown into such a terrible rage before. Even if she had an argument with Yan Rusheng, she had never lost her temper in such a vile way before.

    She doted on Su Yue dearly for this past year and she couldnt even bear to reprimand her. How could these girls have the audacity to treat her in that way! They had clearly crossed the line.

    Wen Xuxu was in a rage and anger was bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

    "Madam Yan, please calm down."

    The principal was afraid that Wen Xuxu might hit the girls. So he hurriedly pulled her hand and said, "Our school will definitely give you and Third Master a proper explanation and apology."

    Xuxu ignored the principal and continued to survey the culprits with a cold gleam in her eyes. "All of you are adults. Everyone here will be punished for whatever they have done today."

    Her vows left everyone dumbfounded, including the principal.

    Xuxu turned around without another glance.

    "Madam Yan" The principal shouted before turning to the girls. He frowned and chided loudly. "All of you are in deep trouble."

    He hurried after Xuxu.

    "Madam Yan! Our school is at fault for allowing this incident to happen. We are terribly sorry."

    Xuxu didnt respond to the principals words and she stormed her way to the girls dormitory.


    Xuxu swung the door open and caught a glimpse of Su Yue who stood at the balcony. The windows were open and she was in her pajamas.

    Xuxus heart ached when she saw her. She hastened her footsteps.

    When she reached Su Yue, she hugged her tightly. She was tearing as she patted her gently on her back. She said, "Dont be sad. I will definitely make them pay for what they did to you."

    "Third sister-in-law, Im all right." Su Yue shook her head gently before pushing Xuxu away.

    There werent any tears on her face and her eyes werent even red. She merely looked somber and forlorn.

    Xuxu knew that she wasnt being her usual self.

    From her understanding of Su Yue, she would either ignore or find an extreme method to exterminate a person.

    She wouldnt be wallowing in sorrow all by herself.

    Su Yue appeared bogged down by worries.

    Something struck Xuxu and her eyes glinted. She looked at Su Yue and gingerly asked, "Yueyue, tell me. Who is that man?"

    Su Yue was at a loss for words after she comprehended Xuxus question. She averted her gaze guiltily and spluttered. "Wh-at?"

    Her reaction reaffirmed Xuxus suspicions. "The man in the photo is Jiao Chen?"

    Su Yue hung her head to avoid Xuxus eyes. She didnt even dare to make a sound. Xuxu was the person she trusted the most. However, right now, she had no courage to face her.

    At the airport.

    A man sat in the business class cabin with his phone in his hand. His sparkling eyes were fixed intently on the screen. It revealed the conflict going on within him.

    The cigarette in his other hand was burning until the tip. He didnt even realize it until it almost burned his finger.