Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1209 9

    Chapter 1209 That Man Is Me Part Six

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    “Su Yue, don’t fret anymore. Haven’t they taken the post down?”

    Bai Jing walked over to her and patted her blanket gently. She comforted, “The principal probably made all the web technicians sit before their computers, right at your service.”

    Su Yue was too troubled to discern the bitterness in Bai Jing’s voice.

    When Bai Jing’s scandal started spreading, Yan Rusheng called the principal and it was removed immediately. But the rude comments that followed after remained.

    Only when Su Yue topped the headlines twice that day did those nasty comments about her die down.

    Su Yue shook her head. “I don’t want to eat.”

    “Stop being so shameless and hogging our Prince Charming Jiao.”

    “Exactly. Just because your family is filthy rich, does it mean that your personal life should be equally filthy?”

    “So what if she’s filthy rich? She’s still an illegitimate daughter after all.”

    The scoldings outside their door began again.

    “These people are too much.” Bai Jing got up angrily and opened their door.

    There were seven or eight aggressive-looking girls there, hands on their hips.

    “Aren’t you even more shameless? Jiao Chen didn’t even say a thing, why are you making a fuss?” She roared angrily. “You mean that you’re not shameless for pining over someone else’s boyfriend?”

    “You’re a mistress of an old fogey, yet you have the guts to stand here?”

    Bai Jing took the brunt of their criticism.

    It enraged Bai Jing. She grabbed the broom by the door and frantically swatted it at those girls.

    “Picking a fight?”

    They rushed towards her and pinned her down.

    Su Yue, who was hiding under the covers, heard the commotion outside. She climbed out and saw Bai Jing pinned down on the floor.

    She grabbed the porcelain cup from the table and rushed to the door, giving off a murderous aura.

    She walked over and smashed the cup on the head of the girl who was sitting on Bai Jing.

    The cup shattered to pieces.


    She let out a piercing scream; her head instantly started bleeding.

    The rest of the girls swarmed towards her. Su Yue turned into a raging beast. She picked up the porcelain pieces and used it to scratch a few of their faces.

    They ignored the pain. Two girls grabbed her clothes and tore at them.

    They ripped her clothes to shreds.

    It exposed the entire upper half of her body.

    Su Yue covered her chest instinctively.

    Her eyes widened, looking around the area with a murderous gaze.

    “Take a picture quickly.” Someone snapped a photo of her. “She has a tattoo, too. Isn’t she pure? Let’s show everyone how pure she really is.”

    Bai Jing stood up hurriedly and stood in front of Su Yue. She frantically shouted, “Stop taking photos. This is illegal!”

    The crowd became larger, and only a few people held themselves back from sending snippets of this scene to all of their friends.

    Su Yue’s photos circulated the entire web, not just the school website. They labeled her‘Flourish & Prosper’s Little Precious’, and she became the trending search on Weibo.

    The photo of Ming Ansheng kissing her circulated as well.

    The descriptions were not fit to be seen.

    The number of reposts exceeded 10,000 within half an hour.

    “These hooligans!” Xuxu was at home when she went onto Weibo. She almost smashed her phone in anger. She gripped it tightly and there was a cold gleam in her eye.

    “I won’t let a single one of them off.”