Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1205

    Chapter 1205 That Man Is Me Part Two

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    Bai Jing nodded and agreed. There was a small smile on her face.

    It delighted Su Yue. “Get up quickly. I’ll take a shower first.”

    “Bai Jing, go and shower quickly,” Su Yue said after she stepped out of the toilet.

    Bai Jing had already changed. She was staring intently at her phone.

    When she saw that Su Yue was done, she looked up and said, “Su Yue, you’re in the headlines again.”

    “Ah?!” Su Yue exclaimed in shock and confusion.

    What was it this time?

    She walked over in confusion.

    Bai Jing pointed at her phone screen and said, “Because you went to Jiao Chen’s dormitory last night.”

    After which, she showed her the post.

    “Oh” Su Yue hesitated after she saw it.‘Seriously Again?’

    Indeed All walls have ears.

    The male dormitory was dead quiet when she left in the morning. She thought she would’ve gone unnoticed.

    She pouted. “Hmm So be it then.”

    She had on a face of nonchalance.

    Bai Jing frowned. “Someone leaked that you spent the night in the male dormitory. Aren’t you going to react to it?”

    Su Yue frowned as well. “What’s done is done. What reaction should I have?”

    Actually, it didn’t really matter to her. She merely spent a night in Jiao Chen’s dormitory.

    Wasn’t it the truth?

    “I’ll go shower.” Bai Jing said nothing and turned off her phone. She then headed towards the bathroom.

    Bai Jing’s scandal was the hottest topic for the past few days, and Su Yue topped the headlines once again.

    Both of them were the topic of discussion in A University. They received odd looks from everyone.

    Everyone pointed their fingers at them and they made crude remarks about them.

    “I heard that she was the one who went to find Jiao Chen in his dormitory.”

    “I heard it, too. She’s too shameless.”

    “They’re dating so there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s there to be shameless about?”

    “Can’t I just be jealous? Jiao Chen He’s so handsome, he must have a great body.”

    “His basketball skills are so good, his stamina must be superb.”

    There was a long pause

    Su Yue and Bai Jing could hear the gossip the moment they entered from the back door of the canteen.

    She remained cool, her lips curling in a cynical smile. “These people are so shameless. They’re pining over someone else’s boyfriend.”

    She then walked straight towards an empty seat.

    With her head high and chest out, she walked past a few girls who were gossiping about her.

    She seemed to say:‘Yes, I slept with the handsome Jiao Chen, who has a great figure. Be jealous.’

    When Bai Jing heard her say that‘they’re pining over someone else’s boyfriend’, her expression changed. She watched her leave, a hidden bitterness in her eyes.

    She felt like Su Yue was a male protagonist in a swordsmen film. One who would find a treasure or secret weapon wherever he went.

    They pampered her at home and she was envied in school.

    She had given up on Ming Ansheng because she knew that their gap was too wide, yet the next moment she found an outstanding Jiao Chen.

    But what about her?

    If Su Yue lost all of her backers, what would they have left to envy?

    So the reason for her pride, the reason she was so innocent and pure, was because the people around her loved and pampered her.