Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1186

    Chapter 1186 Bai Jings Scandal Part Four

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    "You" Zhao Zheng furiously glared at her.

    Bai Jing stopped smiling. She coolly said, "If theres nothing else, Ill be making a move. Goodbye Professor Zhao."

    Without waiting for Zhao Zhengs reaction, she walked towards the dormitory.

    Indeed, she had asked and got rejected. She was feeling down, but she knew that this was his personalityit was what made him attractive.

    Firm and stood by his principles.

    So she was only feeling sad. She didnt hate him.

    Zhao Zheng watched her leave, gritting her teeth.

    Little lass, just you wait!

    Xuxu could hear the childrens cries from the second floor the moment she entered. They were bawling badly.

    She hurriedly changed out of her shoes and rushed upstairs.

    "Darling, Mummy is back."

    She pushed open the door to see Mu Li carrying one twin, pacing around the room. The other was still lying in the crib, crying. Xuxu rushed over and hurriedly carried her. "Darling, dont cry."

    She pacified her and sat down, lifting her shirt to feed her.

    Her cries ceased.

    But the other seemed to be jealous and started crying harder.

    "Mother, bring him over quickly. He must be hungry," Xuxu said, heart aching as she heard his ear-piercing cries.

    Mu Li was carrying the boy, and she passed him over to Xuxu.

    Xuxu held one child in each arm, and the house instantly turned quiet.

    "My goodness, finally some peace and quiet," Mu Li said. She looked worn out as she let out a huge breath. She glared at the two babies who were drinking milk and said, "No wonder theyre twins. They wake at the same time and cry at the same time. Theyve worn their grandmother out."

    "They even poop and pee at the same time."

    Yan Rusheng piped up from the doorway.

    He was obviously grumbling.

    Xuxu was dumbfounded.

    All he did was think of the trouble they brought when they peed and pooped. Why couldnt he think about the joy they would bring when they grew up?

    Yan Rusheng entered and turned bitter when he saw the two children in both her arms. He was insanely jealous.

    Damn it, the two fellows were hogging his wife.

    He frowned and walked to the bed, shaking Yangyangs leg.

    He didnt know how to be gentle with the kids, so Xuxu looked at him in a warning stare.

    Young Master Yan let go immediately. He stared at the childrens lips, their small mouths sucking continually.

    If he were to describe his emotions with words, he was simply green with envy.

    "Youre back. Ill go take a rest," Mu Li said, leaving the room.

    Only Xuxu and Yan Rusheng remained in the room. A sly smile formed on his face. "Wife, let me have a taste."

    Xuxus expression turned darker than coal. She menacingly glared at the perverted and lecherous man and commanded, "Get out now."

    "How long has it been?" Yan Rusheng asked, wrapping his arms around her waist instead of following her instructions. He lowered his head and kissed her neck. "Mm, the milk smells good."

    Xuxu blushed and elbowed him in the chest. Then she roared at him. "Yan Rusheng, can you stop being so vile?"