Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1183

    Chapter 1183 Bai Jings Scandal Part One

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    Yan Rusheng was speechless

    He felt like he was losing his human rights. Soon, everyone would be bullying him.

    It seemed like everyone in the Yan family could bully him at that momentfrom the two elders to his two children who just turned a month old.

    Oh, my god! Disastrous!

    Xuxu laughed in secret and looked at Su Yue. "Tomorrow is Saturday, are you going to spend time with your Jiaojiao? Or go home with your third brother and I?"

    New couples always wished that they could stick around each other 24 hours a day.

    This little lass rambled on about Jiaojiao every day. Her mind was full of him and Xuxu was 80% sure that she would return home less on Saturdays.

    Su Yue replied, "Ill head back with you both. Jiaojiao is busy during the weekends."

    Xuxu nodded. "Sure."

    She then looked at Bai Jing and asked, "Bai Jing, why dont you come over?"

    Bai Jing shook her head. "No thanks, Im heading home tonight."

    Xuxu decided not to force her. She smiled and said, "Then You can come over whenever you want to."

    However, it still worried her that Bai Jing was getting bullied in the Lei family, or that she was forced into doing things.

    After careful thought, she felt that what Yan Rusheng had said was true: She was already 18 years old. She was mature enough to make her own decisions.

    The reason she went to the Lei family was because of her mother who abandoned her after she was born. She had been abandoned for so many years, so she didnt have any attachment to them. So if they treated her badly

    Bai Jing didnt have any reason to stay. If she was unhappy living with them, why wouldnt she say a word?

    Even if she was too embarrassed to tell them, she could have said something to Su Yue. Her not saying anything proved that she didnt want their help.

    This way, they were in no position to help her.

    Or perhaps she lived decently with the Lei household.

    But that was highly unlikely.

    Bai Jing nodded and agreed. Then she said to Su Yue, "Are you coming back on Sunday afternoon?"

    "Mm." Su Yue nodded, then raised her eyebrows in confusion. "Why did you ask?"

    Bai Jing frowned. "You forgot that we have basketball practice?"

    Su Yue smiled. "Of course I didnt. Ill continue practicing at home. We have a basketball court in our backyard."

    Thats right, Yan Rusheng was in the school basketball team during his high school and university days.

    Because he liked it so much, Wang Daqin built a simple basketball court for him in the backyard.

    But ever since Yan Rusheng went to university, he didnt use the basketball court as much. Now, he only played once every few months.

    "You have a basketball court?" Bai Jing asked in shock.

    Her eyes filled with unnoticeable envy.

    Su Yue nodded. "Yes! Its in our backyard, but its behind the swimming pool so its hidden. Ill show you next time."

    The Yans house was huge with many facilities. If one were to tour the entire house, it would take at least 40 minutes to an hour.

    "Bai Jing, youre learning how to play basketball too?" Xuxu asked in surprise.

    She looked her up and down. She still looked as gentle and refined as the first time she saw her.

    She gave off the vibe of an attentive student who spent her free time in the library.