Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1180

    Chapter 1180 First Kiss Part Four

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    Ming Anshengs heart was painfully tugged, and he had retracted his gaze. He coldly glanced at the man and solemnly said, "From now on, Bright Vision will cease all sponsorships for Union University."

    He turned and marched away.

    The towering figure exuded an air of loneliness and sorrow.

    "President Ming"

    Ming Anshengs footsteps were swift, and the stubby man didnt manage to catch up with him.

    Jiao Chen pressed his lips gently against hers, and Su Yue could feel the softness of his lips.

    His kiss was so soft and gentle.

    Su Yue seemed to float around in the ocean, with the warm sunshine beating down on her. She was feeling so blissful and contented.

    Little lass, wake up

    Yueyue, its all right. Stop crying

    At this moment, memories of how Ming Ansheng had taken care of her interrupted such a blissful moment.

    He had cooked for her, listened to her grumbles and whines, given her warm embraces when she was feeling down or upset.


    It jolted Su Yue awake, and so she opened her eyes. She abruptly averted her face.

    Her actions were awkward and stiff.

    Jiao Chen remained on the spot as he gazed at Su Yue. "Su Yue, can we wait until we fall in love with each other?"

    The question was too complex for the innocent and simple Su Yue.

    She didnt understand and her dewy-looking eyes gleamed. "Huh? What?"

    "Silly girl." Jiao Chen retracted his hand and stroked Su Yues hair gently and affectionately. "If we cant wait, I wont continue."

    "I will learn to like you," Su Yue said earnestly as she looked into Jiao Chens eyes. Determination filled her eyes.

    Third sister-in-law liked Third Brother for many years, and finally, she succeeded in getting together with him.

    So as long as she tried her best, she could do it.

    Yes, that must be it.

    Jiao Chen smiled in response.

    He turned around and strode towards his dormitory.

    "Jiaojiao, where are you going?" Su Yue ran after Jiao Chen. "Your face is bruised. Let me go and buy medicine for you?"

    She grabbed his arm to stop him from walking forward.

    Jiao Chen gently shook his head. "Its fine. This is nothing."

    "Jiaojiao, you could fight so well, but why didnt you retaliate in the first place?" Su Yue asked, looking confused.

    He had easily defeated those guys, so why didnt he do so before they had pinned him down?

    And when Liang Zihua hit him, he didnt retaliate too.

    He was obviously so good at fighting.

    She was still feeling shy and awkward about their kiss. But seconds later, the question had eclipsed her awkwardness.

    She reverted to her lively and bubbly self once more.

    "Su Yue." Jiao Chen threw a swift glance before tilting his head to gaze into the sky. Sorrow had shrouded his good-looking face. He said, "A person needs to learn how to control himself. Even if he really likes or dislike something or a person, he cannot give in to temptations or whims."

    "Why?" Su Yue gazed at Jiao Chen, looking confused. "Why cant we do whatever we like? If you dont like someone, it means you hate that person. If you hate that person, why should you even go near to the person?"

    Why should she exercise control if she can retaliate?

    When she was younger, she yearned to grow up as quickly as possible. Then no one could ever bully her again if she could fight back.