Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1178

    Chapter 1178 First Kiss Part Two

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    Xuxu turned to Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng. "Ming Ansheng, arent you the sponsor of Union University? These players are really atrocious!"

    Everyone could tell that they were provoking Jiao Chen intentionally.

    A University was leading in the first part of the match, and Jiao Chen scored most of the points. Were they really such sore losers?

    There were spectators, teachers, and classmates watching them.

    How could they be students? They were simply hooligans!

    Ming Ansheng comfortably settled on his seat as he rested his arms on the sides. His malicious-looking eyes were gazing at the commotion.

    He didnt respond at all, neither did he answer Xuxu.


    A guys piercing scream assailed their ears.

    "Oh, no!"

    Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng leaped to their feet and they were pale with shock.

    They scrambled to the front row and agilely leaped over the barrier. Xuxu went pale too when she noticed the situation.


    She rose hastily and scrambled to the front row.

    Su Yue was on a guys back, and she had bitten his ear. The guy flung her off after screaming out in pain.

    Everyone gasped when she had been thrown on the floor. However, she got up almost instantly and seemed perfectly fine.

    "Since you are courting death," Jiao Chen sneered coldly. A malicious gleam flashed in his eyes.

    He went savage and waved his fists and legs wildly at them.

    "Yueyue! Are you all right?!"

    Ming Ansheng dashed to Su Yue and grabbed her. He gazed at her with worry-filled eyes.

    He began to scrutinize her from top to toe.

    Su Yue briefly glanced at him before flinging his hand away. She marched towards Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen had a few bruises on his face and his lips were bleeding. Su Yue used her fingers to wipe his blood away.

    Her porcelain fair hands touched him gently and tenderly, just like how she had touched Meowmeow and Yangyang.

    "Jiaojiao, is it painful?"

    Su Yue raised her head and anxiously watched Jiao Chen. Her heart was aching for him.

    If it was Bai Jing or Xuxu being beaten up, she would feel this way too.

    Jiao Chen managed a feeble smile and shook his head. "Its not painful."

    He broke into a wider smile, and he seemed so dangerously gorgeous.

    "Bend down, Ill blow at your wounds." Su Yue tip-toed but she barely reached Jiao Chens chin.

    Su Yue eased the strained and solemn tension.

    Everyone stared at them in silence.

    Ming Ansheng stuffed his hands into his pockets as he watched them. He bowed his head and a thought-provoking smile appeared on his face.

    That smile was bitter and helpless.

    "Jiaojiao, lets go. Dont play with these sore losers." Su Yue stretched her hand to hold Jiao Chens hand. He eyed the Union Universitys players with hostility.

    She glanced at the players from A University and sneered. "And you guys are not as united as them. Jiaojiao will never be on the same team as all of you again. This is such a shame."

    She held Jiao Chens hand tightly and marched towards the entrance.

    And with hurried footsteps.

    Jiao Chen allowed Su Yue to pull him away as he watched her intently. He had knitted his eyebrows tightly together.

    He seemed to be in the midst of making a discovery about Su Yue.

    Su Yue led Jiao Chen out of the court, with countless pairs of eyes on them.