Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1177

    Chapter 1177 First Kiss Part One

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    Su Yue nervously looked at Jiao Chen’s empty seat.

    A guy wearing a Union University jersey was waving his clenched fist. He was aiming for Jiao Chen’s face.

    Su Yue widened her eyes in shock when she saw that Jiao Chen was about to be punched. “No!” cried Su Yue.

    Her screams echoed around the court.

    Everything seemed to come to a standstill, and everyone turned to stare at Su Yue.

    The guy—who was about to punch Jiao Chen—stopped as well.

    Su Yue ignored everyone’s stares and jumped to her feet. She bolted straight for the court.


    The next moment, the guy from Union University aimed his fist at Jiao Chen after landing his first punch.

    Jiao Chen, who was originally frozen after getting hit, moved swiftly and silently to intercept his fist in mid-air.

    He grabbed the guy’s wrist and twisted it with force. A crease appeared in the middle of his eyebrows.

    Jiao Chen looked exceedingly cold and vicious.

    “What are you doing?” The players from Union University saw that Jiao Chen was attacking their teammate and they menacingly swarmed around him.

    They had evidently wanted to create trouble for Jiao Chen.

    Jiao Chen refused to relinquish his grip on the man, and he coldly surveyed his opponents with a pair of malicious-looking eyes. He seemed to exude an air of nobility.

    “Are you trying to create trouble?”

    A Union University player grabbed Jiao Chen’s clothes.

    They closed in on Jiao Chen and the situation went out of control.

    “What are all of you doing?! What are all of you trying to do?!”

    The staff stepped in to stop them.

    A University and Union University’s teachers bellowed at the basketball players but to no avail.

    They refused to let Jiao Chen go.

    Jiao Chen might be nimble and strong, but there were too many of them. He was being restrained by a few of them and it was impossible to win them.

    “Didn’t you see that he started it first?”

    Union University’s players argued, and they sounded unreasonable and arrogant.

    “What bullshit is that!”

    A clear and resounding voice interrupted them.

    Everyone’s attention was drawn to this girl.

    The girl’s beautiful face was cold and aloof, and she seemed like an ice princess from a faraway land.

    Her aura and expression made her feel she was beyond anyone’s reach.


    Jiao Chen seized the opportunity to wrestle his way out of their grips. He attacked the guys who were the nearest to him.

    And he aimed for their vital body parts.

    Jiao Chen straightened his back and stroked his lips. Blood was smeared on his lips and it made his good-looking face look more dangerous.

    Two of the teammates had collapsed. They had diverted their attention back to Jiao Chen again as they closed in on him once more.

    “Stop fighting!”

    Two teachers stormed bravely towards them.

    At this time, to the Union University players, winning that fight was more important than winning the match.

    Only one or two of A University’s players stepped forward to help Jiao Chen. The rest of them crossed their arms in front of their chests.

    They seemed to be watching a show.

    “What’s happening? No one is helping him?”

    Xuxu began to panic after observing the situation. She nervously watched Su Yue and felt worried.

    She had no idea what would she do next.