Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Countless tactics

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Tang Tian Hao straightened his posture. His eyes were glowing as he stared into Li Yifeng's eyes. Then, he took out another cigarette and lit it up. He took a puff, then said, "I won't arrest him. I don't care who wants to arrest him but I won't do it, nor will I pass down the order."

There were just two people in the office. One was the Municipal Council Secretary, Li Yifeng, and the other was the Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau, Tang Tianhao. Of the two of them, one was at a sub-provincial level while the other was a deputy department director. They were both people who were well-versed in bureaucracy and extremely astute.

People who managed to reach these levels in China, when faced with strategic decisions that may affect their future, would think deeper and further than most people.

Because they were not normal people. They had a deeper understanding of the world and they had more unique views. They also had sources of information that most people would not have.

The powerful rise of Ling Yun in Qingshui High had not only affected Qingshui High. It was not that simple.

Because Ling Yun had risen too quickly, it was inconceivable. He was like the waterspout that had appeared above Qingshui Lake, simply shocking!

The first time Li Yifeng had heard about Ling Yun was from his own son, Li Qingchuan. After he had found out that Li Qingchuan's heart disease had been completely cured, he had been so moved that his tears started to fall. He had embraced his son right there and then, patting his son's shoulder and saying, "The Heavens have good vision. They did not end my Li Family bloodline!"

Only after that, he asked Li Qingchuan who cured the disease, following which he analyzed the situation sharply. If Ling Yun could cure a disease that Miracle Doctor Xue couldn't, doesn't that mean that Ling Yun's medical abilities are greater than those of Miracle Doctor Xue?!

Then wouldn't Ling Yun's future accomplishments be even greater than Miracle Doctor Xue's?!

Miracle Doctor Xue had been able to sustain Li Qingchuan's life, allowing him to live until fifty. That alone had already made Li Yifeng's entire family be overwhelmed with gratitude. Now, Ling Yun had completely cured Li Qingchuan. It's obvious how grateful Li Yifeng was to Ling Yun now!

Li Qingchuan's heart disease had been like a huge boulder that weighed down Li Yifeng's heart. Now that Ling Yun had completely crushed that rock, Li Yifeng's heart was set free and was willing to give Ling Yun whatever he wanted!

As was said earlier, if it hadn't been for the turbulence in Qingshui City the past few days, causing Li Yifeng to be overwhelmed with work, he would have personally invited Ling Yun over to his home and treat him well. He wouldn't just treat Ling Yun well but also make sure that they developed a good relationship!

Li Qingchuan's behavior was rude and impetuous but he wasn't blind. The previous day, Tang Meng had gone to ask Li Qingchuan for help, saying that Ling Yun wanted to buy a villa. Li Qingchuan was willing but he had still given a call to his father, Li Yifeng first. Li Qingchuan had waited for Li Yifeng to agree before looking for his aunt.

Without Li Yifeng's nod, even though Li Qingchuan's aunt was the Deputy Director of Qingshui City Land Resource Bureau, and even if she loved Li Qingchuan even more, she wouldn't be able to open access to all the key points and allow Ling Yun to buy those two luxurious villas for so cheap!

It could be said that the two half-priced villas were Li Yifeng's first gifts to Ling Yun for saving his son's life!

Before he had even met Ling Yun, his gifts had already reached Ling Yun. When Li Yifeng was set on something, he would move like lightning and take boundless actions!

With those two villas that cost nearly 90 million, he had saved Ling Yun 43 million dollars. Having given such a big gift, it would be easy for him to build a relationship with Ling Yun when they meet.

As for Tang Tianhao, because of the convenience of his appointment, as well as Lin Menghan and his own son's introduction to Ling Yun, he had already gained a very deep understanding of Ling Yun.

Tang Tian Hao had even seen the video of Ling Yun. When he saw that Ling Yun had thrown such a big person as Tie Xiaohu around the field like a toy, he had been astounded, wondering what kind of person his son had become friends with. Could it really be one of those people from the legends?

Although Tang Tianhao was busy, he really cared about his son, Tang Meng. Tang Meng seemed not to have attended classes at all during these few days. He had been sent around by Ling Yun, and Tang Tianhao had been a little angry at first. However, after personally seeing that video of Ling Yun, the fury in his heart was completely extinguished.

Tang Tianhao understood his own son. He knew that his son simply wasn't the type that would study, because Tang Tianhao himself was not the type that would study. He even felt a little pitiful towards those that studied like crazy just to get into a university.

Tang Tianhao knew that Tang Meng wasn't meant for studying, nor soldiering, nor officiating but he knew that Tang Meng was definitely meant for doing business!

How could someone like Tang Tianhao, after seeing his son become friends with someone like Ling Yun, not be able to imagine his son's future?

Therefore, for these couple of days, Tang Tianhao had allowed Tang Meng to do as he liked while pretending that he had not seen anything.

It was true that Ling Yun had saved Lin Menghan but undoubtedly, Ling Yun had also committed a crime. Moreover, the crime was that of intentionally causing harm. He had kicked more than ten people at Qingyun Movies until they became eunuchs. Amongst them had been Qingshui City's real estate tycoon and number one nouveau riche, Gou Liancheng, and even an unremarkable waiter. If that wasn't a crime, what was it?

Although these people were all suspected of committing crimes or going against the law, Ling Yun had not used lawful means or reported to the police. Instead, he had just crippled these people on the spot, causing them to be unable to pass down their genes in the future. That was what Li Yifeng had been referring to when he said, 'Suppress those that need to be suppressed. Control those that need to be controlled.'

As for 'Capture those that need to be captured', Tang Tianhao did indeed know that Ling Yun should be arrested. This was his job as the Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau.

Now, Tang Tianhao already knew that Ling Yun was one of those mysterious people of legends. He had heard from his son that Ling Yun had not only saved Li Qingchuan and Lin Menghan, but also Miracle Doctor Xue!

Li Qingchuan had dragged Li Yifeng into this. Lin Menghan's influence was even greater. As for Miracle Doctor Xue It was needless to say.

Arrest Ling Yun? Tang Tianhao would be better off just resigning!

Li Yifeng saw that Tang Tianhao was speaking so resolutely, even carrying a sense of grievance. Hence, Li Yifeng smiled gently and said, "Since he can't be arrested, don't arrest him Just don't arrest him for now. As for the rest, we'll take it one step at a time."

Tang Tianhao and Li Yifeng looked at each other, then laughed. They had exchanged their thoughts even without words.

However, Tang Tianhao soon frowned and said, "Elder Li, Ling Yun's situation is more than just that."

Li Yifeng responded with a surprised 'Oh', then said, "You don't have to beat about the bush with me. Just say it all at once."

Tang Tianhao immediately said, "Firstly, Ling Yun, has crippled one of our city's biggest taxpayers, real estate tycoon Gou Liancheng. Secondly, Ling Yun nearly beat that b*stard, Sun Xing from Beijing's Sun Family, to death on Saturday. Now, Sun Xing's mother, Niu Fenjiao is coming to the Public Security Bureau and asking for him!"

Tang Tianhao even wanted to call Ling Yun a devil. This guy is really a devil. Everything he does causes so much trouble!

Li Yifeng flicked the cigarette ash from his palm. After a short pause, he said calmly, "Gou Liancheng may not have committed a big crime regarding this matter, because he doesn't know Lin Menghan's true identity after all. However, he has gone rampant in these few years. You know about his criminal record. It's about time he suffered some consequences."

Tang Tianhao nodded. "I know. Gou Liancheng has several murder cases on his hands and he's also related to some drug cases. But with his connections in the province, it wouldn't be good for us to touch him."

Li Yifeng laughed calmly. "Hasn't Ling Yun already touched him? Just use this opportunity to get him strictly under control. If he dares to use his connections in the province, we'll"

Li Yifeng stopped. His narrow eyes looked deep and distant as he stared unblinkingly at Tang Tianhao. His mouth slowly curled into a smile.

Tang Tianhao was startled. He was a little tongue-tied as he said, "Brother Li, you want to use this opportunity to"

Li Yifeng raised and waved his hand, gesturing for Tang Tianhao to stop. He smiled gently and changed the topic. "As for Beijing's Sun Family, just hold them up using words. Play deaf and bide your time. There's a saying that even a strong dragon cannot repress a snake. Even with her capabilities, that Niu Fenjiao can't do whatever she wants on our land."

Tang Tianhao knew about Li Yifeng's trickery and boldness. He was delighted. But then he said worriedly again, "But what if she finds someone from higher up to come and suppress us?" Or what if she sends someone else to deal with Ling Yun?"

Li Yifeng laughed leisurely. "The Sun Family has people on their side but who says that Ling Yun doesn't? Don't forget that Miracle Doctor Xue is still in Qingshui City! As for sending people to deal with Ling Yun, I believe that she will do that very soon. However, I have even greater believe that Ling Yun definitely has a way to deal with them!"

"As long as we can hold on, we'll hold on for Ling Yun's sake. If we can't, Miracle Doctor Xue will naturally stand up for Ling Yun."

When Tang Tianhao saw that Li Yifeng already had plans for everything, he chuckled. It was just like two decades ago. He said to Li Yifeng, "Brother Li, you're the clever one after all. You have countless tactics for every situation!"

Li Yifeng laughed casually as well. "Don't try to flatter me. Actually, you already had these ideas from the start but you just had to come here and ask for my help. Do you think I don't know?"

The two of them laughed. Then, Li Yifeng asked Tang Tianhao, "Is there anything else? If not, hurry back to your Public Security Bureau. You've spent too long here reporting your work!"

Tang Tianhao scratched his head and said, "About Qing Long and the Qingyun Movies"

Li Yifeng furrowed his brows. "Do you even need me to teach you about that? Send someone to keep an eye on Qing Long. If they dare to cause a ruckus, arrest them! As for Qingyun Movies, as long as no one comes from Beijing, we can do whatever we want!"

Tang Tianhao thought. We don't need to do anything. Yesterday, Ling Yun and my son already did more than enough.

He said worriedly, "But Qingyun Movies doesn't have a normal background!"

Li Yifeng squinted his narrow eyes once more. With a cold gaze, he said, "Qingyun Movies is rampant with crime. They have pornography, drugs, and gambling. It's as if they aren't holding back at all. Do those people from Beijing really think that I, Municipal Council Secretary, am weak?"

After saying that, his expression was stern. The mighty and imposing manner that he had developed over the years had been released all at once. Then, he said sternly, "Since there's concrete evidence, arrest those who should be arrested. And sentence those who should be sentenced. This time, we'll make Qingyun Movies disappear from Qingshui City!"