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    Chapter 170: Using

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    Regarding different Profession Sculpture, the Profession Branch quantity that Available selects is different, for example Warrior has three Profession Branch, but Magician Sculpture has the earth, water, wind and fire four is Branch, Archer has Crossbowmen, Archer as well as Cavalry Archer three Branch, Summoner Branch were quite few, has two, one is naturally is Summoner, another one is Undead System Summoner.

    These Profession Branch have the places of various powerful respectively, any one Profession may move toward Pinnacle. May regarding individual, which step be able to grow, looked at the respective good fortune as well as the level of effort.

    Although now four Lord Profession Sculpture and Priest Profession Sculpture have completed Upgrade before 2~3 days, but does not have one Sculpture some Attribute(s) to complete Level 5 Research now. The root lay in the time that each Attribute(s) Upgrade of present requires was too long, took 10 days fully.

    In other words, must complete all Profession Sculpture Attribute(s) Upgrade, at least also 50 days. This is anybody is unable to change.

    Regarding Cheng Yang, 50 days of time does not have anything but actually, because any one Lord Profession Sculpture , to have 500 High Step Apprentice Grade Combatant, at least also requires 30-40 days of time. This is in most time can open in the Fourfold Cultivation Speed situation capability to realize.

    This each Upgrade Attribute(s), needs 20,000 to select Spirit Energy Points actually, this without doubt is the one very immense digit, by Fallen Phoenix Village five Profession Sculpture, altogether needs 520,000 Spirit Energy Points, if only depends on killing Territory surroundings Demonized Beast to accumulate, must spend the one or two year.

    However now to Fallen Phoenix Village Territory, Spirit Energy Points is not the too major problem. The gain of Territory Spirit Energy Points went through most Hard bottleneck time, now through Territory Donation, Tax Revenue or Bloody Church Instance Dungeon, are more than Spirit Energy Points of direct killing Territory surroundings Demonized Beast gain. Let alone. Condensed Demon Gem that now Cheng Yang just obtained, is earnings Territory Spirit Energy Points not two Magic Tool.

    Cheng Yang after uses up Sculpture Promotion Stone, then immediately makes the person remain behind Encampment Insane Bull Army, Tiger Subduing Army and Snow Leopard Army to convene, is led by Cheng Yang, one group of people then expunge toward Xiang River Village. Simultaneously Cheng Yang has not forgotten takes to Father and Daughter Chu Qiang and Chu Lingling this. They are own one of the Personal Guard team, this Promote(d) Strength good deed cannot drop them.

    Remained behind Territory Quest to give Fallen Phoenix Village Territory Guardian as well as these hires Mercenary, now Fallen Phoenix Village had close 3000 hiring Mercenary, although Strength was also only Initial Step Apprentice Grade, moreover Equipment was deficient, but as a result of Sculpture and Territory Attribute(s) addition. The Strength is not in Main City these Ordinary Combatant can compare, deals with the general issue, they are also handy.

    Let alone, Fallen Phoenix Village trump card Territory Guardian, these fellows belong to Fallen Phoenix Village First Martial Force absolutely. This also why Cheng Yang dares to leave Territory to walk around the basic reason, there are these Expert to defend in Territory, Cheng Yang simply does not have the extra worries.

    This has the regulation(s) Attribute(s) Official Road significance to be truly extraordinary, to alone the individual communication is so, large-scale Army marches is so. This about 20 kilometers distance (Lu Cheng), Cheng Yang this group of people only will spend the one hour to rush.

    Time on the way, Cheng Yang already confessed to Li Wanshan, Zhao Chuan as well as Insane Bull Army Vice Commander Ju Shun clearly, this time Quest defends the village. Does not make any Demonized Beast storm into the village. Meanwhile, Cheng Yang also Condensed Demon Gem Attribute(s) simple said to them, this also clarifies the significance of this motion.

    When they hear following them only to need to defend some time then have innumerable Demonized Beast to supply their killing on Enclosure. All is overjoyed, sole quite regrettable perhaps was Li Wanshan this Warrior, did not have the means that who let here his one is close combat Profession.

    Xiang River Village Enclosure and East Mountain Village Enclosure scale is the same, is only Second Level. Actually must discuss the security, after Enclosure Upgrade to Level 3, uses Condensed Demon Gem again is most appropriate. Lumber also insufficient Fallen Phoenix Village that but entire Fallen Phoenix Village Territory collects now builds up Third Level Enclosure, if used it in Xiang River Village. Without doubt will delay Fallen Phoenix Village Upgrade Speed enormously, this is the Cheng Yang institute is intolerable.

    Cheng Yang told the people first purchase some potion(s) to Pill Refining Shop. Also makes Liu Hao convene come back Xiang River Village Combatant complete(ly). After all preparations are appropriate, Cheng Yang puts out Condensed Demon Gem.

    This is Cheng Yang first time uses Condensed Demon Gem, after an experiment, Cheng Yang discovery Condensed Demon Gem must One-time Use input Spirit Energy Points. After a consideration, Cheng Yang has input 15,000 Spirit Energy Points toward Condensed Demon Gem in directly.

    What effect 15,000 can Spirit Energy Points play? If places the Xiang River Village center Condensed Demon Gem, will take its center as the zero point, the surrounding area Demonized Beast within 15 kilometers is attracted, its scale will not be smaller than yesterday will attack the East Mountain Village Demonized Beast group.

    However today's situation is different, Cheng Yang comes prepared, is not worried about the attacks of these Demonized Beast.

    Cheng Yang is inputting Spirit Energy Points to Condensed Demon Gem that flash, Condensed Demon Gem sends out a wisp of weak ray, spreads to go to all around, without a trace that suddenly then vanishes. But outside this at the same time, Xiang River Village Demonized Beast probably was Sense to any general, erupted whooshing of immense with one voice, was receives some summon to be ordinary likely, toward direction travel speed that Xiang River Village was.

    These do not have Organization scattered Demonized Beast not awfully completely clashes forward, but the Demonized Beast group of troop is much wiser, they flee is also giving dual attention to the team Speed slow Demonized Beast, moreover does not forget to reorganize along the way with own consanguinity Demonized Beast.

    First what arrives under Xiang River Village Enclosure is only scattered Demonized Beast, moreover is only First Step Early Stage.



    Various all sorts of strange and unusual sounds send out from the Demonized Beast mouth.

    Catches up is actually not long-ranged Profession, but is Warrior. Because Warriors is very clear, if not while Initial Stage killing well, when troop Demonized Beast clashes, they only then stood in the share that on City Wall stared on helplessly. Naturally, the main reason is not these, the motions of these Warriors radically are the Cheng Yang arrangements.

    „Kills..." Warriors loud shout, lifts up own Shield, holds up Iron Sword then to strike off toward front target. The Demonized Beast quantity of now flushing is few, several seconds were ganged up to surround and beaten up by these Warrior lethal.

    These fellows let alone rushed to Enclosure to get down, approached 50 meters Area not to accomplish continually, thoroughly was killed.

    May with the lapse of time, to Demonized Beast are also getting more and more, the type is also all sorts of strange and unusual, occasionally also will have one or two only to have the long-ranged Attack ability fellow, for example Spotted-hair Spider and so on, making more than 1000 Warrior outside village feel a pressure.

    „Withdraws slowly! enter long-ranged Profession attack range." Is built on Cheng Yang loud shout on Eastern Enclosure, the sound resounds through surrounding one or two kilometer Area. This Warrior receives an order immediately, starts hits while removes. As for a farther place, then there is a specialist passing signalling.

    „long-ranged Profession! The fire..." on Enclosure each one long-ranged Attack Squad starts to have Organization carrying on Attack.

    In the ground has is rushed to assist Warriors combat by Nether Wolf that summon comes out massively, they not only can the Attack enemy, more important can also help the Warrior attraction firepower.

    At this time most popular was Zhao Chuan that Nether Wolf, so long as because had it in place, the surrounding area Demonized Beast within hundred meters was all weakened 1/10 Strength, this was not to weakening of some Attribute(s), but was the whole weakens. Then, combat naturally is more relaxed. Meanwhile, Zhao Chuan the Nether Wolf has First Step Late Stage Strength, breaks in these Strength First Step Early Stage Demonized Beast, completely is the lopsided slaughter.

    Naturally, displays outstandingly may not just Zhao Chuan this Nether Wolf, Liu Hao and Li Wanshan, these two with be High Step Apprentice Grade Warrior, they rush ahead at this moment similarly in the Demonized Beast group, place visited, Demonized Beast all accordingly but actually.

    Usually in time, Fallen Phoenix Village several War Battalion basically operate independently, along with Strength Promote(d), the situation that needs them to collaborate are getting fewer and fewer. This also made some War Battalion members only see powerful of own this team of troops, had extremely a small number even to think that other War Battalion enjoyed an unwarranted reputation, did not obey regarding other War Battalion Commander very much. May after present this war, they know that originally these can with the person who own Commander shares the honor really not be the incompetent people.

    Cheng Yang has not begun now, by the combat splendid degree, most attracts the attention is Liu Hao. This fellow depends own certainly strong Speed, walks randomly in innumerable Demonized Beast, in the hand the Long Sword unceasing thorn, each sword accurately has hit target. But half of surrounding Demonized Beast actually over to his Attack by his avoid, limited of its movement, went beyond compared with beforehand Cheng Yang's combat.

    The Liu Hao combat way gave on many Warrior Profession without doubt a class, originally Warrior not only then Defense this one special skill, but can also subdue by Speed, Speed was not a direct-viewing combat strength manifestation, but after Speed used the certain extent, it was not only Attack Power, can be Defense Power.

    As gradual withdrawing of Warrior, the ground has left behind piles of corpse(s), the smooth ground will destroy thoroughly. Demonized Beast that behind clashes, has to travel speed in these corpse(s), Speed also correspondingly slow down.

    Because there is a coordination of long-ranged Profession, the Warrior pressure under City Wall reduces greatly, often one Demonized Beast clashes, Warrior shouldered opposite side one round of attacks with Shield, that Demonized Beast on long-ranged Profession by Enclosure killing, Archer one second on City Wall has been after all able to project an arrow, but on City Wall the long-ranged Profession quantity will have about 3000 people. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

    Currently speaking, the Demonized Beast absolutely over 100 heads that in one second of distance (Lu Cheng), simultaneously clashes, on their insufficient City Wall these fellows do not fill the gap between teeth.