Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 246

Chapter 219: chapter 246-- calm down

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She walks in from the stairs below the bed, there is somewhat dark inside the passage. There is a small wall lamp every few meters, and it is not too bright. However, fortunately, Tang Ningshan does not need these lighting equipment, which does not make sense to her.Tang Ningshan carries Shao Ruihan and has a gun in her hand. She looks like a female bandit. She walks down the stairs. The design of the stairs is a bit strange, but Tang Ningshan thinks it may be because of the terrain. The stairs are long; she walks for more than twenty minutes but does not see the other passage. The wall lamps on the wall keep changing. Tang Ningshan even has some doubts about whether she could go out from this place. This inevitably makes Tang Ningshan more anxious. She worries that if she could not go out, she might delay the treatment of Shao Ruihan.Tang Ningshan is very fast, but she still fails to reach the end of this road. She feels that a century has already passed. On several occasions, Tang Ningshan even wants to give up and return to the lab just now. At the very least, that room looks safer. However, every time she thinks of that the system says she can't use the gene potion in that room at all, she can only continue to persist.Just when Tang Ningshan finally couldn't help but want to give up, suddenly she feels some subtle winds blowing in from the front, which makes Tang Ningshan's eyes light up instantly. She can feel the wind, which means she is close to the exit. Even if there is no exit, there must be a vent. Tang Ningshan's movements are getting faster and faster. Along the way, Tang Ningshan took three steps in one step before, but now she is very anxious, she can even walk five steps in one step, and it looks very easy for her. If such a picture is seen by Shao Ruihan, it's not clear what he would think.Finally, after Tang Ningshan runs with Shao Ruihan carrying for a long time, she walks out of the endless staircase. Tang Ningshan also finally sees the sun that has not been seen for a few days, and the fresh air, which she has been looking forward, for a long time. Although there is air circulation below, the air quality is not good.But after Tang Ningshan just breathes a sigh of relief, she immediately frowns. After she comes out, she looks around, but she finds that she doesn't even know where she is. She can be sure that she is not on the island now because she can see some very fine houses and even villas from distance.Tang Ningshan directly reaches out to Shao Ruihan's pocket and wants to take out the mobile phone from him. There is no signal in the tunnel. Now she is out, and her mobile phone can finally work. Tang Ningshan directly holds Shao Ruihan in her arms, holding his waist with one hand and putting his head on her neck. Although this pose looks weird, she can't care so much now.When Tang Ningshan takes the phone out of Shao Ruihan's pocket, there is light in her eyes, and hope and expectation also hang on her face. However, this expression does not last long. Tang Ningshan takes the phone in her hand and suddenly remembers that the phone was dead. Tang Ningshan now wants to cry. She finally comes out through her effort, but the phone is out of power.Tang Ningshan puts Shao Ruihan on the ground and turns to block the passage where she has just come out with stones to ensure that no one else would find it. She doesn't know if they would go back to find someone in the future, so she could only remember the road she has traveled.After ensuring that there is no problem with the passage, Tang Ningshan puts Shao Ruihan on her back again and runs towards the villa she has just seen. Tang Ningshan believes that such a refined villa must be inhabited. She only needs to ask the people in the house to help her make a phone call, even if it is 911.Tang Ningshan finds several villas but does not see any residents. Looking through the outside window, she finds that most of those villas are empty. There are only a few villas with furniture such as sofas, but this furniture looks a bit dirty and old.Tang Ningshan also knows that according to the current situation of Shao Ruihan, he must be treated in time. Finally, she can only come up with a very unethical approach. She finds a villa that looks relatively clean inside. She places Shao Ruihan on the edge of the tree at the gate of the villa, letting his body lean against the tree. After ensuring that he would not fall on the ground, Tang Ningshan rushes forward and climbs directly onto the wall of the villa. This is also thanks to her agile movements; otherwise, she may not be able to enter the house. After all, she doesn't have the ability to unlock like Shao Ruihan.Tang Ningshan tries to open the door on the top floor. Originally, she thought she may need to try many times before succeeding. Unexpectedly, she gently pushes the door and the door opens directly. After entering the room, Tang Ningshan begins to search. Unfortunately, Tang Ningshan is somewhat disappointed because Tang Ningshan does not find anything useful on the whole floor. Tang Ningshan tries to find a study room on the second floor. Unfortunately, the villa is empty; there is not even a bed, desk or furniture. Tang Ningshan does not intend to continue to waste time here. When she reaches the first floor, Tang Ningshan walks around here carefully, but there is still no discovery.Just when Tang Ningshan feels a little desperate, the system suddenly says "Master, can you just turn a charger out? Can you use your brain when you encounter something? You have to know that the person outside now can't hold on for a long time, he is waiting for you to save him."The system's words make Tang Ningshan's eyes light up instantly, just like the hope that has disappeared come back in an instant. Tang Ningshan does not hesitate to take out the transform pen and turns it into a charger. She starts looking for a power socket in the house. However, it may be the design problem of the villa; anyway, Tang Ningshan fails to find any power socket here, which makes Tang Ningshan almost go crazy.However, she does not give up. Finally, Tang Ningshan finds the first socket she sees in the house in the house. Tang Ningshan immediately rushes over, plugging the charger into the power supply immediately, and she holds the phone with expectation.However, after waiting for a long time, the screen of the mobile phone still does not light up, and even there is no sign of turning on, which makes Tang Ningshan anxious. She murmurs "Come on! Come on!" Unfortunately, the phone in her hand does not satisfy her at all, and it still maintains the mode of power off."System, can I let him drink gene potion in this villa?" Tang Ningshan is now unable to think of any method. Her brain is blank, and she can only count on the system to find a way for her."Master, you have to know, not everyone can go through the modification process successfully after drinking the gene potion like you. The average person cannot bear the pain of modifying the gene. You can afford it because I would help in the virtual space to transfer some of the pain. Although this genetic modification is hard for you to tolerate, it will not hurt your life.Moreover, I can help you in the virtual space. However, he is different. However, apart from gene potion, I have no other way to save him. If you can, I still hope that you can find a safe place. It is best to have doctors around him and even make sure someone can give him first aid at any time. Also, are you sure you would like to let him drink it without asking for his consent? What should you do if he has something wrong after drinking? "The system is full of worry in its heart. However, it is not worried that Shao Ruihan will find its existence, but worried that Shao Ruihan could not bear the pain after drinking the potion."But there is no other way at the moment. I am going to get him in. I just saw the bathtub upstairs, but I don't know if there is any water. However, I should still bring him in first." Tang Ningshan has been walking around in the room. She walks upstairs for a while, and walks toward the gate for a while as if she has lost all her reason. Her eyes are full of helplessness and exhaustion."Master! Can't you be calm?" The system looks at the state of Tang Ningshan, and it is speechless. Why would a woman become stupid when she falls in love? Tang Ningshan's mother is like this, and Tang Ningshan is like this, it really makes the system a little angry. However, it still helplessly says "You should get him in first. Hurry up and decide if you want to let him drink the gene potion here. If you continue to delay the time, the potion may soon be impossible to save him. After the liquid erodes into his brain, and even a hundred bottles of gene potions would have no effect."After listening to this, Tang Ningshan immediately comes back to her sense. She rushes out of the house at once. Because she is too fast, she fails to stop when she runs to the tree. She hits the tree directly, but she doesn't care. She bends over and picks up Shao Ruihan and hurries into the villa again.After Tang Ningshan takes Shao Ruihan in, she places him on the dilapidated sofa in the living room. After she puts Shao Ruihan down, she pats Shao Ruihan's face, but he does not react."What can I do?" Tang Ningshan shouts in her heart."Stop! Calm down! You take him to the bathroom upstairs to wash the wound on his head with cold water and see if you can wake him up. If it still doesn't work, you can only force him to drink the gene potion. As for the rest of thing, it can only rely on himself." The system says with regret in its voice, so that Tang Ningshan thinks that Shao Ruihan may actually stand on the edge of the cliff this time and he may not wake up.However, Tang Ningshan has made a decision. If there is an accident in Shao Ruihan during the genetic modification process, she will give her blood to him, which will allow him to hold on for a while. In any case, she must let him finish the genetic modification process.This time, Tang Ningshan directly lifts Shao Ruihan to her chest. Because she never lifted others like this, Tang Ningshan's movements are surprisingly clumsy. Moreover, when going up the stairs, Shao Ruihan's head and legs often hit the wall accidentally. Anyway, when they reach the second floor, Shao Ruihan's head gets obviously a few more wounds than before.However, it may be because his head hit the wall, and Shao Ruihan even makes a weak voice."Shan......" His voice is very weak, but Tang Ningshan can still hear it. She immediately walks into the bedroom where has the bathtub and puts Shao Ruihan in the bathtub.