Dominating Evolution Of The Cosmos Chapter 281

287 The Important Figures

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Although Pharmacist Gino had explained it clearly, Philip's face still showed some disdain. The Whitby Pharmaceutical Group was a large group that had been passed down for thousands of years, and it was the most influential Pharmaceutical Group in the Blue Star Continent.
Although, recently, the emergence of the Fantasy Serum and Red Night's Blood had hit Whitby Pharmaceutical Group hard. However, the Subatomic Serum only occupied a small part of the Whitby Pharmaceutical Group's market share. Hence, it would not hurt its bottom line.
And, in Philip's mind, no matter how important the clown pharmacist was, he was still insignificant when compared to the huge Whitby Pharmaceutical Group. As long as he could give a price that would tempt the clown pharmacist, and as long as the clown pharmacist was a smart person, he would naturally know what to choose.
Otherwise, with the influence of the Whitby Pharmaceutical Group, they could boycott the clown pharmacist completely, causing him to be unable to stay within the pharmacist circle.
"Your task today is to approach Christina, the CEO of Masa Group. Then, get information about the clown pharmacist from her. Also, try to make her your wife at all costs!" Pharmaceutical Master Gino said.
"Oh no! You want me to marry a countrywoman? That would be a stain on the Whitby bloodline! I would rather die than have her as my wife." Philip refused immediately.
"It's fine if you don't want to marry her, but you have to get information about the clown pharmacist from her," Pharmacist Gino negotiated.
The Clark Group, who was on the other side, was in a similar situation. It had conducted a series of studies and tests on the Fantasy Serum that they had auctioned off at the last auction.
And They had gotten some amazing information! Therefore, the Clark Pharmaceutical Group had attached great importance to this exchange meeting, especially in regards to the legendary clown pharmacist.
"Douglas, you have to recognize this mission and get close to Christina, while also getting chummy with her male friends. The clown pharmacist might be among them. So, be careful not to offend her friends either," Justin Clark warned the young man who was sitting next to him.
"Uncle Justin, don't worry. I won't make Christina hate us, even if I can't get her." Douglas smiled gently.
As a serum user, Douglas knew very well how amazing the serum's efficacy was. His basic cell value now exceeded 500 points, and if he were to practice normally, he would not be able to raise even a little bit of his basic cell value with a day or two of practice.
However, he could improve his basic cell value by several points in a day, as well as strengthen his own potential when practicing after taking the Fantasy Serum. For example, with his own potential, his basic cell value's limit was 550 points, but, after taking the Fantasy Serum, the limit of his basic cell value might increase to 600 points!
This huge gap in potential would have a tremendous impact on his future practices! It was also because of this that Douglas was awed by the clown pharmacist. No matter what, he knew that he must not create any conflicts between him and such a great man, as he dared not leave a bad impression.
In addition to the Clark Pharmaceutical Group and the Whitby Pharmaceutical Group, there were also several large pharmaceutical groups there, as well as several of the famous pharmacist families and the great nobles who were involved in the pharmaceutical industry. They had all attached great importance to the exchange meeting.
They figured that, even if they could not impress the clown pharmacist, it would not be a wasted trip if they could reach cooperation agreements with other pharmacists groups, pharmacists' families, and the nobles present.
Just then, there was another cry of alarm at the entrance.
"The three presidents of Stanlos Base Camp, the Wander City State and the Doyle State are all here!"
"President Sidney has not appeared in public for more than 10 years. He's actually attending this exchange meeting in person!"
"What a surprise!"
"Are all of the three presidents here for the clown pharmacist?"
At this moment, all of the pharmacists present were unable to calm down. One by one, everyone came out to welcome them, including the pharmacist groups and the nobles.
The meeting room looked as if it had been emptied all of a sudden. President Gaffielbo was the president of the Pharmacist Guild Branch of Stanlos Base Camp. This area was under his jurisdiction, so naturally, he had turned up personally.
President Sami was the president of the Pharmacist Guild Branch of the Wander City State, and since President Sidney was already going there personally, he had naturally decided to accompany him.
As for President Sidney, since there were so many important people present, there had to be a person present with enough authority to keep the scene under control. Besides, he was also very interested in the legendary clown pharmacist.
President Sidney had also been involved in researching the Fantasy Serum, so he knew a lot of knowledge that pharmacists did not even know. All of these things had resulted in his coming here personally.
Moreover, President Sidney was one of the most prestigious pharmacists in Doyle. As such, any of his words or commands would affect the interests of the most of the people present.
"Hahaha, President Sidney, I didn't expect you to come here personally." Pharmacist Gino walked forward with a laugh as he greeted President Sidney with a cordial handshake.
"Master Gino, I didn't expect you, as the chief pharmacist of Whitby Pharmaceutical Group, to come personally either." President Sidney greeted him with a smile, as the two had been good friends for many years.
"President Sidney, long time no see!"
"Master Jackson, it has indeed been years since I last saw you. I didn't expect you to come out of the research room..."
The presidents of the three congresses greeted the pharmacists and nobles on the spot. As for Oscar, Norman, and Jerome, they didn't even qualify to speak up, so they could only stand to the side in silence.
"The party should start soon. We're not late, are we?" President Sidney laughed and asked.
"No. You're not late. The representative of the organizer of the Masa Group hasn't even arrived yet," Justin Clark laughed and said.
"The Masa Group is just a small, remote enterprise! How dare they make such a large group of people wait for them?" Philip Whit asked coldly.
All of the people present here were all big deals throughout the entire Doyle State, and one word from any of them could easily impose economic sanctions on the the Masa Group, causing them to go bankrupt. Hence, it was unthinkable that such a small enterprise dared to make so many important people wait for them.
A small group of people present had the same thinking as Philip, and their faces were contorted with scowls that showed their displeasure.
President Sidney smiled and said, "Maybe, the reason that Miss Christina is late is that she is waiting for the clown pharmacist."
"What's so great about the clown pharmacist? He's just an F-grade pharmacist. Which one of the pharmacists present is not higher than him? The idea that a mere F-grade pharmacist dares to make so many master pharmacists wait for him is really too much!" Philip's tone angry, which many people around him found to be somewhat inappropriate.