Dominating Evolution Of The Cosmos Chapter 232

238 Treasures Of The Ancient Relics

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Steve was surrounded by a group of people who were constantly inviting him to join their combat units. There was even a powerful combat unit that had invited Steve to be the captain of its second or third sub-units.
Steve had performed so well today, that he had even defeated the captain of the second sub-unit of the Black Tiger Combat Unit! As such, he had proven that his strength was strong enough to be a sub-unit captain! However, these invitations were all rejected by Steve.
At this moment, Sofia's anonymous account received a call from Marcus. "Dear, it's Marcus!" Sofia looked towards Steve.
Steve took a look at Sofia's smart bracelet and said," Let's get out of here first. The reason why they are contacting us now must be because of the gambling stakes."
Steve knew that, judging from the situation that the Black Tiger Combat Unit was in, they simply would not be able to come up with the 10 billion in original gold. Even the Babbitt Group, who was backing them, might not be able to come up with such a large amount. Therefore, the reason why the other party contacted them at this juncture must be because of the gambling stakes.
After they left the Original Gravity Tower, Steve and the rest returned to his residence. "Give me his contact information, then I will contact him personally," Steve said.
Sofia nodded.
Before contacting the other party, Steve asked the Heart of the Universe, "Can you obstruct them and make it impossible for them to find us?"
"No problem. I'll also make sure that they can't find any clues," the Heart of the Universe replied.
Steve dialed the phone number, using a voice call instead of a video call. The reason for this was that Steve did not want to reveal his identity for the time being.
At the headquarters of the Black Tiger Combat Unit, Marcus suddenly received a call from a stranger. Furthermore, there was no number displayed from the caller ID.
As Marcus reached out and was about to answer the phone, the call was suddenly answered automatically, as it was a voice call.
"Hello, I am the one who bet 1 billion in original gold..." A low voice could be heard on the other end of the line.
Steve's voice had been altered by the Heart of the Universe. Hence, there was no way for Marcus to figure out who the caller was.
Marcus' face looked troubled, as he did not answer the call personally! He now realized that the other party had somehow managed to hack into his smart bracelet and had automatically connected the call between them just now!
"Hello? Well, how can I confirm that you are indeed Mr. Billionaire?" Marcus asked calmly.
"Besides me, who knows about the exact bet of 1 billion? Furthermore, you can credit the winnings directly to my betting account. I suppose nothing will go wrong using the same account number," Steve said.
Marcus looked at Norman, then placed his hand over the speaker while he asked Norman, "Have you been able to trace the source of the signal yet?"
"Tracing in progress. His original voice is now being analyzed," Norman answered back.
"You don't have to waste your energy doing all of the background work, nor do you have to cover up the speaker, as I have hacked into your smart bracelet and can see your every move..." the low voice said.
More than ten members of the Black Tiger Combat Unit at the scene were suddenly shocked...
At this moment, their computers collectively crashed, as all of the computers had somehow been shut down automatically! Norman was filled with horror. Clearly, the other party's hacking techniques were much stronger than their own! Without any warning, they had even shut down their Black Brain!
"Now, do you believe me?" Steve said in his disguised voice.
"Yes, we believe you now. You are Mr. Billionaire!" Marcus' forehead was covered in sweat. He had never seen such a powerful hacking method.
The shock that could be seen on the faces of the computer technicians was even more intense! Their cyber defense systems had not shown any signs of being hacked from start to finish. In other words, the other party had managed to hack into their computers without any trace, having effortlessly bypassed all of their defense systems!
The Black Tiger Combat Unit's defense system was their pride and joy, yet it had not posed any difficulty to the mysterious hacker! This showed that the hacking capabilities of the other party were immense and far surpassed their own capabilities!
"Why are you trying to contact me?" Steve said in his disguised voice.
"Sir, we have prepared your winnings of 1.5 billion in contribution points. However, we could not come up with the 10 billion in original gold." Marcus looked awkward.
"No matter what, you will have to come up with the total sum. Otherwise, I will have to get it from you through legal channels," Steve said coldly.
"Sir, you must not do that!" Marcus panicked. "We have raised a total of 2.05 billion so far. As for the rest of the money, we will find a way to repay you."
"Oh really? You actually think you can repay it? Even if the whole Babbitt Group were to be sold off, you would not be able to come up with 10 billion in original gold," Steve said.
Sweat continued to roll down Marcus' forehead. "I know that we can't afford it. However, I have one thing, the value of which can't be estimated. It could even be worth more than ten billion in original gold."
"A treasure worth more than ten billion in original gold? Are you kidding me?" Steve asked. "If you really had such a treasure, the Black Tiger Combat Unit would have long been the number one trump combat unit. Moreover, the Babbitt Group would not have been forced into a corner by The Massa Group, having nowhere left to go!"
"Sir, the value of this treasure is really incalculable! There was a buyer who bid 1 billion on it before, but our combat unit rejected the offer," Marcus said nervously.
"Hmm 1 billion? I am interested. Bring it out and show me what it is then," Steve said.
Every move was under Steve's surveillance, so he was watching them carefully as he spoke. Even Steve was impressed by the skills of the Heart of the Universe, as during this time, it had stolen the data from the Original Gravity Tower and the Apollo Battleship, thus allowing him to breach their defenses and presently monitor their every move!
After Steve's breakthrough to becoming an Original Being, his strength had improved by leaps and bounds. Proportionately, the Heart of the Universe had also improved rapidly, while developing many new skills.
Marcus took out a compressed capsule and dripped a drop of blood on it. Then, Lawrence and several others followed suit, each dripping a drop of blood on it.
"This is a genetic lock insurance capsule. It can only be unlocked by the blood of those certified people who have provided their drops just now. Furthermore, the fresh blood must be submitted no more than three seconds after it leaves one's body," Marcus said.
Click ...
The compression capsule morphed into a metal suitcase. It looked similar in shape to an ordinary metal suitcase.
Marcus' face looked grave as a group of people began fingerprint authentication, pupil authentication, and so on. After a while, the metal suitcase was finally opened.
A silver electronic iron plate was inside the metal suitcase. It had densely compiled special lines and symbols on it. From time to time, silver rays were seen flowing from the iron plate as well.
"What is this?" Steve wondered aloud.
"It's more distinguished than the Original Gravity Tower. It's a specially encrypted metal sheet map. We do not know how to crack this type of encryption method," Marcus said with a frown.
On the other side, Steve looked shocked.
Lucy, Sofia and Vivien were also shocked!
At the same time, they finally understood why Marcus had dared to say that the value of this treasure was likely to exceed 10 billion in original gold. The presence of ancient maps meant that there were treasures of the ancient relics to be found! As such, this was probably a map that was showing where to find the ancient relics!
The benefits of ancient relics were incalculable! However, such locations were usually extremely dangerous, where one could be killed at any moment!