Divine Emperor Of Time And Space Chapter 3

    3 Beginning

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    The Shi kingdom was a country with technology beyond its years, it was a peaceful country where crime did not exist and where equality was spread among everyone below the Shi family. It had clean streets and buildings towering up to the skyline. Though all of this came at a cost, all citizens of the kingdom apart from those of the Shi household had to give up their privacy. They were chipped, tracked and watched at all times, a small price to pay for peace and equality.

    Within the courtyard of a lavish household within the Shi kingdom of the Ketsueki continent sat a young boy of peerless beauty. He looked to be about fifteen or sixteen years old. He had lips as red as blood and smooth flowing long white hair with a long streak of black hair flowing in front of his eyes . A pair of cold deep blue eyes could be seen on his face. Looking into these eyes seemed as if it could take away a person's soul and freeze them in an eternal moment of bliss.

    He wore a long black and white robe and had a cuff bracelet on each hand, one as black as night and the other as white as snow.

    This young boy was Shi Yan; ever since he was reborn on the Ketsueki continent as the only child of the leader of the Shi clan he had lived a life of peace and luxury. He had servants to provide for him, money that he wouldn't dare dream of completely spending in this lifetime and loving parents that took care of him and loved him more than life itself.

    He had all these things and more but he felt empty inside. Shi Yan could not find it in himself to care about any of these mortal pleasures, his heart was cold and only filled with the thought of revenge. He understood that this was just one of the effects of losing all his positive emotions.

    "Sigh, it's just so boring at home, when will father allow me to leave to explore the outside world. It's not like I can learn anything more by staying in this stupid overdeveloped country"

    Shi Yan had been in the Shi kingdom for about fifteen and a half years but he has never stopped training during all those years. When he was six years old he realized that he would not be able to develop his time and space powers any more without finding the gems for his weapon but this did not stop him from working hard because he knew he had a goal to achieve.

    So instead of sitting around and living life like a silk pants he decided to train his sword techniques to the peak. His sword techniques became so advanced that he birthed sword qi and there was no need for him to use a sword anymore. Anything could become his sword even a strand of hair or a single leaf. He also consolidated and found different ways to use his time and space powers throughout the years.

    He could now control all the space within a two meter radius of himself and he could stop time within this area for one second, this little amount of time could determine life and death in a duel among experts. If he got into a fight it would be extremely hard for someone to beat him. But alas such great power also comes at a great price, to use this power he has to burn his own lifespan. But lo and behold it seemed as if a powerful being was looking out for him when he allowed him to be reborn as an undead and not just as any undead but as a pure blood vampire with a near unlimited lifespan.

    Shi Yan sat within the courtyard slowly sipping from a wine glass with fresh blood within it. Shi Yan turned to the empty space beside him and said "Get me a vintage bottle of that rare AB negative blood from father's study, it seems to help my body become stronger and keeps away my murderous urges".

    Suddenly there was a flash within the courtyard and something seemed to have disappeared but then reappeared seconds later. If someone was standing within the courtyard at that moment the only thing they felt would have been a slight wind and a bottle of blood suddenly appearing in front of Shi Yan.

    The servants around Shi Yan were some of the fastest and most powerful blood slaves that were owned by the Shi family. These blood slaves were raised to be absolutely loyal and to execute every order given to them even if it meant death.

    A servant quickly walked into the courtyard and froze at the scene of his young master sitting with the sun reflecting off his hair and a glass of blood within his hand. It was such a beautiful scene the servant could not help but stare, the blood contrasted perfectly with the pale skin of the young master, and the surrounding ambience helped to bring out the beauty of this young man even more. The servant was used to seeing beautiful persons within the vampire race but he thought that it should be illegal for someone to be born so beautiful. It would have been a calamity for him if he was not born in his current family.

    The servant almost became lost within this picturesque scene but managed to quickly shake his head to come out of his daze. He lowered his head for fear of getting lost within the scene once more.

    "What has brought you to my courtyard this fine morning Yuto?"

    In accordance to his name, Yuto was a very gentle person. He was the most liked servant within the Shi family and was able to get along well with everyone. To Shi Yan he was just another ant that the gods could control.

    "Young master the sir and madam would like to see you at the dining room for dinner. How should I respond to them?"

    "Tell them I'll be there in a minute"

    "Yes young master

    Yuto quickly bowed and left.

    "I hope father will finally allow me to leave, if he doesn't I'll have to prepare to run away"

    Shi Yan slowly rose from his position and donned a black and white mask that covered his left eye and the lower part of his face then headed to the dining room for dinner. As he walked through the Shi household all the servants and family members bowed to him to show their respect. To many persons within the Shi household Shi Yan's actual face was a big mystery. There were about only ten persons alive within the entire kingdom who knew what he actually looked like, the others who knew his true face were already dead.

    As Shi Yan walked into the lavishly decorated dining room he could see two persons around the table. A beautiful lady dressed in blue, with long white hair reaching down to the center of her back pale skin and beautiful light blue eyes, next to her at the head of the table was a rugged man dressed in red that looked as if he could bend the heavens to his will, he had long black hair and piercing blood red eyes that seemed as if they could see through every secret and hidden desires. The man was named Shi Yang and the lady was called Kasumi.

    "Father, mother, good afternoon" Shi Yan said in a cold tone.

    As he looked at the ones who brought him into this world Shi Yan felt nothing whatsoever, he had no feelings of belonging to these persons in front of him. He felt as if he was just looking at two pieces of wood sitting in front of him, just another pair of ants the gods had control over.

    He looked at all the food spread out over the dining and could not help but think 'these people are really rich'. Along the large dining table was a multitude of expensive foods, foods that common families would have to give up a kidney and a heart, just to get a whiff of its fragrance.

    Shi Yan sat directly opposite his mother at the dining table and wolfed down all his food within seconds not even being able to feel the pleasure that came from consuming something so delicious and stood up to leave the dining table.

    His father then said "Sit, I have something to discuss with you"

    Shi Yan nodded his head sat down and thought in his mind 'here it comes, freedom'.

    "I have decided to accept your request to leave the family and go out into the world to hone your strength, I'll allow you leave tomorrow at day break"

    "Thank you father"

    "You better come back much stronger than before to the point where you can control this whole continent with just a single hand"

    "I will father"

    "Hahaha, that's my boy. Go ahead and start packing, your mother and I will see you off tomorrow".

    As Shi Yan rose and left the dining room Kasumi said to Shi Yang "You should allow him to carry the family heirloom with him, I don't want to see him getting hurt out there"

    "Don't worry I'll give it to him, after all, he is the future leader of the Shi family"

    The next day at daybreak Shi Yan was ready dressed in a white robe, a space ring on each middle finger, a sword on his back and a large bamboo hat that covered the top half of his face.

    Everyone within the Shi household came to see their young master off.

    "Goodbye father, mother, I shall be leaving now and father don't even think about it"

    Shi Yan's father entire face suddenly turned red and he suddenly started stuttering.

    "I-I h-have no idea what you are talking about"

    "Sigh I don't need any protection tell them to return"

    "Oh! Are you talking about the blood slaves around you, I didn't even see them. What are you guys doing out here quickly return to the house."

    Suddenly there was a flash and something seemed to have disappeared from the surroundings. Kasumi started to laugh at Shi Yang's antics.

    "Wait take this with you it's the family heirloom, we've had it for thousands of years take care of it and remember to keep your hat secured or wear your mask, your face creates a lot trouble" said Shi Yan's mom as she placed a box within his hand.

    The box was as big as the palm of his hand, it was a black box with golden designs. As Shi Yan took the box he could instantly feel a reaction from the white bracelet on his hand that he almost completely forgot about. It felt as if it reunited with a long lost friend. Shi Yan quickly took the box bowed to his parents then walked away. He knew he had to quickly see what was inside that box.