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    Chapter 427 I Am Wrong Father

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    Tian Du City.

    In the suburbs.

    In a certain cave, a massive war was going on.


    The golden cow was ultimately a golden cow!

    Although the few roasted organs were as powerful as it was, they were small in size and the four of them could not contend with one of it. Gradually, they were in a disadvantageous position.

    Very soon

    The roasted short ribs had been devoured on the spot.


    Golden lights surged.

    The short ribs regrew in the body of the golden cow!

    "This will do as well?!"

    Lu Ming was speechless.

    Was this the so-called special devouring ability of the golden cow?


    The initial battle of four vs. one became three vs. one. The golden cow grew more domineering, subduing the other three roasted foods. It was going to devour all of them, one by one!

    "This wont do!"

    Lu Ming squinted his eyes.

    They could not beat it

    That was simple.


    He raised his hands and dissipated two Stealing Cards.


    He had a roasted beef tenderloin in his hands!


    He had a roasted beef brisket in his hands!


    The golden cow glanced at the roasted beef brisket in Lu Mings hands.


    The golden cow was furious. A murderous intent formed in its eyes. It would annihilate this shameless human who invaded its privacy sooner or later!


    The card

    The card in Lu Mings hands was too strange and mysterious. When he cast it, one of its organs went missing! It had never seen such special powers before!

    He had heard that humans loved to brag [1. Brag means to blow bulls in Chinese]! What if, what if

    This would not do!

    The cow trembled at the thought of this!

    "You are dead meat!"

    The golden cow dashed toward Lu Ming furiously.

    "Its a pity.

    "You no longer have a chance."

    Lu Ming smiled faintly.


    The Will-O-Wisp Card in his hands dissipated.


    Lights flashed.

    "Roasted beef tenderloin and roasted beef brisket revived instantly and skimmed to the front of the golden cow, blocking its attack. They then retaliated excitedly!


    They would just fight!

    Devouring was their basic instinct and they watched the golden cow greedily.


    The golden cow sneered.

    Do you really think that my IQ is as low as these useless organs?!

    It knew that it could not beat Lu Ming due to the latters strange and mysterious cards. Therefore, it was long prepared. It was time


    Golden lights surged.

    Powerful forces erupted in the surroundings of the golden cow. However, this time, it did not attack the organs or Lu Ming. It attacked the inside of the cave!


    There was a deafening sound.

    Countless gravel fell from the mountain crest.

    About to collapse, the entire mountain began to shake.

    "This is"

    Lu Mings heart jumped a beat.

    "It is demolishing the mountain!"

    Xiao-Xiaojian turned pale and frantic. "This golden cow has your bloodline, indeed!"

    This was true.

    The golden cow was going to tear down the mountain!

    Lu Ming was wearing a dumbstruck expression as well.

    This was his forte during combat. He would turn the tables if he could not beat the opponent! Never did he expect someone to use the same tactic on him one day!

    Furthermore, it was a cow that he had created!

    "Does it want to perish with us?"

    Lu Ming squinted his eyes.

    "It did not seem to."

    Xiao-Xiaojian swept its sense of perception across the place. "It is merely a peak six-star golden cow. Most likely, it wont be crushed to death. Furthermore, it is already fully cooked and wont suffocate even if it is buried."

    Lu Ming was speechless.


    He was the only one that would die?

    True enough, this was his way of fighting



    There were two loud bangs.

    The cave collapsed completely.

    The mountain crest collapsed under the powerful forces of the golden cow. With the sudden collapse of the enormous crest, all the living creatures in this cave were going to be buried alive!!!

    The golden cow stood tall and proud.

    Looking at the mountain crest that had collapsed, it was long prepared.

    Snort! Snort!

    Once the mountain crest collapsed, the few organs would either become dead or crippled. When that time came, it could devour them. As for Lu Ming, most probably, he would be smashed into minced meat


    Lu Ming merely looked up calmly.

    The cave had collapsed.

    The mountain crest had crumbled and countless gravel was falling down the mountain.

    Under such impact, one would definitely be dead meat if they were not a seven-star. Therefore, Lu Ming instinctively took out a card and was prepared to use it.


    He paused for a moment.

    He looked up. Although that enormous mountain crest was horrifying, due to the collapse of the mountain, the beautiful night sky had appeared above the crown of his head

    Isnt that beautiful?

    A trace of smile flashed across Lu Mings face.


    Just at this critical moment.

    Just as the golden cows gaze was filled with anticipation, it was horrified to see a flash of light beneath Lu Mings feet. He actually rose to the sky and transformed into a beautiful arc, entering into the clouds directly! That beautiful trajectory dodged the enormous mountain crest and traversed the gravels continuously, soaring into the sky!

    The golden cows eyes widened in disbelief.

    Do five-star humans know how to fly?!


    The mountain crest collapsed and countless specks of dust flew.

    The sky of gravel followed suit, drowning and burying the destroyed cave completely! Lu Ming was the only one who was flying on the card and drifting in the sky, looking elegant amid the night scenery.

    It was over.

    Lu Mings expression was calm.

    Beating a cow was nothing to be happy about.


    It was a cow he had created! Damn!

    "Do you think it is dead?"

    "Maybe not."

    "What should we do then?"

    "Wait," Lu Ming said calmly.

    True enough.

    Just as he finished his words, a deafening sound shook them. The few mountain crests that formed half the mountain range were beginning to shake and countless gravel rolled down again.



    Gradually, the mountain crest which had collapsed into the cave rose by two meters!!!

    "This is"

    Xiao-Xiaojian was stunned.


    Lu Ming sneered coldly.


    His body drifted to the ground.

    Over there.

    Below the mountain crest, a shining, golden cow was lifting it with its two hooves!

    That was right

    The golden cow actually lifted the mountain crest!!!

    Although it had almost died from the collapse, it devoured the organs very quickly and recovered its combat ability. Therefore, it could lift the huge mountain!

    This was the golden cow, indeed!

    The last time Lu Ming came across such divine powers was when that seven-star Energy Warrior big shot moved a mountain and flouted the law. He was fined!

    The one before his eyes

    "Tsk tsk."

    Lu Ming clicked his tongue and marveled.

    The golden cow cast a cold and indifferent look at Lu Ming who was in front of it. Both its hooves were holding onto the mountain crest. Lu Ming discovered for the first time that a golden cow could raise its hooves in that way.


    "Dont you feel tired lifting it?"

    Lu Ming was curious.

    The golden cow looked at him coldly. "Do you think you can kill me?"

    "Let me try."

    Lu Ming tried to use Xiao-Xiaojian to blast various attacks at the golden cow. The oily shine of the golden cow flashed and Lu Ming was shocked to discover that his attacks did not work.

    "We cant hit him?"

    Lu Ming glanced at Xiao-Xiaojian.

    "Theres something wrong with the oil on its body."

    Xiao-Xiaojian felt helpless.

    The oily shine on this golden cows body was infused with energy. It was very uncanny.

    "This is holy oil!"

    The golden cow was smug. "Youre just a spirit body. What do you know!"

    "Arent you also a spirit body?"

    Xiao-Xiaojian became sullen.

    Do you think that you are no longer a spirit body just because youre occupying the body of food?!

    To put it bluntly

    The nature of the Will-O-Wisp Card was to give food consciousness. Wasnt this also a spirit body?! Werent tree spirits, rabbit spirits and toilet bowl spirits all spirit bodies?!

    In this era

    The world was nourished by rich energy. As long as consciousness was born, one was considered a spirit body!

    However, aspirit body did not have a body!

    And the golden cow was just occupying the body of food!

    Based on Xiao-Xiaojians current estimations and the outcome of the integration between the Sky Water Sword and the Original Card, the nature of the Will-O-Wisp Card was to accelerate the birth process of the spirit body!

    That was all.

    Upon the combination of energy and the residual memory of the food ingredients, a living species such as the golden cow was born!

    No matter what

    It was still a spirit body!

    "This is called the complete state of a spirit body! How can you be compared to me?"

    The golden cow was proud.

    "As for you"

    It looked at Lu Ming. "When I get out, I will devour you. Perhaps I can transform into a human, devour your powers and conquer the world!"

    Lu Ming was silent.

    Is barbecued food nowadays that ambitious?!!!

    After a long while

    Lu Ming sighed. "Arent you afraid that I will kill you?"


    The golden cow sneered.

    If he wanted to kill it, he would have to come find it!

    It was a pity

    If Lu Ming dared to approach it, it would give up the mountain crest without any hesitation. This mountain crest would drop again. Lu Ming was just a human and he would not be able to survive!

    He wanted to kill it?

    No way that would happen.

    "Come out if you dare!"

    Xiao-Xiaojian was furious.


    The golden cow scoffed. "Come in if you dare!"


    The conversation became very uncanny.

    "Come in if you dare!"

    "Come out if you dare!"

    "Come in if you dare!"

    "Come out if you dare!"

    Lu Ming turned sullen.

    Do you guys have to carry out such an idiotic conversation?!

    As for the golden cow

    There seems to be a way to deal with it.


    Lu Ming took out a Stealing Card.


    The golden cow smiled but said nothing. "I already saw your card when we fought earlier. How many more of such cards do you have?"

    Lu Ming was speechless.

    This cow had even thought of this!

    This was true.

    Lu Ming did not have many Stealing Cards left!

    The golden cow was too powerful and Lu Ming had gone all out right from the beginning. He would have long killed it had he thrown a few stacks of Stealing Cards at it!

    The problem was that he did not have enough cards!

    The Stealing Card was a unique card and just one of it could cripple an ordinary Energy Warrior. He might die after he cast two cards

    Who could endure 10 cards?!

    The golden cow could!


    Lu Ming had already tried to restrain himself from using all of them. However, to an undead creature such as the golden cow, the loss of 10 organs did not seem a big deal.

    Furthermore, it had duplicate organs!

    As such

    The golden cow was not afraid!

    "I can create on the spot!"

    Lu Ming was calm.

    "Do you have enough energy?"

    The golden cow almost died of laughter.

    Did he have enough energy to create and cast the card on the spot?

    When he had encountered Lu Ming earlier, Lu Ming had just fought a huge battle with someone else. He then fought with it afterward. How much energy did he have left?!

    This was ridiculous!

    Lu Ming squinted his eyes.

    This golden cow was smarter than he thought!

    Oh well after all, this was a spirit body!

    Judging from the situation, amongst all the spirit bodies that he knew, Xiao-Xiaojian was the only one that was bad at mathematics


    There was a deafening sound.

    The golden cow raised the mountain crest by another meter.

    According to this speed, it was highly possible that the golden cow would escape once it had recovered its powers. When that time came, Lu Ming would be in real trouble!!!

    "Lets go," Xiao-Xiaojian suggested.

    Lu Ming looked at it and remained silent.

    The cow was looking at them, like a tiger watching its prey. How could they leave?!


    They had fought two huge battles today!

    They had attained the Sky Water Sword during their battle with the elder!

    This golden cow suddenly showed up and he had to leave in such an embarrassing manner after wasting that many of his cards for no reason He refused to have a loss-making business!

    The bull head


    Should he give it a try?

    After contemplating, Lu Ming activated the Stealing Card in his hands!


    Lights and shadow flashed.

    Lu Ming was somewhat hoping that the Stealing Card would steal either the front or back hoof of the golden cow. However, the Stealing Card stole the roasted beef tenderloin instead!

    The loss of one piece of beef tenderloin only decreased the combat ability of the golden cow by less than one percent!


    The golden cow laughed loudly. "What other solutions do you have?!"

    Lu Ming was silent.


    He really had no other options

    This golden cows combat ability had far exceeded his imagination. Most critically, it was unlike ordinary fearsome beasts. It had the intelligence of a spirit body!

    The situation was very troublesome.

    Who would have thought that he would be defeated by food




    Lu Ming was deep in thought as he looked at the roasted beef tenderloin in his hands.

    After a long while

    He said, "Tell me Will my energy be replenished if I eat this beef tenderloin?"


    There was dead silence in the surroundings.

    The smug look on the golden cows face froze immediately.


    No way?

    "Give it a try?"

    Xiao-Xiaojians eyes shone.


    Lu Ming looked at the stolen roasted beef tenderloin in his hands. As he did not use the Will-O-Wisp Card, the food in his hands was purely food!


    Thanks to the fresh and tender quality of the golden cow meat, it smelled very good.


    Lu Ming simply took a bite.


    Lu Ming gasped a breath of energy!

    This taste! How tender and smooth!


    The beef entered his body.

    Lu Ming could clearly sense a gush of pure energy blasting in his body. The energy that he had depleted earlier was replenishing at lightning speed!!!


    The golden cow was a peak six-star food ingredient!

    It was a peak six-star!

    Such food ingredients contained a huge amount of energy. This was also the reason that it would become more powerful after being nourished by the Will-O-Wisp Card!!!



    Lu Ming finished off the entire piece of beef tenderloin. He could only describe it in one word Fabulous!


    Thats good stuff!


    Riding the surging energy in his body, Lu Ming squatted down and began to create the Stealing Card!

    The golden cow turned pale.

    Oh. Damn!

    Lu Ming had just consumed its meat to replenish his energy. He then used this energy to create the Stealing Card, steal its organs and then eat them again to replenish his energy

    "Lu Ming! Dont be that much of a bully!"

    The golden cow was enraged.


    Lu Ming raised his hands and roasted beef short ribs appeared. He nibbled at them happily. There were actually bone marrows in the golden cows beef short ribs!

    That surge of energy


    Lu Ming felt the energy in his body surging. There were vague signs of him breaking through!

    Although he had a hundred thousand points of energy in his body, he was merely a beginner five-star. It felt fabulous to be nourished by peak six-star food!



    Lu Ming was eating very quickly.

    "Lu Ming!

    "Youre courting death!"

    The golden cow appeared to be fierce but felt fearful at heart.


    Lu Ming raised his hand and a beef brisket appeared.

    The golden cow took a deep breath. "Its better to live and let live."


    Lu Ming raised his hand and a beef shank went missing.

    The golden cow turned pale. "This is disgusting. Do you really want to kill me?"


    Lu Ming raised his hand and a beef paddywack appeared.

    "Brother, give me some face!"

    The golden cow surrendered. "Look, Im a peak six-star after all. Can we cooperate in the future? We will definitely be invincible and we can vanquish other peak six-stars!"


    Lu Ming raised his hand again.

    "I was wrong, Father!"

    The golden cow was in tears. "I will be your slave from now on. You can ride me if you want to!"

    "Shut up!"

    Lu Mings face darkened. Damn it, who wants to ride a small female bull like you?! Am I that kind of person?! With my good looks, since when am I reduced to such a state


    The golden cow was puzzled. "Cant you ride on my back?"

    It remembered that, in the history of mankind, many seniors rode bulls. There was a senior who once rode a bull and headed to the west. There were many of his stories in history. Why was Lu Ming angry?

    It could not figure it out.

    Lu Ming was silent.


    That was what it meant by ride



    Before he could feel embarrassed, Xiao-Xiaojian became furious.

    "You are courting death!

    "You actually want to seize my responsibility!"

    Xiao-Xiaojian was enraged. "Lu Ming, kill it!"

    "Okay," Lu Ming agreed.


    He raised his hand and a beef brisket appeared again.

    The golden cow was reduced to tears.

    It really did not know why Lu Ming and the sword spirit were angered when it was willing to be rode on! It could only wail and plead with everything it could. However

    It no longer had a chance.



    Lu Ming ate, created cards and cultivated at the same time.

    After a long while

    He successfully attained an intermediate five-star breakthrough!

    That was right!

    Under the terrifying forces of the energy, Lu Ming reached a new level and he felt energized! On the other hand, the golden cow subdued by the mountain crest did not have much energy left

    It was still hanging on.

    Although its ability had weakened significantly, its intelligence was still around.

    "Do you still refuse to come out?"

    Lu Ming smiled and looked at it.

    The golden cow was silent.

    There were sounds of sighs.

    It knew that Lu Ming would not let it go!

    "Are you sure that you wont kill me?" the golden cow said with a low voice.

    "Since you collected information about me, you should have heard about a certain department in our Sword Card Master Association?"

    Lu Ming said calmly.

    "I understand now."

    The golden cow sighed.

    After a long while

    Lights and shadows circulated.


    The golden cow shone brightly. It actually left the food and transformed into a spirit body, drifting out from below the mountain crest and appearing beside Lu Ming.

    This was the effect of the Will-O-Wisp Card!

    Expedite the birth of the spirit body!!!

    This was true.

    This was the actual body of the golden cow!

    "Come over here," Lu Ming said calmly.


    The golden cows spirit body was a small, golden cow. It was very complete. It walked to Lu Ming respectfully and then raised its head slightly. Suddenly, its expression became ferocious.


    Golden lights surged.

    It dashed into Lu Mings Sea of Consciousness instantly.



    "Ill show you the true prowess of a peak six-star"

    The shouting suddenly stopped.

    In that instant.

    The golden cow knelt in the Sea of Consciousness. "Father, I am sorry. I was wrong."

    Xiao-Xiaojian, "()".

    Why do you have to do this?

    Tsk tsk.

    But then again, I have done the same thing in the past.

    Lu Ming also did not know whether to laugh or cry.

    He was not guarded against the spirit body because he had a trump card!

    This guy

    Forget it.

    He would bring it back first.

    Lu Ming reckoned that the golden cow had already surrendered. He would bring it back to the spirit body department. This cow would be a very powerful card spirit in the future!

    He had gained big this time. His ability strengthened and he had reached intermediate five-star! He had also subdued a peak six-star spirit body!

    Of course.

    Most importantly

    He had a better understanding of the true function of the Will-O-Wisp Card!

    The transformation of the food was due to the huge amount of energy in it. This was the reason that people nowadays loved high quality food ingredients! This was because they had abundant energy!

    In that case

    In the future


    He would be able to create spirit bodies on his own?!

    This was a major thing for the Sword Card Master Association!!!

    Of course, he had attained the Sky Water Sword during the battle with that elder. For Lu Ming, tonight was a huge change! It was also a great fortune and blessing!

    Right now, be it the Sky Water Sword or the Will-O-Wisp Card, there were many things that Lu Ming wanted to find out about them.

    Oo He would research them when he was back.

    "There is some more food inside."

    Xiao-Xiaojian glanced at the foot of the mountain covetously.


    There were some remnants of the golden cow!

    According to rumors, this was the food specially prepared for the dean of The First Academy to increase his ability. It could certainly help in his cultivation!

    This was the reason that Lu Ming could advance that easily!

    They had to finish it!

    How could they waste this food?!

    "Its alright."

    Lu Ming squinted his eyes. "I have some other uses for this."


    Xiao-Xiaojian was dazed.

    "Youre already leaving. Whats the use of leaving this behind?"

    "I know what Im doing.

    "Lets go."

    Lu Ming stood up.


    Lights and shadow flashed.

    Lu Ming rose to the sky and wanted to leave the cave. Afterward, he paused for a moment A thought came to his mind and he dashed to the entrance of the cave.

    Over there, there was pin-drop silence.