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    Chapter 1128: Things Ignored

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    "What the **** is this? In this kind of place, general maps are useless..."

    Looking around, Liao Yu said in surprise, Feng Yuan glanced at Liao Yu and said

    "The environment in the data field will not be the same as the real world. It's just that this kind of gravity-free area is special, but it doesn't have much to do with me. Anyway, the headache will be you."

    In the end, Feng Yuan showed a good smile. As the department that maintains the order of the city, the special service team cannot ignore the abnormalities in the data field. Even if this area cannot be patrolled every day, it will have to be at least every week. Let's check it, forget the towering buildings on the ground, and you can guess that the internal structure will not be very chaotic at a glance. The underground city is different.

    Although Feng Yuan had expected it from the beginning, he was still a little surprised when he appeared in this environment. It had completely turned into a labyrinth area, and he didn't know how to find his way.

    "Can't find the way? It's really troublesome."

    Seeing that the big cat was still studying the map, Feng Yuan said helplessly while covering his forehead. Agunas flung his tail and looked around.

    "This environment has exceeded the recordable limit of a two-dimensional map. Can it be replaced with a three-dimensional map?"

    The big cat screamed and shook his head as if saying no. Feng Yuan was not surprised by this. After all, although the big cat has special abilities similar to the data system spirit beast due to its special route, it has always been with the data system. There is a difference between spirit beasts, maybe the data system spirit beast can make a three-dimensional map here?

    While Feng Yuan was thinking about it, Kong Qing, who had been quietly following everyone behind him, seemed to think of something hissing to Agunas. After listening to Kong Qings recount, Agunas looked at Feng Yuan. Say

    "The Uluru clan is responsible for the cleaning of this city, so which kind of spirit beast is it to maintain order?"

    "You ask me which one do I ask? You can't check it yourself? But it should not be a spirit beast..."

    Glancing at Agunas, Feng Yuan said in an annoyed manner, how does he know what is keeping order and whether there is one is one thing. Although it seems to be a city that runs on its own, Feng Yuan is not sure it will. There is a presence to maintain order, and so on! It seems that there is a thing that seems to maintain order, and, according to the appearance of the other party, maybe...

    "Can you open a space door leading to the entrance floor?"

    As soon as his eyes lit up, Feng Yuan looked at Kong Qing, and put his tail with a ring in a puzzle. Kong Qing's tail seemed to be testing something. After a while, Kong Qing nodded to Feng Yuan and stroked his tail. An oval space door was opened.

    "Are you planning to go back?"

    Qi Chen glanced at Feng Yuan a little strangely and asked, isn't this guy saying he wants to explore the city? But it's okay to go back now. Although the city looks a bit peculiar, there is nothing particularly interesting in his opinion.

    "No, I think we may have overlooked something, big cat, can you mark the location of the special building on the map?"

    Hearing Feng Yuans question, the big cat froze for a moment and whimpered as if saying that it could not be done. Agunas glanced at Feng Yuan silently and said

    "You are in trouble with a strong owl. How does it know what a special building is? Not to mention that it has not drawn a map here. The terrain information is only a public that naturally exists in this area... Wait?! Why is it so? ?!"

    "It's really strange, why is there any public map information? This thing...who draws it?"

    Veronia looked around in confusion and said that Big Cat has no special tricks for detection, so it is absolutely impossible to use terrain information obtained by environmental detection tricks, but even if it is a data field, it will follow certain rules. If there is no one to check and disclose information such as the terrain and environment, only from the huge database in the data field can it be possible to find information related to it.

    Thats right, its just related, its possible to find a lot of construction information and even various weird things, so although I know that there will definitely be specific data here in the data area of the data field, whether it is Feng Yuan Or Agunas, they didn't even think about getting information from the data area.

    Without the sorted data, they dont plan to look at it until necessary. The terrain data obtained by the big cat is a bit strange. After all, although the data area exists, it will not be accessible to the big cat. There are all the information and data related to the whole world. If anyone can check it, the problem is rather big.

    "It seems that we have overlooked a certain step, let's go, leave a door first, let's go back to the ground floor and take a look."

    With a wry smile, Feng Yuan said helplessly, he didn't expect to have such a thing.

    Follow Feng Yuan back to the ground floor. At this time, one or two members of the special service team hurriedly passed by on the empty street. Some people noticed Feng Yuan and his party, but because he was following Liao Yu and the two iconic Divine beasts, they didn't stop and ask.

    In this city that suddenly appeared in the data field, even the data-type spirit beasts in their team couldn't figure out the specific information here in the first time. Even the data spirit fox is now very confused about this area. After all, this area is somewhat different from other data fields.

    Now those special service team members are busy figuring out everything about the city, so naturally they don't have time to greet Feng Yuan and the others. They are not suspicious anyway.

    "Is there any place like a city hall? Forget it, just draw that thing out."

    Looking at the towering buildings around him, Feng Yuan rubbed his eyebrows and said, according to what he thought, there should be an area like a city hall, but looking at the current situation, I am afraid that there is no similar facility at all. Otherwise, those people should not be like this.

    That's right, Feng Yuan guessed that there should be facilities similar to the city hall in the game for distributing maps and other information. When he saw those mechanical block guards before, he just thought that they were used to maintain order, but he thought about it carefully. It seems that there should be more than that, especially the map information obtained by Big Cat from public areas makes him wonder if there is any map being distributed.

    "Argunas, just destroy the tree next to you, don't move, or I don't know what will happen."

    As soon as he said a word to Agunas, Feng Yuan noticed that Xiao Ji wanted to do something and immediately warned that Agunas is also a monster-level strength anyway, and there is a way to get out of any accident, and there is a high probability that those things will not be true. 'S hands on Agunas.

    Xiao Ji is different. Although it is a sacred beast, it only has a good level of strength, and I am afraid it will cause resistance from the mechanical block guards.

    That's right, Feng Yuan intends to let Argunas lead out those mechanical block guards, and then obtain the location of the city hall and other facilities from the mechanical block guards.

    Although he didn't quite understand what Feng Yuan wanted to do for a while, Agunas waved his claws, and a silver-white light flashed, and the street tree beside him was cut off and fell to the ground. The sound alarmed the nearby special service team members. Before they could do anything, those mechanical block guards who didn't know where they were hiding came out to surround Agunas.

    It's just maybe because of the fear of Agunas's strength. Those mechanical blocks didn't directly act on them. They just kept condemning Agunus's bad behavior. Feng Yuan glanced at the loud mechanical blocks and said to Veronia.

    "Can you pull it over?"

    That is vocally condemning Agunas mechanical block guard floating in the air. Although Feng Yuan can get it down by himself, its hard to say whether he will activate the weapon system of that thing. After all, when he doesnt release his own power, It's not much different from ordinary people.

    Veronia glanced a little strangely. Feng Yuan didn't quite understand what he wanted to do, but still waved her hand, and an invisible force directly bound the sounding mechanical cube and pulled it to Feng Yuan.

    Looking at the red mechanical square in front of him that kept warning, Feng Yuan said with a headache

    "Speaking of which, how do you communicate with it?"

    Without destroying the environment, there is no way to draw out mechanical blocks, but if it destroys the environment, this thing will continue to warn, and Feng Yuan felt a bit tricky for a while.