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    Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1127

    Chapter 1127: Underground Water

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    "This... looks like the underground waterway in Ugi City?"

    Qi Chen looked around in surprise and said, Feng Yuangang wanted to agree with the sudden reaction and looked at Qi Chen in surprise.

    "How do you know what the underground waterways in Ugi City are like?"

    He didnt invite Qi Chen to go with him when he was exploring the underground waterway, and the place was locked all the year round. If Liao Yu said this, he would understand. After all, the special service team occasionally needed to go there for tasks, Qi Chen It's not quite right.

    "This... you know, I was always a little curious when I was young..."

    Scratching his head, Qi Chen stubbornly didnt know how to explain it. Liao Yu glanced at Qi Chen and didnt say anything. When he was a child, he still ran around, and the underground waterway went to the underground waterway how many times. I used to run underground waterways, and even almost had an accident. The gates of those underground waterways would not be locked, but they could actually unlock the underground waterways? This is a bit powerful.

    "Unlocked before?"

    Feng Yuan looked at Liao Yu strangely. Before Liao Yu could say anything, Qi Chen said embarrassedly.

    "Yes, but... the lock can be physically unlocked."

    "So you just smashed the door lock before?"

    Looking at the other party with a smirk, Feng Yuan said, Agunas flung his tail and said

    "Speaking as if we were not using force to open the lock."

    "You guys..."

    Liao Yu looked helplessly at Feng Yuan and then at Qi Chen. As for Qi Chen when he was a child, he violently opened the locks? That's okay, after all, it was done when I was young. If I was caught at that time, I am afraid that I would be reprimanded. Now it is unnecessary.

    "Speaking of which, what was the purpose of the Umu Underground Waterway?"

    Qi Chen looked at this quaint underground waterway with some curiosity and asked that the purpose of the underground waterway built in the dynasty era should be more than just the discharge of sewage.

    "Sewage discharge and waterlogging prevention, but that is the surface waterway, and the ancient underground waterway at deeper levels is different."

    Gently patted Xiao Ji's back, Feng Yuan casually explained that even in this kind of place, Xiao Ji still didn't get used to staying very much. The water droplets dripping from the top of the channel made Xiao Ji unconsciously worry about whether it would fall. On your back or head.

    "Ancient underground waterway?"

    Hearing Feng Yuan's words, Qi Chen was a little surprised. How could according to Feng Yuan's meaning, there seems to be something strange that exists deeper? Liao Yu glanced at Feng Yuan and said with such an appearance

    "You really know about the ancient underground waterway, but also, you have such a good relationship with Loretta, it's not surprising to know those things."

    "What's the use of ancient underground waterways?"

    Qi Chen asked a little curiously. Of course, if Feng Yuan didn't say it, he wouldn't ask, after all, this matter is not important, and there is an ancient underground waterway under Maomu underground waterway? This is the first time he has heard of it.

    "The waterway, one is to provide an emergency water source, the other is to lead to the underground river area, and at certain times, it can be used for special material transportation or escape."

    Looking at the map, Feng Yuan said casually. After studying it, Feng Yuan found helplessly that there were only underground waterways in the data field.

    Looking at Feng Yuan in surprise, Liao Yu hesitated and asked

    "Does the underground river in Ugi City really exist?"

    "Should there be more? I remember the only thing that collapsed was the passage connecting the underground waterway and the underground river."

    Feng Yuan was also a little unsure, turned his head to look at Agunus, Feng Yuan just stared at it, and flicked his tail, Agunus said angrily

    "You haven't figured this out?"

    "I just found it interesting to take a glance, I don't know if there is any problem with the underground river."

    Feng Yuan said without a guilty conscience that he only saw information about the underground river network when checking the dynasty era data, but that underground river network was basically abandoned at the end of the dynasty era. After all, with the passage of time, Those caves and passages will always be destroyed due to various accidents. Feng Yuan estimates that there are not many places left to enter the underground river network.

    What's more, the space door is not easy to use or the high-speed rail is not easy to use? Why do I have to go underground and take some underground channel? Anyway, Feng Yuan is not very interested in that area, at best he knows that there is such a thing.

    "The underground river in Umu City still exists, but there is no way to enter it unless it is opened artificially."

    After flipping through the book that he had just taken out, Agunas said that the news did not exceed Feng Yuan's expectations. After all, the Underground River has been able to survive until now that no major changes have taken place. He doesn't expect this thing to return. It can exist for so many years without maintenance and can still be used.

    "Can you mark the location, I believe those archaeological studies will thank you"

    Liao Yu said to Agunas with some embarrassment. To tell the truth, he is not very interested in underground waterways. He even hopes that it would be better if this thing does not exist. After all, such a more dangerous area naturally does not exist. Better, otherwise they will have to find a way to prevent the enemy from taking that thing as a fuss.

    They can be allowed to escape, and the enemy can naturally be used for sneak attacks. However, both in the past and in the modern era, there are corresponding preventive measures. Not to mention, because of the existence of underground waterways, Ugi Citys urban defense system is targeting underground threats. There is also a special design, and in ancient times, it is very likely to have, otherwise, when preparing to use the underground waterway to transport important materials or prepare to escape, wouldn't it be embarrassing to find that the enemy is at the door.

    It's just that, for modern times, apart from adding trouble to the setting of warnings, these ancient tunnels and waterways have no meaning. If you really want to transport materials, why is the space door more convenient? As for what concealed means? It also has to be able to hide from the beasts.

    These things are estimated to be liked by scholars who study ancient history. As for the special service team like Liao Yu, it is estimated that they will only be disgusted. After all, it is totally adding trouble to them.

    "This is no problem, but the ancient underground waterway seems to be a big problem."

    Without hesitation, Agunas said, frowning and yawning. Feng Yuan looked at Agunas and said

    "Did the diversion of the underground river lead to a strange underground river connecting to the ancient underground waterway? This is nothing, it is normal, but what will the underground waterway continue?"

    Feng Yuan looked through the map curiously. The map information obtained by the big cat is just like a simple navigation minimap in the game. Not to mention the environment, even the roads are a bit unclear, just like the underground waterway they are now. , Its just a rectangular bar representing the passage of an underground waterway, and a slightly smaller blue bar representing the water flow in it. As for the lower-level maps, some are complicated and some are simple. Even Feng Yuan saw that the next The roads of the region have reached a frenzied state.

    The patterns of those roads were directly densely lined across the entire map. Seeing Feng Yuan's face changed, what was the situation in the area below? Why was this road so weird?

    "Gravity-free area? This is really..."

    Walking out of a small house, Feng Yuan looked around and said speechlessly. At this moment, he understood why the road on the map was so mad. It was the road at this location. There was a row of dilapidated streets above him. The buildings are connected to different planes, and these buildings block the vertical plane. It can be said that there are streets up, down, left and right. If it weren't for those buildings to block the view, I am afraid that it looks very depressing.

    "What a strange place is this..."

    Qi Chen muttered to himself in surprise, this area is too weird, why it seems that there are roads everywhere? This place, I'm afraid that it fully meets the requirements of the maze that Feng Yuan hopes for?

    "Gravity-free area, in other words, the gravity of this area always points to the ground under your feet. It is difficult to find a way in this area..."

    Looking around, Feng Yuan said helplessly. After walking in the gravity-free area for a long time, I'm afraid I can't tell the top, bottom, left, and right. Even with a three-dimensional map, I want to find a route to the next area. Not easy, not to mention that the map in Big Cat's hands is only two-dimensional...

    Seeing Feng Yuan looking at him, the big cat moaned a few times and shook his head. It was indeed unable to sort out the clues from the chaotic map for a while.

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