Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Follow Me

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The journey exiting the area was a bit challenging as they avoided a lot of alleys thus it took longer than usual.

When Han Meixiu finally saw a bigger street, she rejoiced within but her relief was short sighted as she noticed that the street was somewhat deserted. It wasn't also the one where they parked their car!

She still didn't utter a single word as she followed her father.

They stopped in front of an old car and Han Yun Xiang asked her to support him in carrying Liu Zilong a bit as he tried to open the car using an odd type of key.

"This is your car?" She cautiously asked as she saw how weird her father's action was while opening it.

"No. We'll just borrow it." He simply answered before they heard a 'click' sound signalling that they could now enter and use it.

"Can you drive?" He asked to the young woman who was somewhat stunned by the fact that they're 'borrowing' a car without the knowledge of the owner.

"But I don't have a key!"

Han Yun Xiang went to the driver's seat and started the car after he placed the unconscious Liu Zilong inside.

"Drive. Listen to my direction properly."

Han Meixiu gulped several times as she sat on the driver's seat and started to drive.

'Just how many more laws I would break today?' She was asking herself. Her hands tightly gripped the steering wheel as her eyes focused on the road.

Han Yun Xiang who was giving her where to turn left and right was sitting at the back seat seemingly checking Liu Zilong.

He was also ordering Han Meixiu to just ignore the stop light and speed limit simply because they're in emergency.

'Right, if the authorities will confiscate my international license I just got this year, I will just tell them' Before she could finish her thought she heard her father's voice.


"Huh, we're not yet in the hospital!" There was no sign of hospital around.

"I'll drive."

She nodded and got off to sit at the back. The moment she closed the door, she thought the car flew! She immediately closed her eyes firmly and held to that 'oh sh*t handle' tightly while her mind was screaming 'oh sh*t!'

When she felt that the car slowed down she opened her eyes and it was only the time she was able to check her brother in law.

Maybe his father secured him first before they changed seats as he seemed to look like he's only sleeping and the extreme speed didn't disturb him.


"Huh?" She wanted to ask where but when she saw they're already near the emergency entrance, she understood that she would be the one to assist Liu Zilong out.

Right after they successfully got out of the car, nurses quickly assisted them. There were also other patients coming in and might be the victims of the earlier incident.

When Han Meixi's eyes followed Liu Zilong as he was carried inside; the car left.

She tried to run to catch it but her legs gave in. She couldn't run anymore. She slumped on the grass and leaned her tired body on the post light nearby.

She's clearly exhausted and not just physically. She lowered her head as she dejectedly recall how cruel her father for leaving just like that.

She's not a cry baby but her emotions were stirred once again. Was she an unwanted child?

As she bit her lips to avoid crying, there was still a tear successfully escaped and traveled down her cheek.

The sky's color was already changing and the lights around were slowly coming to life seemingly celebrating the arrival of the night in total contrast to what she's feeling.

She hastily wiped the tear and comforted herself. 'I just wanted to say thank you for helping. Even that he didn't want to hear!' She said to herself as she sniffed silently.

"Get up and follow me."

When she heard her father's voice, she immediately stood up as if she was injected with another shot of energy directly into her veins.


The older Liu couple just finished their dinner when they received a call from a hospital. Their older son, Liu Zilong was rushed to the emergency room as he was one of the victims of a gang fight turned bloody.

The two immediately left and wondered how did their son end up where the gang fight was since he should be in the hotel as he needed to finish so many documents.

"Did he escape again from his supposed to be work?'" Madam Liu asked her husband sitting beside her. The doctor said Liu Zilong was already safe as he received a meticulous first aid. He's only scheduled for a minor operation to remove the bullet in his body.

"Maybe." He simply answered.

They were fully aware how their older son view paper works. For Liu Zilong it's simply a 'torture'. Once in a while he would escape and think of a reason to validate what he did.

The only difference this time was he was involuntarily got involved in a gang fight.

When they arrived at the hospital, their son was already transferred to a private room. Even though he didn't have any identification, a nurse was able to recognize him claiming that he dated her sister in the past.

Madam Liu was a bit speechless as she never thought her son's reputation of being a womanizer would come in handy one day.

They expressed their thanks and went to the designated private room.

On the way she sent a message to her younger son informing Liu Zilong's situation. It wasn't just even a minute after she sent it when Liu Zijian called.

"Don't worry. He's fine." She said as she answered the call thinking Little Zi was worried about his brother.

"Where is Meixiu?"

"Huh?" Did she hear him wrong? They're talking about Liu Zilong how did it change to Han Meixiu? Thinking that maybe he misunderstood, she explained again her message.

"They were together earlier." Liu Zijian answered. If Liu Zilong was in the hospital then what about his wife? Where's she?