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    Chapter 1193 Immortals Going Into Hiding

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    Song Shuhang curiously asked, Boundless future? Fellow Daoist Scarlet Heaven Sword, are you talking about Lady Onion?

    Scarlet Heaven Sword nodded using its sword tip, and replied, Yes.

    How boundless? Song Shuhang asked againLady Onions lifestyle was just like an ordinary mortals, so how could she possibly have a boundless future?

    I cant say for sure. Scarlet Heaven Sword shook its head through its sword body.

    After all, nobody believed that this spring onion could possibly become the Wielder of the Heavens Will in the future.

    At this moment, the Great Northern Emperor slightly frowned, and helplessness could be seen on his cold face. Sigh, it seems that I wont even be able to stay for a good meal.

    After saying that, he said to Song Shuhang, Little friend Shuhang, I might have to retire from the world and live in recluse for a period of time first.

    Song Shuhang asked, Is it about the Wiel that, is it related tothat? He was about to say the words Wielder of the Heavens Will, but he was afraid that saying it directly would cause trouble, so he only said a part of it.

    Thats right, its related to it. The Great Northern Emperor continued to explain. The [Heaven] is currently weakened, the time of its existence has already entered a countdown. In the final period of its control over the [Will], there is bound to be turbulence. The practitioners who have stepped out onto the path of immortality will become targets during this turbulent period, same goes for the top Tribulation Transcenders.

    The previous battle for the Heavens Will was different from this one. In the previous era, the Wielder of the Heavens Will did not even want the position; they willingly left and gave their responsibility to others, so there was no turbulent period.

    However, the current Wielder of the Heavens Will could be said to have run its course, and could no longer control the Heavens Will. As a result, during the last days of its reign, it was very likely for there to be quite the wild and crazy movements.

    Immortals, who were the closest to wield the Heavens Will, would very likely become its targets.

    As such, in the near future, Immortals and Tribulation Transcenders were likely to retire from the world and remain in seclusion for a period of time.

    The Great Northern Emperor sighed, and said, I have just been resurrected, and I didnt even get to eat the whole meal that these kinds of things happen.

    Immortal Fairy Bie Xue transmitted her voice over. Senior, I can pack it up for you. Although the taste might be affected a bit, would you be fine waiting for a short moment?

    When the Great Northern Emperor heard this, a warm smile suddenly appeared on his cold face. Can you really pack it up? If its just a short moment, then I can wait.

    Immortal Fairy Bie Xue said, Alright, then please wait for a moment.

    Song Shuhang suddenly thought of Li Yinzhu, and said, Senior Beifang, what about the Ice Soul Pill?

    The Great Northern Emperor replied, Rest assured, I will send that dumb turtle over to you. It will help you look for the final medicinal ingredient you need for the Ice Soul Pill and refine it. However, before it goes to you, Ill be sealing its realm so that it wont get affected by the upcoming turbulence.

    Does that mean that the sky-looking jade sea turtle is also at the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm?

    After hearing the words of the Great Emperor, Song Shuhang felt relieved, and said, Thank you, senior.

    At this time, Lady Onions heavenly tribulation finally descended.

    The power of the heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage was definitely a lot weaker than Little Cais heavenly tribulation.

    As long as it didnt go as bad as Song Shuhangs, whod encountered the eleventh wave of the heavenly tribulation, Lady Onion should not have any problem getting through the heavenly tribulation with the crouching while holding ones head secret technique.


    The heavenly tribulation descended.

    Looking at the heavenly tribulation right in front of him, Song Shuhang went silent for a while.

    Similarly silent were the Great Northern Emperor, Senior White, Su Clans Sixteen, and Shi.

    It was not that the heavenly tribulation was too strong, nor was it that the heavenly tribulation had modernized.

    It was just that the heavenly tribulation that appeared in front of them looked so weak.

    A thin and slim bolt of lightning descended on Lady Onions body.

    Afterward, the electric light exploded on Lady Onions defenses, and that was the first wave of the heavenly tribulation.

    Next came the second wave of the heavenly tribulation. This time, two bolts of tribulation lightning fell, but they were as thin as the first one.

    For the third wave of the heavenly tribulation, three bolts descended, but they were all still so pitifully thin.

    This pattern continued on until the seventh wave.

    After that it was overthat was it.

    The tribulation clouds in the sky began to scatter.

    This heavenly tribulation was really damn lazy; it was as if it just wanted to be done with its task.

    For a heavenly tribulation that was only this powerful, Lady Onion did not even have to use the secret defensive techniqueeven if she had just lain down and done nothing the entire time, she would have probably been fine.

    What does this mean? Song Shuhangs eyes widened.

    Scarlet Heaven Sword said, Could this monster onion really be special?Is she really going to become an Empress Onion, suppress everyone, and wield the Heavens Will?

    The Great Northern Emperor remarked, I wonder if the heavenly tribulation had been affected just now Perhaps it was the Wielder of the Heavens Will approaching its end that led to the changes in the heavenly tribulation just now.

    Senior White looked at Lady Onion for a moment, and said, This onion monster has also entered the inner demon tribulation state.

    Song Shuhang subconsciously asked, The inner demon tribulation? However, Lady Onion only went through the heavenly tribulation of the Third Stage, isnt it supposed not to have an inner demon tribulation?

    The Second Stage had no inner demon tribulationthis was common knowledge.

    Senior White said, However, she has already entered the inner demon tribulation.

    Everyone went silent. It seemed to be related to the imminent death of the Wielder of the Heavens

    At this moment, Lady Onion was lying down on the ground and shivering. Dont~ Dont~ It hurts. Aaaah~ let me go, Shuhang, I cant

    Song Shuhang:

    What the hell is up with those lines?

    Su Clans Sixteen, Shi, and the Great Northern Emperor all turned their heads and stared at Song Shuhang. Even Senior White was there with his mouth curled upwards looking at him teasingly.

    Song Shuhang pinched his chin, and calmly said, Her inner demon tribulation, could it be me plucking her onion sprouts?

    She-devil Bie Xue D-dont come near me~~ Aaaah, stir-fried lamb with onions, onion pancakes, fried crab with ginger and onions, steamed onion buns, mandarin fish with onions Lady Onion began reciting a long list of dishes that had green onions in them.

    Song Shuhang said, I can already guess what her inner demons are.

    Su Clans Sixteen and the others nodded silently.

    Su Clans Sixteen said, Well, its another inner demon tribulation, lets bring her in and leave her with Little Cai. Whether or not she can through the inner demon tribulation depends on the strength of her will.

    Shi worriedly said, If she doesnt get through the inner demon tribulation, is she going to die?

    Song Shuhang replied, Rest assured, if it really comes to that point, I still have a sure-fire technique that will be able to deal with the inner demons.

    The Great Northern Emperor curiously said, You have a way to deal with inner demons? What is it?

    Su Clans Sixteen said, Shuhang, you are you talking about Dharma King Creations voice?

    She had also seen Venerable Spirit Butterflys document in the Nine Provinces Number One Group, wherein it was stated that Dharma King Creations singing voice might have the effect of breaking the inner demon tribulation.

    Song Shuhang nodded, and replied, As such, I have to use this move with caution.

    He could directly give Senior Creation a call and ask him to sing a song; its effects would definitely be astounding.

    Afterward, Song Shuhang explained the power of Dharma King Creations singing voice to the Great Northern Emperor.

    The Great Northern Emperor remained expressionless from the beginning to the end, and nobody knew what was on his mind.

    Similar to Lady Onions situation, all over the universe, there was a great number of practitioners who had transcended their tribulation right after the countdown for the Wielder of the Heavens Will began.

    Consequently, all of their heavenly tribulations were extremely weak, and were split into several waves. After that, all those who transcended their tribulations were thrown into an inner demon tribulation.

    Amongst these people was Medicine Master of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

    Medicine Master had originally planned to transcend his tribulation after researching the nuclear bomb.

    However, Riverly Purple Mist felt that he was already fully prepared. And so, at her request, Medicine Master modified his tribulation-transcending formation several times and finished the rest of his preparations.

    It had been delayed until just now, and right as it was ready, Medicine Master began to transcend his tribulation.

    Their expected huge and powerful tribulation did not descend at all, and Medicine Master and Riverly Purple Mists tiresomely prepared formation was of no use.

    Medicine Master did not even need to moveafter a few weak waves from the heavenly tribulation, he soon entered the inner demon tribulation state.

    Today, inner demons were really busy.

    While Immortal Fairy Bie Xue was packing the Eighth Stage Sage whale feast for the Great Emperor, Song Shuhang remembered about the puppet maiden.

    As such, he brought out the puppet and got her to meet the Great Emperor.

    The puppets face still donned the scary mask, and her eyes shone through it with a strange yellow light.

    Who are you? The puppet maiden was the first to ask a question, while her eyes remained fixed on the Great Emperor.

    Song Shuhang introduced the Great Emperor. This is Senior Beifang. He has a junior who was the creator of the crouching while holding ones head secret technique. Thats why I was wondering if you and the Great Emperor knew each other.

    No, he is not Senior Beifang, insisted the puppet maiden. She continued to stare at the Great Emperor, and said, You are not Senior Beifang, who are you?

    The Great Northern Emperor sighed softly. He reached out towards the puppet maidens chin, and slightly pushed her mask upwards.

    The Great Emperor did not lift the mask off completely, he only pushed it up such that it would reveal the lower half of her face. And so, her delicate nose and small mouth were now visible.

    I am , Beifang, said the Great Emperor softly. He had even said his daoist name in the language of the ancient era. Anyway, Song Shuhang did not actually understand the meaning of what he said.

    However, it was clear that the owner of this puppet maiden was the junior that the Great Emperor had been talking about.

    No, you are not him, the puppet maiden said seriously. Who are you and why are you pretending to be Senior Beifang? Song Shuhang, dont be deceived by him, he is a fake.

    Song Shuhang looked towards the Great Northern Emperor.

    As he looked at the Great Emperors expression, he wondered what secrets were hidden in the dark.

    The Great Emperor touched the puppet maidens head lightly. My current state is a little different from how it was in the past. Its normal that you cant recognize me. However, who I truly am will never change, never.

    Song Shuhangs heart moved; it seemed that perhaps the Great Northern Emperor had used death to escape from the ancient Heavenly City, but he had to pay a very great price for this.

    Could that ancestral golden dragon of the Dragon King Palace also have escaped after paying a great price?

    The Great Emperor gently asked, Is your original body fine?

    Are you planning to do something to my original body? I wont tell you. Puppet maidens yellow eyes flickered again and again.

    The Great Northern Emperor smiled bitterly.

    The Great Northern Emperor sighed, and said to Song Shuhang, Little friend Shuhang, during the period of time when I am living in recluse, please take good care of her for me. After I come back into the world, I will contact you once again.

    Mm-hm. Song Shuhang nodded.

    At this moment, he remembered somethingthe relationship between the Great Northern Emperor and Slow-Witted Song also seemed to be fairly decent.

    Song Shuhang asked, By the way, Senior Beifang. Do you know about the inheritance of the Divine Beast Department?