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    Chapter 1192 The Countdown To The End Of The Wielder Of The Will

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    Similar to when Song Shuhang had condensed his pseudo-innate true qi fat whale projection, Little Cai had also condensed a huge whale that acted as the main body, while the other 32 beast projections integrated themselves into the whales body.

    However, the result was slightly different from Song Shuhangs final fat whale projection. The huge whale projection condensed by Little Cai was slender, and it had extraordinarily large wings behind it that were even larger than the whale itself.

    All in all, it similarly had a special characteristic about it like Song Shuhangs fat whale, just that one whale was fat, and this one was slim.

    The successful formation of the huge whale projection meant that Little Cai had reached the third stage of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Technique.

    When the pseudo-innate true qi huge whale projection successfully condensed, the memories of the secret techniques that constantly appeared in Song Shuhangs mind finally disappeared.

    At this time, the heavenly tribulation battleship fired another shot.

    Little Cais secret defensive technique finally reached its breaking point after this wave of shots. Consequently, the faint human projection of Little Cai also disappeared.

    As such, there was now no longer a point in maintaining the defensive posture.

    The virtuous lamia gently retreated and left the state of virtuous possession. She left Little Cais body and returned behind Song Shuhangs original body.

    Without the aid of the virtuous lamia, Little Cais secret defensive technique could no longer be maintained.

    Her body shook slightly, and the secret defensive technique dissipated.

    In the air, Loli Shi was finally able to recover. She stretched and stood up.

    At the same time, in the small town, the crouching and head holding army was similarly able to recover, and they stood up from the ground one by one.

    In the sky, the Great Northern Emperor and White continued to watch the changes that were happening to Little Cai.

    The Great Northern Emperor let out a sigh of relief after seeing the return of the virtuous lamia to Song Shuhangs side. Although light of virtue could not be destroyed, the Great Northern Emperor was still worried that an accident might happen to her as she had intervened in the heavenly tribulation.

    Senior White looked at Song Shuhang, and said, What happened to Little Cai? I seem to sense your aura coming from her? No, its not your aura. Rather, it feels like Little Cai suddenly became like you.

    Senior White, you could sense that? Song Shuhang replied. Im not sure as to the reason why, but a part of my consciousness attached itself to Little Cai just now, similar to when I used a reconnaissance puppet. Its that divided consciousness of mine thats currently in control of Little Cais body.

    The Great Northern Emperor frowned, and said, Doesnt that mean that youve already intervened in this heavenly tribulation? Why hasnt the heavenly tribulation reacted at all?

    The same went for the virtuous lamiashe had forcibly intervened in another beings heavenly tribulation, but the power of the tribulation did not rise at all.

    Im also at a loss right now. Song Shuhangs original body looked at the virtuous lamiamaybe she knew something? However, the virtuous lamia currently did not have the ability to communicate with people. Well, it was also possible that she deliberately chose not to.

    The Great Northern Emperor asked, Without the secret defensive technique, will you and your disciple be able to resist the heavenly tribulation?

    This heavenly tribulation was very strange as there was no way to dissipate the tribulation clouds. When facing the heavenly tribulation, a practitioner could only fight to the bitter end. If they didnt succeed, then they could only die righteously.

    Song Shuhang replied, I feel that Little Cai has got a pretty good chance right now with the state shes in.

    The medicinal effects of the Eighth Stage whale soup that Little Cai had just eaten before going on to transcend her tribulation were still being digested, and Little Cai had even swallowed 33 spirit beast crystals just a moment ago. She could be said to be in her peak condition right now.

    As such, she should be able to get through it with everything shed got now.

    While they were talking, the battleship in the sky fired once again.

    This time, all the cannons on the battleship fired at full power.

    Senior White said, This should be the last wave of the heavenly tribulation. Whether she succeeds or not all depends on this final wave.

    Song Shuhang nodded.

    Then, allow me to try something.

    Below, Song Shuhang controlled Little Cais body to raise her wings flatly and secretly circulate the Steel Hands Technique.

    Little Cais wings were now coated with the color of black iron.

    It was a pity that she had yet to practice the Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha; otherwise, the effects would be even better.

    Come on,Song Shuhang thought to himself.

    In the next moment, saber intent emerged from Little Cais eyes. On her body, the Sage Seal he had placed lit up brightly. At the same time, a trace of innate true yuan went through the Sage Seal in Song Shuhangs body and entered Little Cais body.

    It worked for real.

    With him possessing Little Cais body, while his original bodys realm and abilities couldnt be transferred over, the saber intent could.

    As long as he could use saber intent, this heavenly tribulation of the Fourth Stage was manageable.

    Song Shuhang laughed.

    The saber intent transformed into armor and condensed on Little Cais body. A helmet, breastplate, and even tiny armor pieces for her wings and feet emerged.

    At the same time, Song Shuhang used Little Cais wings as a blade to perform the Inverted Scale Saber Technique.

    As the strongest defensive saberthe Inverse Scale Styleunfolded, saber qi transformed into a true dragon, and enveloped Little Cai.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

    Soon after, the final wave of cannon fire from the battleship came flooding over at Little Cai.

    After this final wave of attacks, the battleship in the sky unexpectedly smashed into Song Shuhang.

    It truly befitted the style of a death squad.

    Having used up all ammunition, the ship had actually chosen to crash into the enemy and attempt to bring its enemy down with it.

    The Great Northern Emperor suddenly said, Fellow Daoist White, dont suddenly seal the battleship right now.

    Sage White:

    Do I look like someone who would do that? This strike is already the final part of Little Cais tribulation. If I were to seal this battleship, Little Cais efforts would be wasted and she might even have to face another battleship again.

    Sage White said, If I were to seal this battleship, another one would definitely come to replace it in an instant.

    The battleship crashed into the ground, triggering another round of explosions.

    The explosion lasted for about 20 breaths before finally dispersing.

    Shi asked, Did she succeed?

    Song Shuhang replied, Yup.

    Below, Little Cais figure appeared.

    At this moment, she looked especially pitiful, and most of her beautiful feathers had been burnt to black. Her small body remained lying on the ground as she was unable to move.

    The heavenly tribulation had ended.

    Song Shuhangs consciousness returned from its body possession state.

    Now I have to ask Little Cai what happened just now, its impossible that she really became my clone,Song Shuhang thought to himself.

    Su Clans Sixteen asked, Wait, did Little Cai not break through?

    It stood to reason that Little Cai should advance from the Third Stage to Fourth Stage Realm after crossing the tribulation.

    However, Little Cai was lying weakly on the ground below, showing no sign of breakthrough.

    Could she have lost her qualifications due to having cheated to transcend her tribulation? Shi said worriedly.

    Song Shuhang responded, Isnt that too unlikely?

    At this time, the Great Northern Emperor calmly said, Shes going through her inner demon tribulation.

    The inner demon tribulation again? Song Shuhang frowned slightly.

    The Great Northern Emperor said, Bring her over to Immortal Fairy Bie Xues immortal cave. When it comes to the inner demon tribulation, nobody is able to help her. We can only wait for her to get through it herself.

    Immortal Fairy Bie Xue said, Ill bring her back. It just so happens that the Eighth Stage Sage whale feast in the kitchen still has to be cooked. The length of the heavenly tribulation was just as I had predicted.

    Song Shuhang said, Thank you, Immortal Fairy.

    Immortal Fairy Bie Xue smiled slightly, and said, Youre welcome.

    After saying that, she controlled her flying sword to land on the ground and returned to her immortal cave with Little Cai, who was still in the process of going through her inner demon tribulation.

    After she entered her immortal cave, Shi poked Song Shuhang, and said, Senior Brother Song, if Immortal Fairy Bie Xue takes Little Cai back home, she isnt going to cook her, right?

    Was it really alright to leave an immortal chef alone with a delicious-looking monster bird?

    Su Clans Sixteen:

    The Great Northern Emperor:

    Song Shuhang:

    It shouldnt be a problem, right?

    The Great Northern Emperor said, Cough, in my opinion, Fairy Bie Xue is not such a person. Alright, little friend Shuhang, wasnt there still another one who was going to be transcending their tribulation?

    Song Shuhang replied, Mm-hm, Lady Onion is going to be transcending her tribulation as well. Hers is only of the Third Stage, though, so it should be easier to deal with.

    After saying that, he stretched out his hands and released Lady Onion from his Inner World.

    Lady Onion anxiously said, Aah, is it finally my turn? Shuhang, how am I supposed to transcend my tribulation? I havent condensed my saber intent yet, am I only going to rely on the Tome of Never-Ending Tears?

    Song Shuhang solemnly said, Rest assured, Senior Beifang will teach you a tribulation-transcending technique. However, you have to be careful, you cannot make any mistakes while transcending your tribulation later.

    Seeing Song Shuhangs solemn look, Lady Onion nodded timidly, and said, Rest assured, Ill listen to you. Ill be careful and not make any mistakes.

    The Great Northern Emperor took a step forward and came beside Lady Onion. Similar to before, he extended his hand and imparted the secret defensive technique to Lady Onion.

    The impartation process was the same as Little Cais.

    After confirming that Lady Onion could use the crouching while holding ones head secret technique, she was especially reminded not to make any mistakes in the number of times she recited the incantation.

    Everything was ready.

    Lady Onion took a deep breath and released all of the true qi in her dantian. The true qi of her Dragon Horn dantian gushed out to draw in the heavenly tribulation.

    The tribulation clouds gathered, and the purple tribulation lightning shuttled through the tribulation clouds, letting out thundering sounds.

    At this moment, just as Lady Onion was about to transcend her tribulation

    The Great Northern Emperor, Senior White, Song Shuhang, Su Clans Sixteen, Shi, and Immortal Fairy Bie Xue, who was in her immortal cave, all raised their heads, looking grimly at the sky.

    This time, it was not time for a Profound Sage to show their divinity.

    Instead, this was for a far more important matter than a mere show of divinity.

    All the practitioners in the universe, as long as theyd attained the Second Stage or higher, felt a sensation in their hearts.

    The Wielder of the Will finally could no longer keep it together.

    The current Wielder of the Will was of unknown origin; there was nobody that knew who it was or where it came from.

    It possessed a very powerful recovery ability, but in the battle for the Heavens Will against Scholarly Sage, the Sage had used an innate skill of his to make its existence incomplete.

    For thousands of years, the strongest Tribulation Transcenders and Immortals had faintly sensed the weakness of the Wielder of the Heavens Will; they knew that it would collapse sooner or later.

    That collapse would bring the dawn of a great era.

    However, nobody was certain when the Wielder would finally collapse. Although it was weakened, the Wielder of the Heavens Will was still the Wielder of the Heavens Will. Who knew if it couldnt still hold on for another several thousand years?

    But now the countdown to the end of the Wielder of the Heavens Will had begun.

    Scarlet Heaven Sword involuntarily muttered, F*ck, could it really be as Scarlet Heaven said? Does Lady Onion truly possess a boundless future?

    The first time that Lady Onion was going to transcend her tribulation, just as she entered the state of transcension, the countdown to the end of the current Wielder of the Heavens Will had begun.

    Could it be that Lady Onion was really going to ascend to heaven and become the next Wielder of the Heavens Will?