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    Chapter 1176 Soft Feather: Live Broadcasts Are Really Interesting

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    A Profound Sages Sage Seal was actually dissipating. Such an event was something that had never been witnessed by any practitioner in the universe.

    It was indeed possible that there had been Profound Sages who had failed their inner demon tribulation, but when they did so, they were no longer showing their divinity. And so, even if their Sage Seal dissipated, none of the practitioners in the universe was able to see the scene.

    But now, due to Sage Whites divinity show being broadcast, everyone was able to witness the scene of Eternitys Sage Seal dissipating.

    When the Sage Seal completely dissipated, all of the practitioners in the universe felt their hearts tighten.

    When the seal vanished, something seemed to have disappeared from their minds. The name Eternity, which had been imprinted in their minds, was now gone.

    With this being the case, the third Sage in a thousand years was now part of the past. From now onwards, Eternity would be known as the former third Profound Sage.

    For a moment, all the practitioners in the universe fell silent.

    At this moment, nobody gloated at his misfortune.

    It was a very grave matter that the universe was going to lose a Profound Sage.

    Eternity sighed silently. This was the result of his own death-seeking behavior. Now, he could only suck it up and move forward.

    Fortunately Although the Sage Seal dissipated, his previous ascension had not been reversed. He was now a genuine Sixth Stage True Monarch.

    Eternity whispered softly, Its still fine.

    As soon as he said that, his body disappeared. He had been removed from the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and had returned to the small courtyard of Medicine Masters building in the Jiangnan area.

    He raised his head to look at Sage White, who was still showing his divinity.

    Eternity said, Owing my life to my biggest rival, this feeling cannot be described even with 100,000 words.

    Young master, with your literary talent, you could never write a 100,000-word article anyway. So, there wouldnt even be a need to try describing it. At this time, an honest voice sounded.

    Eternity turned his head and saw his capable subordinates standing outside the courtyard, beckoning at him.

    Eternity angrily said, Shut your mouth, I am a member of the writing association, and both my poetry and painting skills are perfect. Dont even mention 100,000 words, even 1,000,000 words would be easily achievable.

    The honest man kept a blank expression as he said, Yes, yes, yes, young master, you are definitely a master of both poetry and painting.

    Eternity said, Lets go back home first. I will close up for a while to consolidate my new realm. After that, we will have to think up new plans on how I am to impress Immortal Fairy Bie Xue.

    The honest-looking man replied, It shall be as you say.

    Lets go, Eternity said.

    Though his Sage Seal had vanished, it wasnt really a problem as he still had another chance. After all, he was only at the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm. After another hundred or thousand years, he would have another opportunity to rush to the Eighth Stage Profound Sage realm!

    At that time, he would definitely be able to condense a Sage Seal once again.

    Just in this fashion, one young master and one servant left Medicine Masters buildings small courtyard and disappeared into the Jiangnan area.

    Inside the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

    After Eternity disappeared and his Sage Seal dissipated, there was a block made of neither gold nor stone that had been left behind.

    Were those the remains of the Sage Seal?

    With a curl of her branches, Qing Wu picked up the Sage Seal remains and placed them into a spatial bag prepared for her by her master.

    As a treasure picker, her ability to pick treasures was at a professional level. It was clear that the remains of a Sage Seal were a treasure, so of course, she had to keep them. Who knew, perhaps her master would have some use for them someday?

    If her master was pleased with her, he might even reward her.

    As Senior Whites monster pet, Qing Wu had also been benefiting a lot recently. Senior White would always share some good things with her, and this caused her realm to make rapid progress.

    One had to take note that something that might not even be worth looking at in Senior Whites eyes would likely be a treasure for another practitioner.

    For examplethat box of golden bayberry cores that he had pew pew pew-ed out.

    Although they were fruit cores, they were all made of extremely pure power of virtue. There was no doubt that they were treasures.

    Senior White stretched out his hand and placed Song Shuhangs left hand back inside the crystal box.

    And after that, the monster willow Qing Wu was also stored away.

    And with a thought, the tree of virtue behind him also returned to him.

    Finally, Senior Whites figure disappeared from the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

    When he left, Song Shuhang did not know if he was seeing things, but it seemed like there was a flash of lightning inside the Heavenly Tribulation Realmit seemed like it was celebrating.

    Yeah, he was definitely just seeing things

    After leaving the Heavenly Tribulation Realm, Senior Whites figure appeared right beside Song Shuhang.

    When he started the heavenly tribulation of the Eighth Stage, he had entered the space from Song Shuhangs Inner World. Which was why he appeared directly beside Song Shuhang after transcending the tribulation.

    Yo, Shuhang! Senior White was in a good mood when he saw Song Shuhang, and his eyes narrowedhe felt that Song Shuhang should have already prepared his meal for him.

    Song Shuhang congratulated, Congratulations, Senior White, for becoming a Profound Sage.

    You dont need to be so polite. Right, this is yours, Im returning it. Senior White brought out the crystal box, took out Song Shuhangs left arm, and handed it to him.

    Song Shuhang took back his left handhe had missed it so much!

    In the past few days, after losing his little left, there had been many times where he had found himself in a tight spot. Fortunately, today his hand was returned.

    Song Shuhang grabbed his left arm and reattached it to its rightful place.

    It naturally reattached to his body, and there was no trace of it ever having been removed at all.

    He rubbed his left hand lightly, and it felt great.

    Other than his left hand becoming slightly more powerful than his right oned, there was nothing that had changed from before.

    Oh, right there was still that golden index finger.

    Song Shuhang poked at this golden finger, it felt no different from ordinary fingers. When he poked it, it did not feel like it had become metal or anything.

    The Great Northern Emperor had stated that this finger of his would become similar to Sage Monarch Melon Eaters old body, whose light of virtue and flesh had fused together.

    I wonder if I was able to get some strange ability out of this

    So Song Shuhang squatted down, found a stone, and poked it with his index finger.

    The monster bird Little Cai asked, Teacher, what are you doing?

    I want to see if this golden finger can turn stone into gold, Song Shuhang saidunfortunately, his experiment failed. The golden finger did not have such an alchemic ability.

    Senior White said, You havent learned the turn stone into gold technique, so its obviously impossible for you to do such a thing.

    There is such a magic spell in the world of cultivation? Song Shuhangs eyes widened. With such a spell, wouldnt all the gold in the world lose its value?

    Its just a small deceptive spell. It temporarily turns stone into gold through spiritual energy. Once the spiritual energy is gone, the stone will return to be stone, said Senior White with a shrug. The usefulness of this magical technique is simply too low. If you want gold, then you could just dig for it. I, myself, once found a lot of golden sand in a small stream, a random scoop would already net me great amounts of gold.

    Senior White, where in the world did you find such a stream! Please bring me to dig there sometime!

    The Great Northern Emperor: It seemed that I was mistaken, I previously thought that this Sage Whites luck might be comparable to the Scholarly Sage. But now it seems that this Sage Whites luck might be even better than that of the Scholarly Sages.

    Song Shuhang asked, So, this golden finger What special function does it have?

    A great quantity of light of virtue had all been compressed into a single finger, if it didnt have any special abilities, wouldnt that be too unworthy of such a large amount of virtue?

    The monster bird Little Cai suggested, Teacher, try pouring energy into it, maybe you can shoot out sword qi or something?

    Song Shuhang groaned and said, This isnt the Yang Slashing Finger.

    After saying that, he still gave Little Cais suggestion a try. He stimulated the true yuan in his body and poured it into his golden finger.

    In the next moment, the golden finger shone brightly.

    It was very bright, just like the light from a lamp!

    And with Song Shuhangs continuous infusion of true yuan, the light coming from the golden finger became even more dazzling. It was as if it was the sun, causing people to be unable to directly look at it.

    Its bright, really, really bright, shouted Little Cai.

    This light contained special power of virtue, causing it to be even more dazzling than sunlight.

    Senior White commented, What a marvelous technique. If you suddenly use this move while fighting against others, you would be able to affect the other partys vision and perhaps create a flaw.

    The Great Northern Emperor: This move can be called Sun Finger.

    Song Shuhang:

    Great Emperor, since you want to call it Sun Finger, then you better be prepared to receive this Sun Finger of mine!

    Senior White looked at the Great Northern Emperor, and greeted him, Greetings, fellow daoist.

    Greetings to you as well, Fellow Daoist White. The Great Northern Emperor smiled slightly and said, You can directly call me Gu Beifang.

    Song Shuhang: Does this golden finger have any other ability?

    At this time, Sage Monarch Melon Eater suddenly said, It does.

    Sage Monarch Melon Eaters face remained calm and expressionless.

    Song Shuhang said with great joy, Please guide me, Fellow Daoist Melon Eater!

    Sage Monarch Melon Eater said, If your golden finger is really the same as my old body, then it could temporarily undergo a virtuous transformation and become anything you want.

    Due to the flesh having become one with the power of virtue, for a short time, it would be able to transform into various forms just like the light of virtue.

    Transformation? Song Shuhang urged his finger.

    Then, in front of everyones eyes, his finger extended and became a small saber.

    The monster bird Little Cai said, It really transformed!

    Heavens, Song Shuhang said. I wanted my finger to become a sword.

    I feel like this ability is quite interesting. Senior White held his chin.

    However, it can only be used for fun. The Great Northern Emperor addedit was quite weird.

    Apart from this one, does it still have any other abilities? Song Shuhang expectantly looked at Sage Monarch Melon Eater.

    Sage Monarch Melon Eater calmly shook his head.

    I knew it would be like this. Song Shuhang sighed.

    Well, its better than nothing.

    Sun Finger + Finger Transformation ability.

    Ugh, what the hell is up with this Sun Finger!.

    Senior White asked, Shuhang, can we have dinner?

    Song Shuhang turned his head and looked at the Great Northern Emperor. Great Emperor, should we dine?

    The great emperor said, You havent given me Immortal Fairy Bie Xues coordinates yet, give me her coordinates and well be there right away.

    Over at the Spirit Butterfly Island.

    Soft Feather rested her chin in her palm as she said, Live broadcasts are really interesting.

    Not too far away, the hands of Venerable Spirit Butterfly, who was drinking tea, shook slightly.