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    Chapter 1171 There Is No Mistaking That Hand Is Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs

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    Chapter 1171: There is no mistaking, that hand is Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs!
    Translator: GodBrandy Editor: Kurisu

    Profound Sage Melon Eater felt that he had come into contact with a mysterious network-like world after his body had been reborn.

    Just now, when he saw Venerable White showing his divinity, he had a strange feeling. Afterward, his new body somehow got information from that mysterious network, with all of this leading to him subconsciously pronouncing the name White.

    Was this a new innate skill that he got after abandoning his old body?

    Profound Sage Melon Eater kept his calm, remaining in silencehe decided that he had to study this new body of his after getting back. This new body had a lot of mysteries that were worthy of his research.

    Meanwhile, over back at the Jiangnan area, inside the [Blue Moon Hall], which was a hall for comedy performances.

    Senior White Two raised his head and looked towards the sky.

    Oh, hes finally showing his divinity. At this time, he was floating above the comedy hall in a state wherein ordinary people would not be able to see him.

    Ever since he got the ability to pass through Song Shuhangs Inner World, he could send out a projection of himself to the main world for a short time every day. He could control this projection of himself and move around the world. However, his range of activity was still limited. Moreover, even if he passed through Song Shuhangs Inner World, his projection could not go anywhere besides Earth.

    Senior White Two muttered, After the divinity show, the next step would be to become a Tribulation Transcender. And after that, the path to immortality Is he the secret method that you left behind? Ill be able to tell once I see the path to immortality of this White.

    He hadnt made contact with Venerable White, and he even had consciously avoided him. Every time Venerable White was with Song Shuhang, he would deliberately not go to him.

    He wanted to avoid influencing the other party, so he checked on the other White only through Song Shuhang, if there was a need to.

    Aghhh, so boring. This comedy performance is so boring, theres nothing funny about it at all. No wonder the level of Song Shuhangs jokes is so low. It turns out that the comedic level of this entire world is still currently of such a low level. Senior White Two felt rather distressed.

    He liked listening to jokes, but only if they were funny jokes!

    However, he found it difficult to find a joke that could make him laugh. He had high standards for what jokes he would laugh at.

    As he was in thought, Senior White Two suddenly saw an advertisement outside the windowit was an advertisement of the movie Apocalypse War, and the trailer of Thrice Reckless Mad Sabers new movie My Reckless and Unrestrained Life.

    Senior White Two once heard his own pet no. 2, the demonic hamster, bring up the movie Apocalypse War.

    Senior White Two thought to himself, Perhaps I should go and see this movie

    Besides Senior White Two, in the depths of the universe, in a small secret realm on some planet.

    A huge divine elephant raised his head and looked at the sky.

    The elephant said to himself, Oh, a new Profound Sage has been born.

    This elephant was an Immortal who had already found his own path and possessed enough power to fight for the Will of the Heavens. If a situation were to arise where the Wielder of the Will was not present, he was eligible to take over their place.

    However, he had lost interest in this competition for the Heavens Will at some point in time.

    In the last battle for the Heavens Will during the ancient era, after the Wielder of that time suddenly quit their job and left, the Scholarly Sage suppressed the world, and was considered invincible throughout the universe.

    Back then, numerous Immortals came forward to challenge the Scholarly Sage, with several of them ending up dying in his hands.

    However, the Immortal elephant did not challenge the Scholarly Sage back then.

    Going further back in timeto the battle for the Heavens Will before thatthe elephant still did not leave his home. In the end, that lazy person that later quit their job took control of the Heavens Will.

    If we go further back in time, to the battle for the Heavens Will before that At that time, the elephant had indeed made a move.

    However, it was exactly because of what happened back then that he had abandoned the idea of competing for the Heavens Will ever again.

    He vaguely remembered that during that battle for the Heavens Will, he experienced extreme desperationhe had suffered a defeat, an especially miserable kind. The party who defeated him was not an Immortal, but rather a newly ascended Tribulation Transcender.

    That defeat shook him to his core, and he was never able to let it go.

    After that, he returned to his hometown, and began to build his own secret realm, staying within it and letting himself be at ease. Inside that secret realm which he created, he played the God Simulator game.

    The Immortal elephant murmured to himself, That time, whom did I even lose to? All I can remember is that he was a small Tribulation Transcender, but why cant I remember what he looked like?

    As an Immortal, his memory was very unlikely to ever suffer from any problems.

    Unless his memory had been erased.

    But the only thing that could erase parts of an Immortals memories was the Wielder of the Will itself.

    Could that Tribulation Transcender who defeated me have continued fighting in the great war and become the Wielder of the Heavens Will?

    Forget it, none of this matters to me anymore. The position of the Wielder of the Will is not something a mediocre person like me can take care of. The immortal elephant laughed at himself, and continued to play his Building Game.

    He wanted to make his own small world into something similar to an independent dimension, and develop a storyline for a fantasy-esque small martial arts world. The residents of this world had been carefully selected from beings from all over the universe.

    In this small world, he was the ruler.

    Just like this Immortal elephant, other Immortals had their own kinds of lifestyle.

    When these Immortals casually looked up at the scene of Venerable Whites showing of divinity, a vague memory seemed to appear in all of their minds.

    However, they couldnt clearly remember Venerable White in their memories. Similar to the Immortal elephant, a part of their memory was missing.

    And so, after being in thought for a while, most of these Immortals could only secretly praise: this new Profound Sage is really handsome.

    After this, they went back to their business.

    All the Immortals in the universe were currently very busy!

    The reason for this was the coming of a big era.

    With the recent weakness of the Wielder of the Will, all practitioners at and above the Tribulation Transcender Realm were getting this unique feeling in their hearts.

    In other words the next battle for the Heavens Will was soon going to take place.

    But this time, there was nobody like the Scholarly Sage or the ancient Heavenly Citys Heavenly Emperor.

    With this being the case, the battle for the position of Heavens Will was fair competitioneverybody had an equal opportunity of becoming the next Wielder of Heavens Will!

    This was simply a wonderful era, an era filled with hope.


    When Venerable White suddenly deflated on the screen of the show of divinity, all the practitioners in the universe who were watching the live broadcast went into a rage. If the show of divinity had had a TV station, it would have probably been long smashed to pieces by the angry practitioners.

    It was a pity that the show of divinity was merely a manifestation of the Great Way of the Heaven and Earth.

    The one behind the scenes was simply too difficult to deal with; this drove the practitioners in the universe, who couldnt do anything, into an even greater rage.

    Finally just when they were about to be driven into madness, the situation changed once again.

    Not far from where Venerable White originally stood, a transparent crystal box appeared.

    It was not known how this crystal box appeared, but as it fell to the ground with a thud, all the practitioners in the universe were able to see it.

    When it fell, the crystal box came open and revealed somebodys left arm.

    It was a males arm, with it having even muscles and long fingers.

    Within this arms grasp was a white note.

    All of the practitioners in the universe immediately got into discussions.

    Whats going on? Why is there an arm?

    This should be a turn for the better! Strong vitality can be sensed from this arm, its the arm of a living person!

    Could this arm be the arm of the white-robed Profound Sage just now? Is he going to use this arm to achieve rebirth? Ive heard that when some cultivation skills are cultivated to the Profound Sage Realm, one can achieve rebirth through a drop of blood. Could this be the case?

    It could be. The screen of the divinity show hasnt vanished yet, which indicates that the white-clothed Profound Sage is still alive! Soon, hell definitely be reborn and condense his Sage Seal in front of everyone.

    If he regenerates with his arm, it will be tantamount to demonstrating a brilliant rebirth technique in front of us, which will greatly benefit all of us!

    Yes, a great benefit indeed!

    Similar dialogues took place all over the universe.

    At this moment, Song Shuhang was also looking at the crystal box and the arm, and the corners of his mouth began to convulse repeatedly; they convulsed and twitched, and he couldnt stop them at all.

    That arm was undoubtedly the one he had lent to Senior White for communication.

    There was an unpleasant premonition in his heart.

    Inside the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

    Fairy Lychee: This arm

    Young Master Phoenix Slayer: Yeah, that should be it!

    Northern Rivers Loose Cultivator: Its little friend Song Shuhangs. He didnt have a left hand before, and he also said that he had left his left hand with Senior White.

    It seems like it will be recognized by everyone soon, this arm, Frice Reckless Mad Saber said. Little friend Song Shuhang had already condensed his Sage Seal. People only need to see him to know that he is Tyrannical Song. Under these circumstances, even if only one arm is seen, people should be able to quickly realize that this is Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs arm, right?

    Tyrannical Saber Song One: Heavens it cant be, right?

    I feel like its very likely. Can someone look for a fellow daoist who doesnt know the truth and have them stare at this arm? Maybe they would be able to sense it!

    Medicine Master said by voice message.

    Fairy Dongfang Six: Theres no need to try. Theres a little monster right beside me. It stared at the arm for a while and looked like it suddenly realized: Isnt this the arm of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song?. Its the same as Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless has guessed.

    Tyrannical Saber Song One: Am I done for?

    Im that little white crane at the edge of the Earths End: Yes, youre done for! Completely done for! As soon as I think of your left hand accompanying Senior White through his heavenly tribulation, I feel great jealousy in my heart. Tyrannical Saber Song One, dont run from me tonight, see you at our school playground!

    Song Shuhang replied, Its the Mid-Autumn holiday, and there are three days off. Who would still be at school?

    True Monarch White Crane said, F*ck.

    Fairy Lychee: ***Tyrannical Saber Song One,*** I feel that as long as Senior White handles it well, you arent completely done for.

    As they were talking, the screen which showed the divinity show changed once again.

    Venerable Whites body appeared on the screen. Though the white clothes on his body were a little tattered, he still went to the side of the crystal box with a tired face and picked up the box.