Coming Of The Villain Boss Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Gorgeous Doctor (30)

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Ming Shu calmly finished eating in front of everyone.

Now recovering to an energetic state, Ming Shu immediately gave Lord Four another fierce beating, not allowing the onlookers any time to respond.

The crowd was shocked, again.


What did she just do?!

She can't be so rampant!

"Come, Lord Four, tell me, did you incite my people to rebellion?"

Lord Four covered his handsome face. His heart was falling apart like a mountain collapsing, the broken pieces hitting him on the brain. "I—I… I don't understand… what…"

Lord Four's hands were tied back, and his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

"Was it you?"

"You…" Lord Four breathed heavily with a pale face. "You—you want—you want to beat me to admit it?"

She couldn't even present any evidence, but she insisted that he did it. Lord Four felt both wronged and angry. No one had dared to treat him like this before!

Ming Shu turned him over and stepped on his chest. She used the sword to cut his clothes open and pointed at some trace on his waist. "It's Fuluo flower, and only Lord Four's mansion has this kind of flower in the whole of Xiling."

Lord Four glanced at his waist. He didn't remember when and how it had been stained with the pollen. But… "So what?"

Ming Shu turned to Yi Ming. "Coincidentally, the same pollen also appeared on his body."

Lord Four subconsciously looked over to Yi Ming. Yi Ming was looking down at himself and found Fuluo flower pollen in his sleeve. His face became pale.

Fuluo flower was a kind of very delicate flower, which was transported from exotic lands thousands of miles away from Xiling. This flower was hard to preserve and would die with a little carelessness. It took a lot of manpower and resources to just deliver Fuluo flowers to Xiling.

Plus that Fuluo flower had no medicinal value, so even if people knew the Fuluo flower was very beautiful, few would bother to grow it.

Only Lord Four loved the Fuluo flower and grew many in his mansion.

Hui Xue's sharp gaze fell on Yi Ming. The latter was even more like a frightened bird. He was trembling heavily and pulled on his sleeves tightly. He didn't dare to speak.

"So what? This proves nothing," Lord Four argued hoarsely. "Even if he has it on his body, it can only prove that he had been to my mansion. How can you prove that I told him to do anything?"

Ming Shu moved her eyes to Yi Ming and smiled. "As far as I know, every disciple of Death Valley will take a type of medicine when they enter the Valley. This medicine is colorless and odorless, which can strengthen the body and improve cultivation. But, at the same time…"

Yi Ming looked up with surprise, and he wondered what Ming Shu was saying.

Even Hui Xue was a little confused.

She didn't know about it at all…

Ming Shu paused for a few seconds and said, "At the same time, it's highly toxic; only the master of Death Valley knows how to deal with it. The Dan medicine that Death Valley makes you take every month is the antidote. What do you think the consequence of your rebellion is?"

"No…" It's not true, how can Death Valley give such medicine to its disciples?

Yi Ming shook his head. He didn't believe it.

"Aren't you feeling heat throughout your whole body? Your abdomen is sore and your ears are humming…" Ming Shu described softly and slowly.

Yi Ming's face gradually became red, and he seemed to really get hot in his body. His lower abdomen was getting sore and the surrounding voices became difficult to hear. All the symptoms were the same as what Ming Shu had just said.

Was it true?

There were really many things in Death Valley that the ordinary disciples didn't know, and it was true that every month the Valley would give them Dan medicine to take…

The more Yi Ming recalled, the more scared he became. Cold sweat was streaming down his forehead, and he finally went down on his knees and confessed in tears, "Master, Hong Yan forced us, he forced us to betray you."

"Who is Hong Yan?" Ming Shu turned to ask Hui Xue.

This name was a bit familiar.

But Ming Shu was too lazy to think. It was more convenient to ask Hui Xue directly.

Hui Xue was pulled back from her daze. She swallowed and explained in a low voice, "Hong Yan was a disciple of the Valley. He arrived at the Valley together with you. He was originally the most likely person to become the new master of the Valley. But, there was a little accident. Hong Yan lost his opportunity after treating a patient without the permission of Old Master, which almost led to that person's death. Three years ago, Hong Yan caused trouble again and was driven out of the Valley by the master. At that time, you were practicing alone in the Valley, so you didn't know about it."

Ming Shu understood immediately.

Therefore, this Hong Yan felt the Host had snatched away what he deserved, and now he wanted to take it back.

There's nothing new, just out-of-date plots.

"So what do you want to do?"

Yi Ming felt he was getting more and more uncomfortable. He didn't dare lie and spilled everything he knew.

Hong Yan secretly contacted Death Valley. He learned that the old master died and the new master was not present. Then Hong Yan immediately implemented his own plan. First, he persuaded some people in Death Valley to join him, and for those he couldn't convince, he tried every possible way to change their minds, including both baiting and threatening them. As long as he could have the people of Death Valley on his side, Hong Yan would use whatever method he wanted.

Hong Yan had left Death Valley for three years and had now become very strange. Sometimes, they had a feeling that Hong Yan was not a normal human.

After convincing the disciples, Hong Yan teamed up with Lord Four. Yi Ming was not sure what they were planning. Part of Death Valley now listened to the orders of Lord Four.

He did not expect to meet Ming Shu, and Ming Shu didn't play the game according to common sense. She directly started the fight at the palace gates!

What was even more unexpected was, the disciples of Death Valley were all under her control…

"Where is Hong Yan?" Ming Shu interrupted Yi Ming's following narration.

"I… I don't know." Yi Ming shook his head. "I really don't know. Every time there is a new order, he will contact us. We act according to his instructions."

Ming Shu touched her chin, thinking for a while. She raised her slender brows and glanced at Lord Four.


All they cared about was power, women, and wealth.

The present emperor was old, but he had not yet selected his heir. Everyone knew that Feng Cheng was most likely to become the heir, so it was not surprising that Lord Four may have his own plans.

Hong Yan wanted Death Valley, while Lord Four wanted the emperor position. If the two joined hands…

Perhaps they were planning something even more ambitious.

"He is the disciple of your Death Valley." Lord Four gritted his teeth and denied insistently, "Of course he would say anything you want him to say. What do you want by slandering me?"

"I haven't said anything yet, what are you anxious about? Feeling guilty?" Ming Shu smiled.

"…" Lord Four choked. Hatred began to well at the bottom of his heart.

"The emperor is here—"

A sharp voice sounded from the behind them and the bright yellow imperial chariot gradually approached. A tall and upright man wearing the dragon robe walked into the crowd, surrounded by many followers. He was in his fifties. On his serious face, no signs of emotion could be observed. Even seeing Lord Four beaten into a swollen bun by Ming Shu, his expression did not seem to shift. He was totally immersed in the smell of nobility.

The scene suddenly seemed to be moving in slow motion.

"What are you quarreling about here?" Emperor's voice was very loud, breaking the shackles of time. "What do you think the palace is? Your playground?"

It was meant to be a perfect birthday ceremony, but someone dared to start a fight at the palace gates. Everyone gathered here, while he waited inside for a long time only for nobody to arrive.

The emperor's inner rage had almost accumulated to the critical point. If it were not for the good image an emperor must maintain, he might have exploded on the spot.