Comeback Of The Abandoned Wife Chapter 27

    Chapter 27: I Am Gaining More Weigh

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    Translator: Guy Gone Bad
    The next morning, after Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyi had breakfast, Wu Ruo invited Hei Xuanyi to share a ride with him to the Xizha Theater.

    After they sat down in the carriage, Wu Ruo suddenly felt that his gown was tight because he had a difficult in breathing as it was too tight around his belly.

    Hei Xuanyi frowned as he twisted like a white silkworm.

    Wu Ruo laughed at himself as he noticed Hei Xuanyi’s stare, “I am gaining more weight.”

    Hei Xuanyi gave it a look at his belly which was tightened by a silver belt and said heavily, “sit over here.”

    Wu Ruo made an attempt to support his body but failed no matter how hard he tried.

    He panted and tried again after a while of rest. While he was focusing on lifting himself up, he didn’t notice that Hei Xuanyi was looking at him. He was like a chubby bear in Hei Xuanyi’s eyes. He wished he could hold him and rub him.

    Wu Ruo failed even after two attempts. He rolled his eyes, “sir, can’t you sit over to me?”

    Hei Xuanyi was fully aware of his situation and he even intentionally asked him to move over. He definitely did it on purpose.

    Hei Xuanyi couldn’t help but turned up the corner of his mouth, sat over next to him and put his hand on his belly, then rubbed it.

    “What are you doing?” Wu Ruo gave Hei Xuanyi a sharp stare. But soon he felt that a power was poured into his body and then into the worm. Then his belly got less painful and his breath was no longer difficult.

    He exhaled and looked at Hei Xuanyi, “are you gathering the worms by rubbing my belly?”

    Hei Xuanyi kept silent. He patted his elastic belly and sat back to his seat.

    “…” Wu Ruo’s mouth twitched. Did he have any idea at all that he would have a bad impression on him if he kept patting his belly?

    When they arrived at the Xizha Theater, it started to snow. But the snow didn’t stop people from watching the show. An increasing number of carriages parked at the gate of the theater.

    As soon as Wu Ruo and Hei Xuanyi got off the carriage, his enormous body and Hei Xuanyi’s ugly face immediately attract attentions of everyone.

    “Look. The fat man must be the sixth son of Wu’s South Yard?” someone whispered to the person next to him.

    “As fat as he is, it can’t be someone else. No one can be fatter than him in the entire city. Wait. Is the man wearing a black cloak his husband? He looks scary and as tedious as what they say in drama. No woman would want him as a husband. Perhaps that’s why he has to marry a fat person.”

    “But he should marry a fat woman. Why does he marry a fat man? Doesn’t it make you sick?”

    Wu Ruo shot a cold stare at them.

    Those who were discussing about them suddenly screamed painfully because they were beaten up like a shit.

    As they didn’t see who did it, they shouted into air, “who did it? Who hit me?”

    “Son of bitch, who hit me? I dare you stand out!” As he just finished shouting, he got slapped on the face again and got knocked out on the ground.

    The other people who just got punched scattered away and left in their own carriages.

    Wu Ruo narrowed his eyes because he hadn’t seen who beat those men. He gave it a look at Hei Xuan. He still remembered that Hei Xuanyi could control ghosts and souls and there were a group of powerful ghosts around him. Therefore, he assumed that the ghosts around him did it. It was too bad that he wasn’t powerful at the time to see what just happened.

    “Who is being stupid to make troubles at Xizha Theater?”

    A roar shouted from the gate, followed by five young men.