Chief Honey Pet: Raise A Little Warm Wife From A Famous Family Chapter 836

    Chapter 836: Chapter 836: He doesn't want a missing child

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    "Yunsheng, calm down! " Ling Ruofei was afraid that Liang Yunsheng would do something because of her sadness, so he quickly reminded her.

    Liang Yunsheng covered her lips because she still had some rationality left in her.

    Yin Qianchen was still waiting outside. If she made too much noise, it would definitely alarm him.

    At this time, Liang Yunsheng had to thank Ling Ruofei from the bottom of her heart, thank him... ... For Keeping Xi Bao's secret for her ...

    "Xi Bao... is indeed not right. "

    The air seemed to have frozen. After a while, Liang Yunsheng seemed to have recovered and said with a slightly hoarse voice.

    "A few days ago, we went to Cang Mountain to play. One night, there was a very heavy thunderstorm. The thunder was very loud. I originally... ... I originally thought that even if Xi Bao was not frightened, at least he would have been.. .. Woken up by the thunder, but... ... He did not."Liang Yunsheng pursed her lips She continued, "I thought it was him. He had a big heart, or he wasn't sensible... and he didn't care too much. "

    "A normal child, even if he can't understand what he's saying, his voice will still react, " Ling Ruofei said carefully.

    "Now I finally know why Xi Bao... is like this. " After saying that, Liang Yunsheng bit her lower lip. She took a deep breath and tried to stop herself from crying, trying to calm down ...

    There were still a few more questions she wanted to ask Ling Ruofei.

    "Xi Bao's hearing problem, is it... is it... related to what happened to me at that time? " Liang Yunsheng looked at Ling Ruofei. Her big eyes were full of tears.

    Ling Ruofei gritted his teeth After a moment of silence, he answered her, "It's possible, but actually... ... Yunsheng, don't be too.. .. "even a normal newborn has a chance of suffering from all kinds of diseases. You even experienced that... "It's already not easy for Xi Bao to be born healthy. Xi Bao is also very strong! "

    "It's all because of me... " How could Liang Yunsheng not blame herself! "It's all because of me that Xi Bao... can't be a healthy child... he won't be able to hear or speak in the future. He'll even be discriminated against by others, and even... even lose... "

    Losing his father's love... ...

    Of course, Liang Yunsheng didn't forget why Yin Qianchen was so persistent and insisted that she abort the child. He had said that... ...

    He had said that he did not want a child with a defect. He did not want a child that would become a stain in his life.

    Liang Yunsheng would never care about Xi Bao's health problems. She would definitely see him treated like an ordinary child. She could even accompany him for a lifetime, but... ...

    She was afraid that Xi Bao's future life would be affected. She was afraid that Yin Qianchen would despise and despise this child.

    It was not easy for her to work so hard until now... ...

    She worked so hard that Yin Qianchen could accept him and have some love for him.

    "Yunsheng, you don't have to worry too much. Science and technology are so advanced now. When Xi Bao grows up, he will be able to wear an artificial cochlea and also hear some sounds... ... Or.. .. When he grows up, science and technology will be more advanced then Hearing loss may not be a serious illness,"Ling Ruofei said

    "Ling Ruofei... " Liang Yunsheng sighed, "you clearly... know the problem I'm most worried about, so you... do these things, fake medical records... Talk to me about this alone... "