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    Chapter 949 Immortal Technique

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    Despite solving the age-old problem of concurrently practicing the Arcane and cultivation, they are still in conflict with each other after occupying the brain!

    Fang Yuans expression was solemn. By overclocking his brain to 200%, coupled with the Arcane Smart-Brain, he immediately took out the plan that he had considered earlier. Ha! Life and death co-exist. Everything is impermanent!

    In his sea of consciousness, there was a converged core. It was the amalgamation of arcane rational thoughts, similar to a smart-brain. It greatly boosted the rational reasoning and calculating powers of Arcanists.

    Outside the adjunct smart-brain, root-like spiritual roots converged, gathering around the brain. A few of the roots entered the core of the smart-brain.

    The intertwining of the two powers managed to preserve a delicate balance.

    Arcanists focus on inner thoughts, whereas cultivators focus on techniques. They are like the two sides of the same coin and can complement each other!

    As he was at East Dragon University, he was destined to use many cultivator techniques in the future.

    Fang Yuan was now using the Arcane Smart-Brain as the essence to utilize cultivation techniques. He also had his Demon God True Spirit to make sure that the two did not run into any problems.

    Concentrated psyche, is this the feeling of an Arcanist? As well as cultivators controlling spiritual power

    Fang Yuan closed his eyes and started checking his data:

    Name: Fang Yuan (Lin Meng)

    Profession: Student

    Cultivation: Mystic (Level 1), Arcanist (Level 1)

    Brain Development: 200%

    World Seal Breaking: 43.99%

    The progress of breaking the seal had exploded. It must be because of becoming extraordinary?

    Fang Yuan was quite happy with the situation. The first goal has been roughly completed. Now, I must think of ways to observe and study the rare materials of this universe Its a pity that I cant use the Dream Dao to sense them. Ill have to rely on myself and at least see them to obtain accurate feedback

    The place where I can find top materials and curious objects must be the various new materials research labs

    This work was extremely important now. After all, be it battleships, constructs, or mechas, or even the magical weapons of cultivators, their quality relied on the materials used to make them.

    Okay. Now to check if theres a job similar to a research assistant in the school

    Fang Yuan opened the wristband screen.


    Immediately after his spiritual will entered the screen, an anomaly happened.

    Detected that Student Lin Meng has become a cultivator. The system will upgrade automatically. Please wait for three seconds!

    Three seconds later, the blue screen dimmed before immediately returning to normal, much like restarting a computer.

    Welcome, Mystic Lin Meng! After becoming an Extraordinary, you are now a human elite. You must shoulder the responsibility of protecting human civilization

    A message appeared. Fang Yuan realized that the alliance had sent it.

    Of course, with the smart-brain, anyone who became an Arcanist or cultivator would probably receive this message.

    Update complete. New cultivation and combat areas added! East Dragon Leaderboard!

    With the robotic female voice, Fang Yuan saw additional modules.

    After becoming a cultivator, I can control the screen by spiritual will alone. Its even more convenient now. Fang Yuan browsed through swiftly. Before level five, theres no need to exchange cultivation techniques. Even Undead Immortals cultivated this before. I need to check out the spiritual techniques and magic artifacts

    He searched, and a few videos immediately popped up. It was a university mentor explaining magic artifacts. The magic artifacts and magical weapons of ancient times wasted a lot of materials. In addition, only those in the Foundation Establishment stage could make magic artifacts, and only those in the Golden Core stage could make magical weapons. It was inefficient, too inefficient The magic artifacts that are in use today is a standardized memory metal. Every person has one piece and will put it in their dantian to nourish. Although the makeup of the memory metal is simple, it can evolve into anything in the future. Its potential is limitless. If we start to nourish the magic artifact from the equivalent of the Qi Refinement stage, after reaching the higher stages, its power will be astounding. It will be like an extension of your body

    Memory metal?

    Fang Yuan understood now. Memory metal was a seed that could continuously grow. As the cultivator progressed, they could add things to the magical weapon at will, eventually forming their own unique personal weapon.

    Standardization, standardized magical weapon seed. Interesting!

    A smile broke out across his face. I suspect that they borrowed this idea from the Western Arcanist. Their adjunct rational brains connection with the arcane spell model is akin to hardware and software, able to be installed or uninstalled at will, and extremely convenient!

    Driven by curiosity, Fang Yuan checked out the price of the memory metal, the seed of magical weapons. To his surprise, it was very cheap. Furthermore, after advancement, the school would issue them to everyone. He immediately felt that he understood the wealthy ways of East Dragon University a bit more.

    I cant use my Demon God techniques. To obtain combat strength as soon as possible, I must follow the extraordinary path of this world. On top of that, I cant use the Arcanist techniques. The most I can do is to use the adjunct brain to assist Scientific Cultivation!

    Discounting the protection on arcane spell model copyrights, even if East Dragon University had the relevant information regarding Arcanists, Fang Yuan did not dare to read about them now.

    Otherwise, he would not be able to explain himself.

    I need to endure for the time being. After accumulating enough credits, Ill start practicing Eastern spiritual techniques. Then, Ill have justification to search for relevant information and understand them!

    Fang Yuan stretched leisurely. He felt that he needed to change his mindset as well.

    Back on Planet Blue Ray, everyone knew each other thoroughly. He could only choose to endure.

    However, no one knew of his past in East Dragon University. Besides, the higher-ups had to worry about the fate of the Human Alliance. On the lowest level, they still needed to think about the direction of East Dragon University. Furthermore, everyone here was a genius. As such, it was well within reason to have a secret.

    If they tried to find out all the students secrets, then the Human alliance should be almost decimated by the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance by the time they were done.

    I hope that Mystic techniques dont cost anything. I cant even afford to shell out a hundred star dollars now! Wait after becoming a cultivator, it seems that theres a credit reward

    Fang Yuan stroked his chin and searched for Eastern spiritual techniques.

    Gloomily, he immediately discovered that all the techniques had a price. Every single one had to be purchased.

    However, there were some public classes on an overview of spiritual techniques. Although they did not explain spiritual techniques in detail, they gave a general introduction to the spiritual techniques of this world.

    Ancient cultivation was a mess. Either it came with its own cultivation techniques, was passed down from master to disciple, or you had to research techniques on your own. Truly a mess

    In the video, a young female teacher wearing spectacles appeared. She looked to be from a wealthy family and was explaining in detail. After the Scientific Cultivation Method was raised, Myriad Technique Universitys first principal, previously the Myriad Technique Sect Master, spearheaded the initiative to collect all the cultivation techniques in the cultivation world. The collection was then passed to a photon computer for processing and compiling. It managed to sort out a complete system that included 33 immortal techniques, 289 magical powers, 2927 dao arts, and 6751 spiritual techniques. It is known as the Myriad Scroll Dao Scripture!

    Immortal techniques, magical powers, dao arts, spiritual techniques

    Fang Yuans eyes glowed.

    Only immortals are able to use immortal techniques. Their powers are earthshaking. Look. This is a painting of Immortal Red Leaf using the Nine Flaming Heavenly Dragons Immortal Technique! Its power matches the Wests legendary arcane spell Eternal Blazing Sun!

    The female teacher started playing a video. The background was a planet, and an Undead Immortal was riding the wind. With a wave of his hand, nine flaming dragons crashed down and destroyed everything.

    Another video showed a Western Arcanist using the Eternal Blazing Sun. From afar, it looked exactly like a hydrogen bomb explosion.

    By the same principle, magical powers are exclusive to Soul Transformation and Nascent Soul cultivators. Dont even think about using them if you are not above level fifteen!

    Dao arts are the mainstream techniques. All those above level five Mystic can train in them. They are the most common techniques. Also true Mystics can use the least amount of energy to create the biggest effect, and they do not limit themselves to dao arts or spiritual techniques!

    The female teacher continued steadily, What I mean to say is that with the inheritance of immortal techniques students should pay attention to which techniques they train in. It is best to choose spiritual techniques that have clearly outlined steps to train in all the way to the end. For instance, the Nine Flaming Heavenly Dragons Immortal Techniques former version consists of the Six Flame Dragons and the Heavenly Flame Meteor magical powers. The Six Flame Dragons Magical Power can further separate into the Flame Dragon Dao Art and the Soul Division Secret Technique. As for the Flame Dragon Dao Art, it is derived from the likes of the Flame Serpent Spiritual Technique, Dragon Claw Spiritual Technique, and so on If you choose the correct spiritual technique, it is half the work with twice the effect. Otherwise, you would need to change the spiritual techniques that you cultivate once you reach a higher level, which is extremely exhausting!

    Some students were still rather confused, whereas Fang Yuan understood instantly.

    The structure of this worlds Eastern spiritual techniques is root-shaped! Only a portion of magical powers and dao arts can eventually combine to form immortal techniques. As for the other spiritual techniques, the most they can achieve is being on the same level as magical powers, or even just dao arts. While it feels no different when cultivating as low-level Mystics, once at a higher level, things will be totally different. Of course, among these spiritual techniques and magical powers, some stand-alone techniques exist. They are pure secret techniques!

    The cultivators in ancient times did not have the luxury of choice. They could only train in what they could get their hands on.

    However, now all kinds of spiritual techniques had systematically turned into something like a skill tree.

    Of course, for normal students, focusing on one or two immortal technique systems is enough! However, the fundamental spiritual techniques for immortal techniques are rather difficult to cultivate, so I suggest picking those for the top magical power systems. Although they arent immortal techniques, its enough.

    The female teacher concluded with that final sentence. It was apparent that she did not think that anyone in her class would be capable of reaching the Undead Immortal level.

    The spiritual techniques and the magical weapon seed is the most basic standard of the modern Mystic!

    Fang Yuan finished the video and heaved a long sigh. I must get things ready immediately!