Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 972

Chapter 972: The Two Three Blissful Things(14)

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Lin Wei glancedover at Cheng Yang, her gaze gentle and tender.

This was the man she fell in love with at first sight, it was a pity that he was married to a stunning woman.

She secretly stowed that love deep in her heart. It wasn't that she never dreamedof being with him but she never dared to be greedy, to seek after him.

Lin Wei felt as though it was a dream, a beautiful one.

After a long while, she reached out to caress his face. The touch seemed to have shocked him, sending his entire body trembling. A tingling sensation flowed through her fingertips all the way to herchest, forcing her finger back.

Lin Wei held onto her finger until that heat dissipatedand she had thecourage to make another move. Slowly, she lowered her head towards his lips.

Yes, itrequiredcourage.

Even though she knew that this man had been drugged by his wife and the slightest temptation would successfully conquer him, she still needed courage.

When their lips were inches apart, Lin Wei's heart raced. She clenched onto the sheets at the side, shutting her eyes. Her lashes trembled rapidly as she lowered her head gradually,bit by bit.

When their lips were close to each other, Lin Wei could feel his body heat. But just when her lips wereabout to touch his, Cheng Yang,who wasveryweak,suddenly reached out to push her aside.

With an immense amount of strength.

Without any prior notice, she fell off the bed, falling flat on her bum.

Cheng Yang struggled to stand up, then stumbled towardsthe bathroom. He locked the door and soon the sound of running water could be heard.

After about two hours, the bathroom door reopened.Lin Wei,who was still kneeling on the floor,lifted her head.Cheng Yang came out totally drenched in cold water, his body emitting cold air.

Hestood a distance away from her, staring at her wordlessly, his gaze questioningwhat exactlyhadhappened?

Even though Lin Wei wasn't the planner, she seemed like a culprit caught red handed, uneasy and anxious. Under Cheng Yang's pressuringgaze, she couldn't help breaking into tears.

He remained silent, patiently waiting for her to explain the situation.

Lin Wei broke under the pressure, bursting out loud, "Brother Cheng Yang, I'm sorry... Miss Qiao got me hereShe previously met up with me..."

After drenching himself in cold water, Cheng Yang came to his senses. He had an idea what might have happened, and after getting confirmation from Lin Wei, he knew. He couldn't help the anger igniting within him.

He washer husband and hadbeen deeply in love with herfor over eight years, andshe sent him to another woman!

"Soshe drugged me and got you over? And you came?"

Cheng Yang spoke in a ferocious tone, sending chills up Lin Wei's spine. She hung her head lower, tears streaming continuouslyas she sobbed out loud.

He turned to look out the window. After a moment, he realizedthat the issue wasn't entirely with her, sohe took a deep breath before turning back to look at her."What else did she say?"

Lin Wei sobbed, "She instructed me to treat you well, she said that she wasn't able to give you a complete family and wished that I wouldto do it on her behalf."

Ever since the day Qiao Anxia had asked her out, she had been feeling anxious and uneasy,but suddenly, at that moment, she felt calm and peaceful. Cheng Yang clenched his lips. He knew that she did it because of children but he still couldn't control his anger, in order to let him have kids, she was going to abandon him?

"She told me alot about your daily habits, she mentioned that you didn't like milk, oily food at night, that you like Dongpo meat...

"She said that in one's life, love isn't everything, even if love is a person's everything, it won't just be one experience. She said that you deserve to have a perfect family and marriage, she had already wasted so many of your years,she didn't want to disrupt you any longer."

Just then, she seemed to have thought of something, lifting her head, she said, "Miss Qiao might be leaving tonight..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Cheng Yang frowned. Glancing up at the wall instinctively, he rushedout of the hotel.


Qiao Anxia cried for a really long time. When she was finally done, she glanced up at the clock. It was about two hours since she left the hotel, Cheng Yang and Lin Wei must have...

Herheart started to ache once more.

The most painful experience in life is probably to send the man you love deeply to someone else.

She had always been a selfish woman,but for him she was willing to suffer.

Qiao Anxia rubbed her swollen eyes. She walked into the bedroom and started to pack up. As she packed, the tears started to stream down her face once more.

When she was finally done, sheplaced the divorce papers she had prepared beforehand onto the table. Holding onto a pen, she hesitated slightly before hurriedly signing her name. At that moment, the tears that she had somehow managed to suppress fell down once more.

She hurriedly covered the pen, but just as she was about to put the pen back down, the bedroom door flew open violently.

Sheturned her head instinctively, finding a soaking wet Cheng Yang at the door.

She froze, and before she could say anything, he walked forward, taking in the signed divorce papers. His anger ignited once more, without a second's thought he ripped the papersinto pieces before tossing themat Qiao Anxia's face.

Even though the papers were light, the strength exerted caused them to sting her.

Cheng Yang flew into a rage. He pointed at Qiao Anxia but nothing came out. In the end, hecrossed his arm,circling the bedroom. When he saw the luggage she had packed, another wave of fury overtook him. He kicked the luggage violently, with a resounding thud.

"Qiao Anxia,you..." Cheng Yang swallowed the harsh words in his mouth, forcing his mouth shut. He continued to circle the house. When he reached the coffee table, he saw a large black bag filled with different types of bottles.

Hefrowned, lowering his head to look through the bag. Inside were different types of medicines: Chinese medicine, western all of them were to help the ovaries and aid pregnancy.

He had forced her to stop taking this medicine a long time ago, even tossing all of it away, why was there still so manyCheng Yang instantly understood, all these years, she had been taking the medication behind his back?

He had already gotten over not having kids.

Even though he lovedkids, he didn't mind not having any.

But he had never expected not having kids to be such an issue with her, almost to the point of an obsession.

Cheng Yang stared at the medicine for a longwhile, suddenly, he stood up and walked towards her. He reached out with his arms and brought her into his embrace."XiaXia, don't ever do it again, all right?"

Qiao Anxia started to cry once again, tears falling down.

"Cheng Yang,Idon't want to leave you,but at the same timeI didn'twant..."

"I know, I know..."Cheng Yang tightened his embrace."But Idon't mind. Compared to having children, Iwould much rather have you."


Half a year later, on Christmas day.

"Cheng Yang, aren't we going to watch fireworks? Why are we here?" Qiao Anxia asked as she glanced at a dilapidated house in the countryside.

Cheng Yang remained silent, smiling warmly at her. He unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the doorfor her. Holding onto her tiny hands, he brought her into the house.

The house was old and had an old smellabout it.

Qiao Anxia tilted her head to glance at him, but he remained silent, bringing her into the room.

Inside, there was a boy of about eight years old - he had pale skin andexquisite feminine features.

"Cheng Yang..." Qiao Anxia called out softly. Hewaved for the little boy, who walked over obediently, bowing down respectfully. Cheng Yang bent his body to take hold of the little boy's shoulder, and he pointedto Qiao Anxia at his side."Are you willing to go home with us? I'll be your father and she'll be your mother."