Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 963

Chapter 963: The Two Three Blissful Things(5)

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Chapter 963: The Two Three Blissful Things5

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[Even as the days goes by, I will still only want you]

Time trickles by and, just like that, eight years had flown past. Both Little Rice Cake and Little Red Bean were at the age for elementary school.

Mid-Autumn festival fell on the day before first of September. Together, everyone gathered at Qiao family house. Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao had brought Little Rice Cake, Xu Jiamu and Song Xiangsi had brought Little Red Bean, while Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia came by themselves.

Even though there were past feuds with Han Ruchu, and Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao and Mother Qiao had publicly broken ties with her, it was, after all, just one person's misdoings. And since the Qiao parents had seen Xu Jiamu since he was young, that hatred wasn't brought over to him.

There was only two kids among the group of adults so everyone couldn't help pampering them. Xu Jiamu only got to know of his daughter when she was two and a half years old, so he couldn't help showering her with all the love he could give, but somehow his love was still not as great as that of Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia who were still childless.

Together as a big family, they celebrated Mid-Autumn festival harmoniously. When it was 8 pm, the two kids were exhausted from a whole day of play. One of them fell asleep in Cheng Yang's arms while the other curled up in Qiao Anxia's embrace.

Mother Qiao specifically prepared a room for the both of them.

Both Lu Jinnian and Xu Jiamu had wanted to carry their children up to sleep, but that task was snatched by Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia.

Qiao Anxia placed Little Rice Cake down before heading to the bathroom to get a wet towel. When she was out, Cheng Yang was lying on the bedside, staring at the two little kids, his gaze tender and filled with love. Unknowingly, there was also a hint of envy etched onto his face.

Qiao Anxia stood by the door for a long while. It was only when Qiao Anhao came in that Cheng Yang finally snapped out of his daze. Qiao Anxia smiled brightly, bringing the wet towel over to the bed to wipe their tiny faces.

When the three of them came down, Mother Qiao was hugging Song Xiangsi's arm, gossiping about the latest entertainment news.

In the past, Mother Qiao had no interest in the entertainment industry, but ever since Qiao Anxia married Cheng Yang, she started to chase after idols as if she was one of the teenage girls.

In the end, their gossip ended with one of the directors. Mother Qiao curiously asked if he really had seven children.

Song Xiangsi nodded.

At that moment, Qiao Anxia who was walking down heard her mother say, "It's a blessing to be able to have so many children, even if it can be expensive."

Song Xiangsi always had a high EQ, knowing that Qiao Anxia was impotent, she quickly diverted the conversation.

Qiao Anxia knew of her intentions, so she pretended as though she hadnt heard anything. "Mom."

The atmosphere remained harmonious all the way till 12 pm when the three couples left the Qiao house.

On the way home, Cheng Yang received a call, it seemed to be from a good friend from his university. He invited him to a celebration as his wife had just born him a pair of twins.

Cheng Yang gave his blessings and promised to be there before hanging up.

Qiao Anxia was about to doze off at that moment but the conversation left her wide awake.