Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 962

Chapter 962: The Two Three Blissful Things(4)

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Chapter 962: The Two Three Blissful Things4

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"In the three years weve been married, youve always treated me well, but now that you're sick, I'm not even able to take care of you. I'm horrible, aren't I?"

"Now that you say it, you really are horrible." Lu Jinnian nodded in agreement.

Qiao Anhao knew that she had been pampered by him and was willing to reflect on herself but she couldn't feel feeling infuriated when he agreed to it. After a moments wait, she turned to glare at him.

Lu Jinnian glanced at her glare. Chuckling lightly, he reached out to caress her cheek before pulling her into his embrace, tightening his grip. "But I like the horrible you, it gives me a blissful feeling that you won't leave me."

In that instance, Qiao Anhaos guilty heart was filled with emotion.

Lu Jinnian rubbed her head. He shut his eyes, taking in the scent of her hair. After a short while, he continued, "I never expected you to treat me well, as long as you allow me to pamper you, it's enough."

Qiao Anhao stretched out her arms, returning his hug.

It was said that love has an expiry date and that after some time, troubles will arise among couples, but after such a long time, she and Lu Jinnian just continued on getting sweeter and more compatible.

Regardless of whether it was three years ago or three years later, everything remained sweet and blissful.

What more could they ask for?

"Lu Jinnian, how can I love you so much."

"Really?" Just that simple line smoothed his tensed temples. "Qiao Anhao, I'm quite confused as well, how can I love you so much!"


[The Lu Qiao couple flaunting their love. Part 2]

Qiao Anhao had a date with Zhao Meng.

After their meeting, it was 6 pm, Lu Jinnian had already ended work so he went to get her before heading home.

Qiao Anhao walked across the road.

He stood by the side of the street, waiting for her.

Just when she was about to reach him, her phone rang and she reached for it, taking it out. At that moment, she almost got hit by an incoming motorcycle. Thankfully, Lu Jinnian pulled her into his embrace in time.

The frightening incident sent him into a fury. "Qiao Anhao, how can you take out your phone on the road? Do you know how dangerous it is! What if you got hit?"

Qiao Anhao knew she was wrong. She bit her lip, reaching out to grab onto his hand, but he tossed her grip aside. She reached out to grab him once more, only to get flicked aside again. After several attempts, she said softly, "I would only be so careless by your side."

Just a simple line was able to extinguish the flame in Lu Jinnian. His brow straightened out, and he reached out to grab her hand before entering the car.

I would only be so careless by your side.

Because I trust that you can protect me.

Sixteen years ago, I loved you and you loved me but neither of us dared to confess, leaving the other as a sad little secret.

Sixteen years later, we're married. Every morning when the first ray of light hits the house and I widen my eyes, youre the first thing I see. And I believe you.

This was probably the most beautiful and touching fairy tale.