Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 960

Chapter 960: The Two Three Blissful Things(2)

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Chapter 960: The Two Three Blissful Things2

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Little Red Bean glanced at the scrambled Xinjiang puzzle piece before turning to pout at Little Rice Cake. "It's okay, I was the one who messed it up just now."

She hurriedly pieced it back together, smiling up at her friend. "See, it's no longer messy, we can go now!"


Regardless of what they talked about, they would always come to a harmonious conclusion. In order to avoid attending kindergarten, they decided to get married.

The next day, when Xu Jiamu came over to send them to school, Little Rice Cake said, "Uncle, I'm going to marry Little Red Bean."

"Yes, daddy, I'm going to marry Little Rice Cake," Little Red Bean agreed immediately.

A shiver went through Xu Jiamus spine. He was so startled he slammed onto the brakes, stopping by the side of the road. After taking a moment to calm himself, he explained patiently the reasons why they couldn't get married, "I'm Lu Jinnian's biological brother, we're family by law so you guys can't get married. According to the law, both of you are cousins so you can't get married..."

Yet even though he explained in detail, in the end, he still couldn't figure out how to make them fully understand it.

After driving for a little while, he was about to continue with another form of explanation, when Little Rice Cake spoke up. "Uncle, could you divorce please."

The car stopped abruptly once more.

"Uncle, divorce auntie, then me and Little Red Bean will be able to get married."

Xu Jiamu had always been indulgent and patient towards the two kids, but this time, he couldnt help snarling. "I will never divorce, and even if I did, the two of you still wouldnt be able to be together! You're blood related!"

Little Red Bean, who had always been silent, blinked her eyes in confusion before saying, "Daddy, I decided that from now onward I want to break off my blood relationship with Little Rice Cake."

Being intelligent, the little boy immediately added after her, "Then we can get married!"

Xu Jiamu took a deep breath, deciding to shut his mouth. He slammed onto the accelerator, heading to the kindergarten. When they were in place, he brought out the two little kids, pushing them to the teacher before leaving without a second glance.


[How do you take care of the kids!]

Initially, when Little Red Bean just came back from America, she was still shy in front of Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao.

Little Red Bean was a precious surprise for Xu Jiamu, and since she was a girl she became the apple of his eye instantly. So he pampered her endlessly, his patience towards her endless... Simply put, he pampered her to no end, and right now, the girl was no longer afraid of him anymore.

Maybe due to their blood relation, after Little Red Bean accepted Xu Jiamu, she seemed to act out more in front of him, but regardless of how pampered she behaved, he would be indulgent and loving.

Just today, Song Xiangsi had to go out for a moment. Little Red Bean stayed in the play room to play the slide. When she was craving for milk, she turned to request it from Xu Jiamu.

It was less than five minutes before he came back with the milk, but in that short time span, Little Red Bean had accidentally fallen from the slide. There was a thick carpet cushioning her fall so she didn't feel any pain, but just as she was about to stand up to continue playing, the door opened. At that moment, Little Red Bean opened her mouth and laid back down on the floor, breaking into tears.

Xu Jiamu hurriedly tossed the milk bottle aside, running forward to carry her while coaxing her tenderly. With a few drops of tears etched to her face, she tapped onto his head, mimicking Song Xiangsi's tone when she scolded her, "You dummy, how do you take care of the kids!"