Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 958

Chapter 958: Conclusion(9)

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Chapter 958: Conclusion9

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Song Xiangsi didn't want to be rational, she wanted to give in to her impulse for once.

She deepened the kiss, indulging in the moment.

Her lips tasted the same as in Xu Jiamus memory. Blood gushed into his brain, and after freezing for three whole minutes, he finally returned her kiss.

She tighten her grip on his neck, pressing herself deeper into his embrace.

Surrounded by passers-by, they continued to be immersed in their passionate kiss. After a long while, Song Xiangsi slightly desperate her lips from his. Staring into his eyes, she said, "Jiamu, I'm not married."

Xu Jiamu stilled, excitement slowly spreading within him, what did not married mean? The next moment, a hard to explain sense of joy drowned out the excitement. Before he could confirm what she meant, she continued, "And, Little Red Bean isn't three, she's two and a half years old."

Xu Jiamu went blank, unable to process the meaning of her words.

"Jiamu, you told me that if I ever get tired of America or if I cant go on anymore, I could call you and you would bring me back..." Song Xiangsi gripped onto his shoulder. Due to nervousness, she exerted more strength that was necessary. She calmed her breathing before blurting out, "...So can you bring me back now?"


Xu Jiamu left America according to his original plan.

Before he left, he brought Song Xiangsi back to her home. He remained calm towards her words, not giving a response.

His overly calm behavior caused Song Xiangsi to feel nervous and uneasy, she couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

After Xu Jiamu returned to China, he didn't contact her.

And she didn't contact him. Every day, she continued to take care of Little Red Bean, but once in a while, she couldn't help falling into a daze.

On the afternoon of the seventh day Xu Jiamu let, the doorbell rang after she had sent Little Red Bean for her afternoon nap.

Song Xiangsi hurriedly opened the door, worried the doorbell would wake the girl.

Outside stood Xu Jiamu.

Surprise flashed past her eyes. Her mouth fell open, but before she could say anything, Xu Jiamu spoke gently. "I removed the tombstone... I used the past few days to add a toys room in Mian Xiu Garden.. I have also contacted a wedding planning team and have filled up the guest list... Everything is complete, I just need a bride..."

On that day, he left without a word to do all this?

Song Xiangsi could feel a stinging sensation in her eyes

Xu Jiamu passed two boarding passes over. "Didn't you say you wanted to return back? I came to bring you back..."

Song Xiangsi lowered her head to stare at the names on the boarding pass, one was Song Xiangsi and the other Little Red Bean.

She gazed at the passes for a long while before lifting her head to look at him, a wide smile brightening her face.

Xu Jiamu stood in front silently, taking in her stunning smile. After a long while, his lips curled upwards into a faint smile, as well.

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