Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Conclusion (6)

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Chapter 955: Conclusion (6)

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Song Xiangsi was clearly right next to Xu Jiamu, and yet he couldn't have her. To him, that was the cruelest form of torture.

Recently, he hadn't been sleeping well. Last night, with great difficulty, he fell asleep, when suddenly he was woken up by his phone. Deep down inside, he was actually a little annoyed, so when he took the call, his tone of voice was cold at first, but then there was no reply from the other line. He didn't know why but at that moment, he felt like it was her calling.

He asked her a few times, but there was no answer. Eventually, he heard the ear piercing sound of a sob. Even though it was faint and brief, he could clearly tell that it was her voice.

She was crying... She was crying on her own in a foreign country, away from home.

Without even thinking twice, he started to call her back, but she never answered.

The sound of her sob echoed in his ears. How could he fall asleep? He walked around the room twice, then changed his clothes, and flew straight to America.

He didn't know where she lived, but he knew that if he called, she may not tell her. He held her photo, and asked from house to house in Seattle. Thankfully, he was lucky to have bumped into someone she knew, who told her where she lived.

He was hurt that she was injured, but luckily it wasn't serious.

Seeing her now, back to normal, he should leave.

Xu Jiamu softly blinked, then said, "I have something to do so I should head out now."

He paused for a moment, then added, "Goodbye."

He walked to the door, but just as he passed through the living room, he saw the bottle of medicine on the floor, and reminded her, "Remember to apply the medicine. If it's difficult for you, then you can find your husband to help you."

Song Xiangsi's heart ached, as she tightly clutched her spoon. Then, just as Xu Jiamu reached with his hand to turn the door handle, she finally couldn't hold it in. "Jiamu."

"...Hm?" He paused with his back turned to Song Xiangsi.

"When I called you yesterday, were you in Beijing?"

Xu Jiamu still didn't turn around to look at Song Xiangsi. After some time had passed, he let out another "Mm".

"At the time, I woke you up?"

This time, he didn't reply.

"You couldn't get through to me, so you came to America? Just to give me medicine, cook me a meal, and then go back to China?"

She asked again, "Why did you do it?"

The room fell silent, and there was an indescribable emotion that fluttered about.

Xu Jiamu stood still for long time, with his back turned to Song Xiangsi, before he slowly turned his head. He stared at her gentle expression for a long time, then slightly curved the corner of his lips into a warm smile. "I told you before, as long as you give me a call, I'll be there.

"There's no meaning to it, I just want you to be well."

This is the only thing I can do for you right now.

I will never forget what your father told me before he passed away.

I owe you too much warmth from those eight years we were together. Now, I don't want to have you, but just to see you well.

Xu Jiamu continued to smile at Song Xiangsi, then with a flat expression he said, "Eat breakfast, it's no good cold. I'm off now."